Guide: Enterprise D Decal Application

If you’re among the Star Trek fans who want to give their Enterprise 1701-D ship a little bit of an upgrade, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention.  Upon receipt of our shipment of Enterprise D ships we noticed a little bit of a problem with the paint application.  Specifically, the windows on the neck of the Stardrive section were missing – much to our surprise.  So after a little back and forth with our project manager we came up with a solution for the die-hard Trek enthusiasts in the form of self-applicable window decals.  This guide will walk you through the application process to refit your Enterprise D.

Step One: Preparation
For the application process to work most effectively you’ll need a glass of warm water, a pair of tweezers and two window decals for your Enterprise D.  We’re sending out multiples because we know everyone makes mistakes, so make sure you have a Starboard and Port decal ready to go (that’s Left and Right for you landlubbers, as viewed from behind the Enterprise D as it flies away from your position).


Step Two: Remove Backing
Soak your first decal in warm water for approximately one minute, then carefully peel off the paper backing.  If this proves too difficult, try increasing the temperature or the soak time until you are left with a clear plastic decal.  Try to get the decal as free from debris as possible to get a tight and long-lasting seal.


Step Three:  Application
The keys to a solid problem-free application are to carefully line up your decal on one side, gently lower the decal into place and then smooth down any air bubbles and double-check your placement. I find it’s easier to line up the front-most details first and work my way backwards, using the back of my fingernail to smooth out any creases or bubbles. It might take one or two tries, but you can always re-soak your decal to try again or use one of the extra decals we’re sending out for just this purpose.


Step Four: Drying
Once you’ve applied both decals and smoothed out any bubbles, let the ship air dry for a few hours. You definitely do not want to be poking at the decal or trying to change its position at any point during the drying stage as it will peel away from the ship. If something is driving you crazy, best to start over and re-soak your decals for a follow-up “perfect” application attempt.


Once your ship has dried you’ll be ready to explore the Alpha Quadrant with your fully-windowed Enterprise D just like you always dreamed. If you encounter any difficulties with the decal application process, drop us a line and we’ll try to help you out – but this guide should help with most problems you’re likely to encounter.

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