The Best of Marvel Minimates: You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!

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When Diamond Select Toys and Diamond Comic Distributors teamed up to create a wave of Marvel Minimates, they knew they wanted one that would represent the high quality and all-star line-up of the Marvel Minimates line. So they picked eight of their most popular characters and set out to make the quintessential versions of each.

The results? Quite possibly one of the best Marvel assortments in recent memory, with some of the most iconic interpretations of each character that collectors have seen. Wolverine, Sabretooth, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Thing, Spider-Man and Green Goblin have never looked better, and they’re the perfect place to start your Minimates collection — as well as pick up that perfect figure to finish your Minimates team! Check out the pictures in our gallery, and ask for them at your local comic shop!

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