Ask DST #183

Time to clean house! DSTChuck checks off your miscellaneous questions this time in Ask DST!

Brandon Dunlap
Hello i have some questions!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you guys ever plan on making these characters listed below. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Ada Wong – Resident Evil 4 Claire Redfield – Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

DST CHUCK: Brandon you have come to the right place but I fear I do not have good news for you. We have no plans right now for Resident Evil.

Travis Hobley
Hello, With Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit movie due to soon come out, I thought I would ask about a related Minimate topic, Lord of the Rings Series 3. Why were those canceled? I would love to buy them. I even pre-ordered them and I’m not sure I got my money back for them…Would you ever consider releasing them again?

DST CHUCK: Travis that was before we took over the full Minimates production from AA, but if I recall from back then, the figures were pretty expensive to make and sales were not great- I think they failed to find demand with all the LOTR product that was out there at the time.

Adam Kast
Hello! Not too terribly long ago, I had asked a question about the Universal Monsters Minimates, and you had mentioned that they aren’t selling very well and that this year’s wave may be the last of the Universal Minimates. I saw a photo from a con (not sure which one) that had an Invisible Man minimate and it had a card saying that it was part of an Invisible Man box set that was due to come out September 2011. The Invisible Man minimate looks awesome. Was that idea scrapped? Is there any hope of seeing this and maybe a Phantom minimate? Is there any way to get my hands on the Invisible Man minimate? I’ll give you cookies!!

DST CHUCK: Adam when we first started the UM MM line we worked up a ton of designs at the same time we worked up the line plans for TRU and specialty. The Mummy and Invisible man just did not have homes in the first couple waves of releases. As saw from shows this past year, we worked out a plan for the Mummy. We do have a potential line plan for 2013 if sales are there in 2012 to warrant the support from buyers.

TC Byrne
Any chance we’ll see x-factor angel and warpath in 2013?

DST CHUCK: All of 2013 is not planned out yet so anything is possible.

Scott Perrett
I got the first wave of Walking Dead Minimates this week and I have to tell you how much I love these figures! Wonderful line, I look forward to the next wave! Messing around with this wave got me to thinking about the Maximum Zombies line you guys had planned previously. I was wondering if we might see a few of those accessories in the Walking Dead line? I especially liked the guts that replaced a zombie’s legs and the zombie hand holding a torn off human arm. I’d love to see the whole Maximum Zombies line come out, but for now I’d be happy with a few parts from it.

DST CHUCK: As long as we are making WD products it would not make sense to work on another Zombie line and WD is king for sure! The tone of MZ was different than the tone of the WD so I don’t see much cross over. Also Robert is very strict that anything that we do product of has to be right from the comic- down to page and panel for every zombie and we’re down with that.

Johnathan Shoff
Any chance of a set featuring Wolverine and the X-Men comic series…maybe a little Broo, an updated Kitty, Quintin Quire, etc.?

DST CHUCK: I honestly can’t say what the back half of 2013 holds.

Sam Herman
Hello! Sorry for another of the many character request questions you get every time on here, but… I’ve noticed a glaring group ommission in your marvel Minimates. You’ve done pretty much all the Jim Lee X-Men, a lot of 90’s X-Force, & Excalibur, but there’s another 90’s X-Team that is just begging for the minimate experience… where’s 90’s X-Force?! Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Wolfesbane… there’s even the perfect # of original members, 1 box set, 1 2-pack and you’re done! Any plans? Thanks!

DST CHUCK: For sure some 90’s X-Factor is come good classic stuff so you never know. Isn’t it great that after 50 series there is still so much cool stuff out there that can be done!

Ben Waterbury
Any plans for Medusa, Tigra, and Nocturne in the Marvel Minimates line?

DST CHUCK: Not right now…

Parkirb McWatters
With the upcoming release of the Wolverine box set and the inclusion of the Ultimate Wolverine, I was wondering: 1) Will other Ultimate Universe characters be made along with the Wolverine, Spider-man and Captain America? (Hawkeye, Kitty Pride, or Iceman) 2) Along with the Hulk and Venom, will other characters such as cyclops or Hawkeye be done in such a manner? (In particular, an Iceman set would be super cool, especially is it could come with bases like the ones that are coming with the upcoming human torch. A set with Bobby Drake, Ultimate Iceman, Current, icy (ha) Iceman, and snowy Iceman would be awesome.) 3) On an unrelated note, is there any chance for a Wolverine and the X-Men boxset that would feature characters like Kid Omega, Kid Gladiator, Broo, Idie, Doop, or Deathlok? Also, I wanted to thank you guys for not just the quality but also the volume of Marvel Minimates lately. Thanks

DST CHUCK:1) I don’t think we’re going to look too hard at Ultimate’s this year, we might pick our spots like we have the last couple years but that’s about it.

2) I take it you are asking about the through the ages sets? We don’t have any new ones planned but I expect we’d try and sneak another out in the next year or so as long as it makes sense.

Sam Heim
Could you please re-release the Hulkbuster Iron Man?

DST CHUCK: Yea I hear you, thanks for rubbing salt- you and DSTRobert – We’ll think of something at some point I am sure.

Pat Lagua
Is there a release date yet for the AvX mini mates? The Toys R’Us exclusives that were voted on by fans? THANKS!

DST CHUCK: I think they are in our warehouse right now! Should be there soo.

Thor Odinson
This is my second time to sending my questions to DST/AA. Hope you answer and thanks in advance. 1. Disney recently bought Star Wars. Since Disney also owns Marvel do you see Star Wars Minimates in the far yet foreseeable future? 2. We haven’t had an Ultron since Wave 19, any plans for 2013? I was sorta thinking if you did you could add a cuff piece with a lazer on it just like the cuff pieces for the earlier Captain Americas. 3. Your recently made a new Rhino for TRU Wave 14. Any other character that will meet a Minimate upgrade? 4. Do you think Minimates can go up to 20 years? Perhaps more?

DST CHUCK: Thor thanks for taking time to write in, you must be on a break between movies.

• We keep asking and they keep saying no- so I like that game, we’ll keep asking and they can keep saying no until they say yes ‘cause I plan to keep asking.

• I don’t think we’ve looked at Ultron – maybe he’ll be in Avengers2?

• I think we do the upgrades when they make sense and we think that character works in a release. We’re not shy about it so I see no reason we would not.

• I could never have dreamed we’d go 10 years, now I can’t imagine stopping.

Hello there, Chuck! I hope you’re doing well. Just so you know, my last questions you answered, they were all meant for MiniMate questions.n I got some new Marvel MiniMates Questions 1. Do you think there will be any plans for Mattie Franklin/SpiderWoman in MiniMate form? 2. Any plans for updated version of Electro, Kraven The Hunter, Sandman in MiniMate forms? 3. Think there might be an Ultimate Doctor Octopus MiniMate?

DST CHUCK: We’re doing OK here – how are you? Sorry if something gets filed wrong, our admin person- DSTWhitney receives, sorts and tracks all of the questions and sometimes something gets placed wrong and if I am not SURE it’s wrong I just go with it.

• Not right now.

• I love me some Spidey so never know!

• I don’t think so, not right now.

Andrew J
Will you ever explore putting out that very cool police-decoed version of the Minimate Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)? I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw the first image, and I now have tons of MAX cops and various soldiers and agents who are hurtin’ for a new ride…

DST CHUCK: I would love nothing more than to find a way to continue Calico Jack and M.A.X. so we’ll see!

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