The Munsters Minimates Get Moving in the New Minimates Koaches!

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The Munsters were one of the more unusual families in American television history, and their family car was just as unusual as they were! While the family fused Transylvania with suburbia, the Munster Koach fused a hearse with a hot rod, combining speed, size and solemnity into one classy package! Was this the world’s first hybrid vehicle? Well, Diamond Select Toys is celebrating the Koach’s place in car culture with two different Minimates vehicles — one in color at Toys “R” Us and one in glorious black-and-white at comicshops and specialty stores. Both come with a Minimate of Herman Munster — the color version includes an extra sad head, and the monochrome edition wears his famous drag-racing outfit! Check out the packaging below, and pick them both up today!

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