Ask DST #187

DSTChuck covers all the bases in this edition of AskDST… all your miscellaneous questions get answered!

RJ Grady
How about a gelatin mold for the Creature from the Black Lagoon?

DST CHUCK: Cool idea!

Laura Ning
Hey DST-Chuck, This is my weekly Operation: New Black Suit Spiderman figure. You guys have to know we need a Symbiot Spiderman figure that matches the new Venom figure due out in Feburary.. It’s obvious Disney knows how much Spiderman sells, make the new black suit spiderman a Disney Exclusive. BTW I have the other Black Suit Spidey you guys did years ago and I don’t think it looks good standing next to new Venom.. Please guys consider it.. Thanks.. Also I’m posting pics on your FB page of Spidey in the Symbiot costume. I’m following Lee Burns footsteps.

DST CHUCK: Laura, I can see why some fans really want some updates on figures we have done in the past. Personally I think our crew has grown leaps and biunds in quilty over the last couple years but with so much new stuff in moves and comics to cover I just don’t know when we’ll be able to go back and “re-do” something like Black Spidey. That said I do love me some Spidey stuff!

Paul Hendrix
hiya how high are the chances of seeing carnage, nova and spiderman (black suit) we are running three operations i’m a messenger the objectives are operation maximum carnage, operation nova-boom and lastly operation back in black spiderman on the marvel select fan page be expected to be bombarded with these requests as we are a well oiled machine!

DST CHUCK: All I can tell you right now is they are not planned for 2013, I have given exactly no thought to 2014 yet so I can’t say.

Daniel Gane
Hi Guys, Just want to say great job, been collecting The Marvel Select’s since Day 1 and thanks for taking the time to answer my question(s). First of is there plans to release a Classic Carnage he would look spectacular! Will see more Spider-Man characters in 2013? Finally can we get Iceman Please keep up the good work!

DST CHUCK: Again, right now I have not even thought about 2014 but I can see if Venom really rocks and fans like it we’d naturally look to Carnage as a possibility.

Stephen Irvine
Sup Chuck I’ve been a fan of Marvel Select for is it a Decade Now? Will we ever see Odin released? He has a meaty fanbase and could be big bruv been told 2 ask 4 Carnage by my Facebook Friends it’s kool doe as I luv him

DST CHUCK: I think it has been 10 years – WOW… Odin has been given some thought as maybe an oversized figure in some way or a good back you could use with the Thor we’ve released but there is nothing imminent.

Jamie Thomas
Chuck Marvel Select Flash Venom appears to be a SLAM DUNK I love the look’s of him You lot have SMASHED IT! Do we have an actual date yet? I want to know when we will see Carnage? I’m a huge Hulk Fan would be neat to see A-Bomb & She Rulk whilst were at it,

DST CHUCK: Disney should have the four pack on sale any day if it’s not already on sale but I think any single figures would come out later.

Hi.  is there a series 2 mad monster party figure planned?  if so, is there a character lineup, or approx release date?  great job on series one.

DST CHUCK: We PLANNED it but sales on series 1 were a little soft so I am not sure if we’re going to be able to go forward – one of the figures is already sculpted so maybe.

well first off I’d like to say great job guys with your marvel select figures.i have a question towards the soon to be released venom , will it come with all those accessories like the eddie brock/venom face and the long tongue venom face or will it only come with the add on venom maddness heads and arms ? or will they be sold seperately as other figures . Thank you again im a fan of diamond select.

DST CHUCK: Venom will all be sold in one packge as a single purchase. You should be able to make several different versions of Venom.

Lee Burns
hi there chuck is the fearsome foes pack (venom) only come with one shoulder pad???? and why is that if so he’s faulty as even the boxed version looks like it?

DST CHUCK: Flash Venom has a shoulder pad on both sides.

Felis A. Cabral
I had ideas for a new marvel select figure. The character would be the absorbing man have variants to the figure A regular one and a rock one. Have both variants come with a wrecking ball. Have the figure be muscular and 7 and a half inches. Thank you for your support.

DST CHUCK: Cool idea!

Shahzeb Shaukat
Guys guys guys!! I know i am kinda late in congratulating you ppl with the new MS reveals. I saw the Flash Venom news on ma bday i.e 6th of Nov and yeah, that was some treat for sure.(it’s another thing that i ws kinda brokel lol after seeing it as a store exclusive lol, well gonna sort it out some way). And that Old Lizard, man that character needed some great platform as yours since last released as a prop af so bravoya on that one too. As for the Selects Heavies, Rhino will be bringing down walls for sure!! Big n heavy characters really makes you guys stand out for those who admires them obvi. So a quick throw of characters… I would kill for eddie TOXIN on the 1st lol, 2ndly: Dormammu and Kingpin. As for the New Thunderbolts, you guys already gave em out like the Rulk, DP (it’s another thing that it should be re-released as in respect to articulations), Punisher & Agent Venom…only X-23 is left to mark it done. As for Re-issues: Mephisto, the Watcher and Moonknight…i am still on the look for these but still cant get em & as i am some kinda missing the re-do magic of yours. A lot of MS followers are still in need of adding these gems to their collections. Sorry it wasnt quick lol but thanks alot for giving us MARVELous stuff everytime!!DST..Salute!!

DST CHUCK: Glad you like the newest figures! Please do not kill anyone though. Hopefully we do a good job picking characters in 2013 and you’re happy this time next year.

I am contacting you because I have just purchased the first series of Mad Monster Party figures produced by your company. I’m extremely pleased you’re devoting a toy line to this cult classic Rankin & Bass feature film and hope you will continue the line until all characters have been produced. I realize that continuing the line depends on sales of this first wave. I’m not sure how much advertising has been done to help this product along, but I’m sure there are enough fans of the beloved stop motion monster film to make this line worth while. Future characters that fans would love to see 1) Werewolf 2) Creature 3) Mummy 4) Dr Jekyll / Mr. Hyde two pack 5) Francesca / Felix Flanken two pack 6) Yetch / Zombie Bellhop  two pack 7) 4 piece Skeleton Band with bone musical instruments 8) Monster’s Mate 9) Invisible Man 10) Deluxe ” It”  (Kong) to scale with the rest of the figures. Thanks again for making an outstanding product for fans of the film.

DST CHUCK: Glad you like the figures, hopefully word of mouth on this great movie and these toys spreads and we can at least do a second series.

Brandon Dunlap
In the Buffy The Vampire Slayer line i noticed there are three figures that never got released. Just wondering what happened there? The names of the figures are listed below. 1. Halloween Willow Figure 2. Enemies Faith Figure 3. Sanctuary Faith Figure

DST CHUCK: Brandon, sorry to say at the end there were a few series of BTVS that very got released – maybe someday…

John Esoff
I was just wondering if there are plans to make a Psylocke and classic Carnage Marvel Select figures.

DST CHUCK: Not in 2013 but after that you never know.

Sam Hayden
I have been trying to purchase a Disney Store exclusive of your Hawkeye and Black Widow models. I live in the UK. I cannot purchase it from because they will not ship these products internationally. I have tried contacting the UK site but they have stated that they do not know if they will be stocking these items. So that means that anyone living in the UK cannot purchase these and probably the future products in the line that are Disney Store exclusive such as Agent Venom and The Lizard will be unavailable to UK residents also. Just wondering if there will be any way in the future I will be able to purchase these items? I am a massive fan with a large collection and these two omissions are really bugging me.

DST CHUCK: I think last time Zach looked into it they were working on being able to ship international from the store. We do offer to sell to their international buyers but it’s not a program most of them are ready to support. We’ll keep asking.

Boywonder AKA Mad Dave!
Dear Chuck, Thanks for answering my questions a while back. I figured since Burns had managed to get his wants by constant pestering, I might try the same trick(!) We really really really need more x-figures. Iceman is just waiting for the MS treatment with an amazing stand to go with him. You know that Jim Lee Cyclops is a sure fire hit, and Beast, Angel/Archangel, and a Disney Select exclusive Banshee/Sunfire/Thunderbird 3 pack is just a no-brainer. And the one figure which everyone is after is a Professor X. Once you’ve got those done, you can move onto Dazzler, Psylocke (Jim Lee and 80’s), Havok and Longshot. And my wife keeps asking when you guys are actually going to do a Rogue, because she’s her favourite X-character (you may see a theme in what I’m asking for!) Are there any developments as regards to your 9 a year quota? I know it doesn’t include your Disney exclusives, but all the comic shop sellers have told me the MS figures are flying at the moment, what they want is more variety in the line. There’s definitely enough demand to make it a few more figures a year; is it a contractual limit, or is it one you’ve set in place yourselves? I suppose the real question is whether there is any realistic possibility that you could make 12 figures next year? Lastly, given that everyone’s loving the BSG Blood and Chrome web series. Any chance you guys could jump on the renewed interest in BSG, and release a 3-pack Bill Adama/Roslin/Galtar set? There were some odd choices in that figure series, with characters like Hot Dog getting releases, and the ones that the fans really wanted never seeing light of day. Any new BSG figures would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Boywonder,

DST CHUCK: I would not say Burns is the reason Flash was made – it was more the folks at Disney but I think we all appreciate his enthusiasm. Right now we are sticking to 9 releases per year. Blood and Chrome is really cool but Universal has said it will not be an ongoing series and they plan no more support for it so I doubt we’d go forward with toys unless that changes.

Felis A. Cabral
For the articulation of the absorbing man I’d like a ball jointed head. Hinge elbows, bicep swivels, chest pivot, swivel wrist, hinge knees, hinge/swivel “boot” ankles, thigh cuts, h joint swivel hinge leg hips and, swivel/hinge shoulders. I hope you actually release one I’d love to buy them!

DST CHUCK: Maybe we should decide to schedule an Absorbing Man figure before you help us design it?

Chuan-Hao Mok
I am an ardent fan of diamond select / art asylum products, owning statues from the BSG, Back To the Future, and Star Trek lines What I am missing though are other iconic battleships/spaceships that I hope DS/AA would consider taking up. Specifically 1) Star Destroyer 2) Babylon 5 Spaceship

DST CHUCK: Sorry no plans right now but Never say Never!

Ronald Comes
Any chance you’re going to re-issue the Frankenstein and Wolfman retro cloth figure with FULL COLOR illustrated backing cards like the beautifully done Creature, Mummy, Dracula and Bride figures?

DST CHUCK: So far we have not seen the demand but in the past we have re-issued some monster stuff so you never know.

Jeff Weber
Will you guys Ever make in the 1:15 Scale Time Machine Train From Back to the Future III?

DST CHUCK: I don’t see how that product would be even possible – it would be massive so I doubt it – sorry.

Boywonder DS
Hi, just a quick question (in addition to my previous ones!), can I ask if DST has ever thought about/been contacted about doing some Supernatural (the TV show) figures? It would be perfect for DST. Also, can you please start to add more variants for Marvel Select case packs (2 instead of 1?), its so hard to get them and the current system makes it really hard to get them for some collectors. It would probably help encourage sales, at the moment shops only get one rare variant, it would be even more encouragement if they could get 2 (I don’t think it would devalue the variants, I’ve only seen like 1 in person!) Thanks

DST CHUCK: We have never looked into Supernatural, sorry. Its pretty rare that we do variants now but yes I think 2 per case is the preferred pack out.

Antonio de Chavez
Is there any chance for any of the follwing figs to come-out? 1) Ms. Marvel (lightning bolt costume) 2) Hercules 3) Vision 4) Gladiator (shiar) 5) Ronan the accuser

DST CHUCK: I think all of those would be a long shot, sorry.

Diogo Zamith
Greetings. First off, I’d like to congratulate you on all the excellent work you’ve been doing lately. The Disney Exclusive reveals were amazing (I’ve been checking Amazon UK almost daily to see if Agent Venom and co. are already available), and I can’t wait to buy the classic Venom next year. My questions pertain, as most do, to next year’s line-up of comic-book-based figures. 1) Any chance we might get some new characters in their modern day outfits? Characters like Iron Fist, Winter Soldier, Beast, Havok and Black Panther are perfect fits for the line. It’d also be great to have modernized versions of previously made characters, like Wolverine, Cyclops or Ghost Rider. 2) I’m aware this is a pipe-dream, but would you consider making some of the Guardians of the Galaxy based on the Abnett & Lanning run? 3) Is there any chance of your She-Hulk, Emma Frost or Moon Knight figures being re-released? I believe a problem with a factory makes it impossible to re-release some of the older figures. I’d just like to know if the three I mentioned are included in that list. 4) Is there any chance that your next batch of Disney Exclusives be available in Disney Stores overseas? Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!

DST CHUCK: Diogo I do want to start off by saying the way toy planning and production works is we have to have 2013 at least planned out long before 2012 ends SO we’ve pretty much locked in “next year” but I will help as best I can.

1) I think with the limited number of releases we can do each year our focus is not on new outfits and new version of characters – the exception being Spidey, Iron Man, Hulk – figures that sell fantastic every time we do them.

2) I guess GoG is going to have to get some attention from us in one form of another in 2014.

3) Right now we have no plans to make more of those figures or design a new version. Sorry but of course never say never.

4) That is up to Disney and if their international departments think there is enough interest, so the best think you can do is contact your local outlets and ask about the figures.

Lee Burns
Hey Chuck, I’m very pleased with the amount of people promoting Operation ClassicCarnage, Operation Nova-Boom and Operation BackInBlackSpidey. Love all The Spidey Godliness were being treated to recently! Think alot of us of DESPERATE for a Classic Carnage would be TOTALLY AWESOME. I need out just thinking about how amazing this Marvel Select is going to be… P.s keep up the stellar work you guys are smashing it left, right & center…

DST CHUCK: AS of now we are not working on any Carnage figures. Sorry.

Jeremy Burdge
Hi My Name Is Jeremy Burdge And I Am Just Wondering Are You Going To Make A Jean Claude Van Damme Figure For The Expendables 2 Movie We Have Not Had A Jean Claude Van Damme Figure Since Street Fighter In 1995 By Hasbro And It Would Be Nice To Have A New Jean Claude Van Damme Figure.

DST CHUCK: The only figures we were given the rights to make were, Stallone, Dolph and Terry. We’ve told the studio if any of the actors became available we’d be happy to look at making a second series.

Hello, Excuse my English, I’m French origin. Marvel select figures fan for years, it is with attention constantly renew I would inform your final products! Thank you for the quality and care you bring to these figures! Each brings me back to my childhood! I love the fact that the scale is respected, and that the price is the same for all models. I have 17 of your figurines, and I am on the lookout for the release of Nightcrawler and Storm! I’ve spotted the Rhino! But the reason for my post is not only thanks. I dream of a figurine of Marvel select Deathlock! If one day you did not know what breed character, and you want to make a happy, feel free to Deathlock I’ll stop there! MErci for your work, widely known across the Atlantic! A respectful fan …

DST CHUCK: Thank you for the kind words. Believe when I tell you everyone that works here is a fan and they put all they can into the items they work on! Deathlock is very cool, while he is not planned for 2013 I can tell you he has never been ruled out.

Tyler Grzelak
Hey there! So this isn’t really about any product that has come out yet, but in the future, I think it’d be pretty cool to see in the Marvel Select line, a Skaar, Apocalypse, and Crossbones. I don’t really know what you all have to do in order to get approved of what charactors you can and can not make, but they are just suggestions. It would be really awesome to see these guys in an 7/8 inch scale. There really hasn’t been any good figures of these guys from Toy Biz, or Hasbro, or anyone. But as of late I have noticed Diamond Select has been really stepping up their game! So hopefully in the future we can see the charactors I selected, and I am sure many others would love to see them as well. But those figures such as both Venoms, Lizard, Rhino, Hulk, Juggernaut, and many others as of late have been truly amazing. If you guys consider the suggestions,that would be great, and I would look forward to these figures in the future. But as of right now, I can only hop! e. Thanks for reading this! _Tyler

DST CHUCK: Thank you for the suggestions and the kind words.

Jeremy Burdge
My Name Is Jeremy Burdge Just Wondering If You Are Thinking About Comming Out With 7″ Action Figures Of The Back To The Future Trilogy,1992 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie,1990 Dick Tracy Movie,And All Of The Underworld Movies. My Friends And Family Would Love To See The Figures Be Made So If It Is Possable For Your Company To Make These Figures That Would Be Awsome.

DST CHUCK: Some cool movies there but none of them are planned for DST action figures right now.

Blair Brown
The Marvel Legends version of Archangel with the hyper-blunted wings has left much to be desired,in my opinion. Toy-Biz’s X-Men Legends version much better. Any chance you guys are gonna add Archangel to the Marvel Select line? God knows you could make an accurate,badass Archangel without endangering kid’s eyesight

DST CHUCK: I have to be honest we’ve looked at Archangel from time to time so its very possible.

Blakely Jones
My brother and I love your work.  The figures you produce are done with a care that is hardly seen anymore in the general toy production line.  Are there any plans for a Marvel Select Apocalypse figure, say about the height (or slightly taller) of the Marvel Select Juggernaut?  Please say that there is!  The Marvel Legends Series 7 Apocalypse is disgusting, and the Marvel Legends build-a-figure Apocalypse looks the perfect part but is much too tall for the other figures.  If any company can make a perfectly sized and comic accurate Apocalypse, it is you, DST!  Hopefully I will hear good news from you in the very near future.

DST CHUCK: Again as with Archangel we have considered Apocalypse from time to time.

Pedro Ortiz
Please, do a skaar, son of hulk, please DST CHUCK: Never say never.

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