Eat the Dead! The Walking Dead Just Got Edible with Diamond Select Toys

Whether you love the comic book, the TV show or the taste of human flesh in your mouth, it’s never been a better time to be a Walking Dead fan! The third season is a winner, and the comic is still going strong after 100 issues, which means there’s an opportunity almost every week for us to immerse ourselves in the zombie apocalypse. To add to the experience, Diamond Select Toys has come up with a couple of nifty kitchen items, due out in spring 2013, to zest up that new comic book or new episode.

The Walking Dead Silicone Tray lets you cast up chunks of ice, chocolate or gelatin in the shape of zombie body parts, as well as the famous Walking Dead comic book logo — perfect for snack time with the latest issue of TWD. And the Walking Dead Silicone Gelatin Mold reproduces a quivering 9″ by 5″ zombie head in whatever color gelatin you like. Turn any dinner into a dinner party, and any dinner party into a night of unspeakable horror!

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