From the AAA (Art Asylum Archives): Dark Angel!

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It’s now 2012, the year of the threatened apocalypse, but for this installment of the AAA, we’re gonna skip right to the post-apocalypse. Ten years ago, at New York Toy Fair 2002, Art Asylum showed off figures based on the dystopic world of James Cameron’s Dark Angel. The cyberpunk TV series was in the midst of its second year, and its depiction of a future America devastated by an electromagnetic pulse was must-see TV for genre fans — as well as fans of the show’s star, a young Jessica Alba in her first lead role. Figures released in the 6-inch line were Max Guevara (Alba) in her Jam Pony bike messenger clothes, Max in her all-leather mission gear, and a boxed set of Max in her protective biker gear with her motorcycle. (There was also a lone, 3-inch Minimate produced.) While the motorcycle set only came with extra hands and sunglasses (well, and a motorcycle), the individual figures came with a full complement of mission gear, including alternate hands, Max’s tool kit, a backpack, a leg harness for her kit, and a grappling hook with rope. The likeness and paint details (like her back-of-the-neck bar code) on all the figures were top-notch, and the figure itself was pretty darn poseable, with the hip joints hidden by AA’s then-trademark rubber sheathing, which preserved the sculpt with minimal restrictions to mobility. And the packaging was a feast for the eyes, with a transparency of Alba’s face placed behind the sculpted blister, and windows down the side of the card to show off the accessories — as well as the onmnipresent AA coin, this one featuring a bar code. More figures were shown at Toy Fair, but the series was cancelled that spring, and without a TV presence, he line was shelved. But the three figures (and one Minimate) that came out are still great collectibles, and quality toys.

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