Ask DST #184

DSTChuck cleans house with your questions in this week’s miscellaneous edition of AskDST!

Andrew Threlfall
I am wondering several things in regards to your Marvel Select range: As a collector of the Marvel Select Range I appreciate the excellent detail and collectability though I am perplexed as to why I cannot back order figurines that have previously been released. I am forced to pay excessive prices on ebay (and ridiculous postage) as being in Australia severely limits my proximity to collector or comic stores. Why do you not have an internationally friendly store on your site? What is planned for the future in regards to international customers on your site? I would also like to ask who decides which characters are slected to add to the Marvel Select range? The following is a list of characters both popular and highly anticiapted for future release: 4 different versions of the Hulk no doubt sells well, but characters such as Black Cat and Captain Marvel would be selling lower than the characters listed below: X-23/Silver Surfer/ Angel – Archangel/ Apocalypse/ Black Bolt/ Iceman/ Black Panther/ Bullseye/ Cable/ Falcon/ Blade/ Holocaust/ The Fantastic Four (minus the released Thing of course)/ X-Man/Kitty Pride/ Kingpin/ Luke Cage/ Namor/ Beast/ Mister Sinister/ Ms Marvel/ Mystique/ Daken/ Onslaught/ Polaris/ Predator X/ Psylocke/ Quicksilver/ Rogue/ Scarlett Witch/ Sentry/ Skaar/ Super Skrull/ Songbird/ Taskmaster/ Yellowjacket That’s just a few I think you should bring out: but please please please bring out an X-23 and Silver Surfer in your next line.

DST CHUCK: Andrew, we consistently go back into production on any figure that we see demand for and the factory is able to make again. As for Australia we do sell to a distributor there and any comic shop is welcome to buy the figures through their Diamond Comics account. Aside from that I am not sure what we can do, though we’d LOVE to sell more figures. We are not able to ship international through our web store for logistical and practical reason – again, we’d love to be able to sell more figures. I do think there are several sellers on the web that do ship international. Thanks for your character suggestions- keep them coming.

Derek J Ho
Hello, my name’s Derek. I recently bought the Alice Madness Returns series action figures on the web, I really really enjoyed the products. However, I found 2 flaws, for Alice, isn’t there the TEAPOT CANNON as well as the Pepper Grinder and the Hobby Horse? For Cheshire Cat (He’s just so adorable!), he is most likely in a sitting position, since he does not walk like a household cat, as he teleports around and always ends up sitting by Alice. The movie version one is somewhat similar too. I am quite a big fan of Alice, if there’s a 2nd or 3rd series, I love to see such characters as Dr Bumby, the Red Queen, Menacing Ruin, Eyepot, Madcaps, Drowned Sailor/ Lost soul, Dodo, Dollgirl, even the Asylum version of Alice, just maybe the Jabberworky or the Executioner are nice too. If Diamond Select Toys can make it, I am quite willing to pay for such qualities and selections. That will be awesome to see the end products. Well, thank you for your time.

DST CHUCK: Derek, we give each figure in the Select line as much as we can, whether it’s the base or a second figure or in the case of Alice some big accessories and increased articulation. As for the Cat, that’s a good question – a pose like that might have been very cool. Right now we have no more planned after Royal Guard Alice but if sales pick up and we hear from retailers about more demand/interest, we’d love to jump in and do some new figures.

Martin Sanchez
I would like to know what happen to the speed racer line ya’ll were working on ? an if there is any way I can get my hands on some of them.

DST CHUCK: That was worked on by Art Asylum before we acquired them. I think the issue became the new movie, cartoon and everything else happening at the same time. It did not give them the niche they were looking for.

Dustin Ramsey
Since you guys did an awesome job making The Universal Monsters toyline, Do you guys at Art Asylum can make a toyline out of the cult favorite scifi tv series Mystery Science Theater 3000?

DST CHUCK: We do not have any plans to. Moore Creations did some stuff many years ago that you might be able to find.

Kevin B
Hello I want to say kudos on the Ultron fig, classic Ultron was sorely missing from 6 – 7 inch figure size. It does fit in well with your competitors figures. Which gives you guys a good niche for filling gaps that they seemed to have ignored. ( ie Venom) Again Venom looks to be a home run and will fit in same goes for Rhino. The over sized figures that the other guys don’t seem to be able to produce anymnore really leave you guys with some opporntunities. I know you guys have a limited # of skus per year and can’t use them all for obscure charater choices. But I would like to throw a couple out there that would I think fit in well with other lines and have not had good reprenstaion and you guys would just do a good job with. Keeping topical with upcoming movies you guys could do an awesome Hulkbuster Ironman and a classic Big Titanium Man and even Executioner from Thor. I would like to see your take on some additional Hulk villians ( BiBeast, Iron Clad & Abomb ) Another guy that would look great with the select treatment Dragon Man his legends style FF figure was done well, however very hard to find and not big like you guys would be able to do. Others that I know you guys would do justice and are needed in action figure form are: Tiger Shark, Doc Samson (can’t count the previous one made) Mr Hyde, Stegron and you guys could do a modern looking wrecking crew. Sorry I know this turned into a wish list but hey maybe you hadn’t thought of a couple of these guys and I think there’s a place for them. I know I would like to see them in your select style. Anyway great job on Ultron.

DST CHUCK: Glad you like the Ultron and thanks for the suggestions!

Sean Wright
DST, Once the new Venom comes out and you see how well it does please consider having the people who designed the Amazing Spiderman Movie figure do a Black Suit Spider-man figure. You guys are at the top of your game now & would do a better job than the last effort. Please consider it..

DST CHUCK: Always willing to consider another Spider-Man!

Chris Topher
Really loving the Marvel Select guys… I don’t think I’ve bought an action figure since I was 12 years old, but finally there’s a line that can do the franchise some justice. Keep up the great work! I think I’ve read online that you guys have been releasing about 9 figures a year, though I could be just completely making that up. With the bulk of your figures in 2013 being based on the Marvel movies and not including the already announced figures (ie – Venom), How many non-movie figures can we expect next year?

DST CHUCK: The number 9 is real but it’s not exactly correct – hard for me to explain…not sure that helped at all. For example, the Spider-Man movie stuff did not “count” and the Disney stuff does not always “count”. BUT you are correct the majority of the figures this year will be movie based BUT there will be a good bit of MU stuff as well so stay tuned.

Juan Perez
Hi, I got two quick questions. When are we going to hear or see the expendables 7 inch figures ? when are they coming out ? I’m a big fan of the movies and I got the minimates so I’m just dying to see them. I really hope I get an answer !!

DST CHUCK: Package shots are up on Facebook right now so no fear – their time is coming! We spent a great deal of time with the actors representatives to be sure we got the figures JUST right – hope it was worth the wait for you!

Nathan Olson
Are you planning on releasing the Femme Fatales Raven Hex this year or next?  I see that it is no longer available for purchase at or Ebay.

DST CHUCK: I don’t think we’re going to re-release that figure but we are aware there is some demand still so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Toni Lorente Huertas
The reason of my email, is about if you have any prevision to reproduce ship of stargate series. I read about it, and a lot of people want ships. I know that these reproductions in scale, will be easy to sell. Thanks a lot.

DST CHUCK: For now we have no plans to go back to Stargate. However if another TV show or movie happens – we’d love to get back in the Stargate business.

Bartek Kosakowski
First of all, I want to congratulate you on your latest Marvel Select offerings. You’re knocking it out of the park. Both Silvestri Hulks, Lizard, two (or maybe five?) different Venoms. As a modern comics fan I don’t know how I’m going to afford all of these. Second, as we’re getting a Brock Venom and a Flash Venom, I have to assume that Burns’ crusade was successful. I’m going to start requesting a modern Dormammu now. Apologies in advance.

DST CHUCK: So glad you like our release plans, hopefully it’s the right mix of movies, classic and current MU characters. Our sculptors have done great work with these figures and we hope everyone is happy with them when they are on sale.

Jonathon Mccalebb-Pereira
Since the new Classic X-Men Storm DS is coming out soon….I was wondering will there ever be a chance for a 90’s Jim Lee white (in the anime blk/grey in the comics) leather costume Storm fig to come out later on down the road? I would really love for this to happen as there’s a lot of Spiderman, Thor, Iron man, Wolverine, Hulks, figs in the toy line I think it was be cool to have her in her 90’s outfit! maybe have her look like the Uncanny X-men Anniversaryvol.1 #325 Oct/95 penciled by Jos Madureira. She could maybe have a soft rubber cape like her legends fig or a real cloth cape! I hope that this can happen one day as Storm is my favorite character of all time! Oh and will Pyslocke ever be joining the line as well? Sorry for the long question

DST CHUCK: I don’t see us going anywhere near back to back with Storm releases – so it’s going to be a while. Pyslocke has long been a character we have wanted to do!

Laura Ning
DST, you guys must really listen to your fans because the figures you have coming out look AMAZING!! The Venom & Rhino figs I thought were the jackpot but Flash Venom, Classic Lizard & Savage Hulk are all must buys!! I’m writing you so I can start the campaign for a new Marvel Select Disney store exclusive Symbiot Black Suit Spider-man figure. I know you made one before with the gargoyle base but we need a new one… In the mold of your Amazing Spiderman fig that came with the crushed car or the Movie version. Either one works. Operation: New Black suit Spidey has begun.. Thanks guys…

DST CHUCK: Next time I see the folks from Disney I’ll be sure to mention your recommendation. It’s really cool that the buyers there are big Marvel fans and also big fans of Select so it lets us do some really cool stuff with them.

Lee Burns
Hey Chuck how’s things…. Well first of let me be The 1st to congratulate all you guys at Diamond Select Toys… We’ve all been crying out for Agent Venom and The Lizard and BOOM you guys have gave us them and I said from Day One Flash Thompson Venom would be the best thing since sliced bread and I stick to my views lol (pun intended btw) *also ignore the previous email dude* Time and Time again you guys are smashing it!!! Now I need to start my campaign for Classic Carnage as we all know Cletus Kasady is Wicked Awesome!!!! and Jean St. Jean need’s to do Carnage talk about #TALENT Carnage would be twisted and the best yet feat. Multiple Hnad’s/Weopons etc… and we are desperate for The New Scarlet Spider aka Kaine the guy is freeking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol throw in some more spidey stuff hehe So will we see more Disney Exclusive’s next Year? as these will out sale the previous exclusives’ p.s big hugs lmao and doc ock sorted please

DST CHUCK: Glad you like it, it should be in stores very soon. Sorry no progress on getting that Doc Ock re-released. As of now no plans for Carnage for 2013 but you never know, the early response to the multi-Venom has been very positive so far.

Lee Burns
Hey Chuck quick wanted list… for The awesome select line… 1) Classic Carnage aka Cletus Kasady 2) The New Scarlet Spider aka Kaine Parker 3) Hobgoblin 4) Toxin aka Eddie Brock 5) Morbius The Living Vampire 6) The Scorpion 7) The Vulture 8) American Son aka Harry Osborne 9) Electro 10) Scorn plus many others would love to see more disney exclusives for the spidey line…the upcoming crop is amazing lol…have to say you guys go above and beyond much luv

DST CHUCK: Lee, sorry but I don’t think some of those are realistic – but you never know!

Lee Burns
Also guys what r the chances of a new mold for the back in black spider-man? few x-men wanted marvel select’s… 1) Angel 2) Psylocke 3) Beast 4) Iceman 5) Havok 6) Rogue 7) Jean Grey *Jim Lee* 8) Cyclops *Jim Lee* 9) Sinister 10) Apocaylpse

DST CHUCK: Hello again Lee – do you realize if we made all your request it would take almost two years to get to them?

Ian Friend
Hi Guys, I’m a big fan of your Marvel Select action figures, and really love the recent reveals! Any chance we will get a Captain Britain in the Marvel Select line? Thanks Ian

DST CHUCK: Ian, he is not on the schedule for 2013 but anything is possible down the road.

John Watkins
Were all happy @ the marvel select community at the announcement of the new disney selects, the next operations include getting a cletus kasady carnage and black suit spiderman among others but they spring to mind even as we speak… is it even possible to get these new exclusives outside the u.s or is it ebay for me?

DST CHUCK: There has been some talk of Disney Europe buying these and of their shop Marvel website shipping outside of US – I think DSTZach is looking into that for everyone.

Daniel Hitchens
Can I point out that we need a real carnage marvel select as the ult. One well I’ll reserve to pass judgment but it didn’t float my boat! People on facebook are petitioning for a proper one massive props on the recent Disney store stuff!!!!!

DST CHUCK: Time will tell, Daniel.

Timothy Harris
I would like to make a fan request please… In the Marvel Select line of hero figures, when it is time to consider producing Sasquatch (of Alpha Flight), please do not give the figure closed hand fists. Please let the hands be a regular open hand pose. I would really like Sasquatch to be able to hold or grab things like other figures and even props. I would feel also that hands splayed open like if it was doing “stop” signs in traffic would not be in the best presentation of the character figure. I attached a picture of the hand pose I had in mind, or you can be very similar (if my fan input can have any consideration on the matter). I know Diamond Select will do a great job on the sculpt and coloration. Diamond Select has really exceeded in making precious sculpts for collectors. Thank you for reading and considering my post.

DST CHUCK: Timothy we have no plans for that character right now, but I’m happy to keep your suggestion in mind!

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