Ask DST #189

Wow, there’s a lot of Minimates questions answered in this one! Jump in to get started!

Brian Felgar
Have you taken a look at Valiant comics for a potential license? There are a lot of characters that would make great Minimates – XO Manowar in particular – and the recently relaunched books have been critically praised and seem to be picking up quite a following. Thanks again for all you do!

DST CHUCK: I have not read many of the new issues but some of our folks have and I think we’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Matthew Verburgt
Hello- I just read the announcement that 7 of 9 from Voyager is being added to the Femme Fatales line. I have to say this got me a bit excited at the thought of a 3rd Femme Fatales minimate boxset. Now with her added to the line, that would make 4 new characters-7 of 9, snow white, steampunk lexi, and bo peep. Just wondering if this could happen? I know I would by multiples just because of 7 of 9 alone! Thanks again for the great products! Matt

DST CHUCK: I think we would very much like/love to do a third set but the sales on the first two were a little soft so we’re going to wait and see – I like your proposed line up though.

Tim T
Hi Chuck, Congrats of the Success of the Walking dead minimates, they seem to be selling out everywhere fast. I know your walking dead license just covers the comics. However I wondered how much of a stretch it would be to include minimates from the walking dead game by telltale games because it’s set in the comic universe? – BTW if you haven’t played it yet you really should! Also please find a way to give us Carl as a slightly shorter Minimate.

DST CHUCK: Tim I’m glad you like the line, we’re so excited to be finally working on WD! I think with over 100 issues of the comic to cover we’ll stick to that for now. As for Carl – sorry I am sticking to my position and don’t try to poison my cookies; I’ve lined up DSTZach as my taster at shows.

I have a couple of questions.1) since you guys make minimates do you ever have custom minimates built for yourself. You know you see a movie/game or tv show and just say ” I’m gonna make that “. 2) with the walking dead line of minimates released and the second wave coming up I wondering/hoping that this line of minimates are continued please. 3) any chance a minimates could be made from the noir universe like noir spiderman,punished,iron man would be cool to see in minimates wave or a box set. 4) could their be a chance of their being new hawkeye,punished,daredevil,blade,deadpool and ghost rider minimates. These seem to be the ones with less versions of minimates and their are a lot of cool costumes I would like to see as minimates.

DST CHUCK: Thanks for the questions let me see what I can do to help.

1) No we have not BUT I did abuse my power and have a Bruce Springsteen BTR designed so I could use it as an avatar and just to have it. We’ve made two custom few offs for special friends of DST but that’s it. As for a license sure we start our list of ideas with things WE like but also think will sell. Lots of stuff I LIKE but I really know will not sell or appeal to a broad range of folks.

2) We have currently planned and designed up to series 4 but I see no signs we will stop at four.

3) Anything with Marvel is POSSIBLE.

4) Some of those are already in the planning and none have been crossed off any potential list.

Lance Vink
I love minimates and have been on board since series 1 marvel first dazzled me from the shelf, however I must say one thing I still wish for is invincible mates. With the walking dead making an appearance is it possible for any other Kirkman property making the Minimate transition?

DST CHUCK: Lance – always good to hear from a long time fan! We do have the rights to several of Skybounds properties so you never know.

Larry Bobowicz
Me want Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher Minimates. Why no make?

DST CHUCK: Larry, I am a HUGE fan of the Reacher BOOKS – that’s all I will say about that…

Edward Christensen
Any plans for Generation X in the future? I’d love to see a pair of four packs; maybe Banshee, Chamber, Husk and Skin in one, Synch, Jubilee, M and Emplate for another? They’d look nice next to my New Mutants, don’t you think?

DST CHUCK: Nothing planned at the moment.

Kostis Psarras
Hellooooo i’m the monthly asker and I ask it so you don’t have to!So,as we all pretty much know Dc collectibles launched a Q&A feature (more like Q&You-don’t-get-an-answer if you ask me) and we (minimate fans) had a pretty strong campaign going.We had the most liked comments (one had around 15 likes) and had around 80 votes in a poll.So when the Q&a hit they said that 19 questions are a maybe,28 a nope and 26 already in schedule but they didn’t say which question got which answer.The million dollar question is:have they contacted you or do you know if they are rethinking it meaning that we got a maybe answer or they have the same stance and we got a nope answer? Enough with wishlisting.Get your team ready and make us one helluva spidey wave filled with classic villains! New scarlet spider,electro,mysterio,etc…

DST CHUCK: Welcome back! Sorry, I have not checked out their Q&A but I think its great they are doing that for fans, it’s a pretty big commitment. I’ve been doing a weekly one for well over five years and we answer every question that comes in. As for a DC license I’ve not heard from them but maybe they will call soon..never say never.

Kevin Strawser
For some time now I’ve been a Marvel Minimate collector (primarily X-Men related characters) but recently I’ve been bitten…I mean smitten with your Walking Dead Minimate figures. They are to die for… Anyhoo, just wondering if a Wave 3 announcement is imminent. I saw a pic of Tyreese, but that’s it. Love to see Carol, Carl, Sophia, Duane (perhaps Zombie Duane as a chase?) The Governor, Maggie & Hershel to name a few. Obviously, Carl, Sophia and Duane could have the “Puck” feet to make them a little shorter than everyone else. Oooh, Carl could come with an alternate eye-patch hat/head. That’d be sweet! I would be tickled and surprised as heck if we got Dexter, Andrew, Thomas & Axel. A convention exclusive 4 pack perhaps?? The rest of the farm would be great, but a pipe dream I fear. Otis and Patricia maybe? Allen, Donna, Ben & Billy? Jim? I wish you would have included a non-scarred face/head for Andrea. And non-hat hair for Shane, Dale and Glenn. But, so far, those are my only complaints. I love how you’re giving us SO many zombies. It’s awesome in the true sense of the word. Do you design each zombie after one that’s in the comic? I am sure you did for some of them, but all of them? I hope they are selling well for you. That way we’ll see lots more in the future.

DST CHUCK: To be honest I’ll have to poke Zach – the broad plan for announcements is we have one series hitting stores, one on advance order and one you have seen a line up list of. So for WD we’re running behind I guess…Have no fear more are on the way! AS for the Zombies, Yes, Robert makes sure EVERY Zombie is specific to the comic panel that’s how we both want it.

Larry B
DSTChuck, A number of movie news websites are reporting that your screenplay, “Let’s Kill Bob for Christmas” is being optioned. When can we expect an announcement regarding not only your cinematic debut, but the associated Minimate and action figure tie in? Big fan, thanks, Larry

DST CHUCK: Funny you should bring movie options up. Kill Bob is a very old one I did even before DST and it’s not optioned right now – sorry. BUT some of the new ideas we worked on have found interest and maybe we’ll have something to announce soon!

Zach Walker
Hi! Any plans for Young Avengers or Generation X lines? Thanks!

DST CHUCK: Not at this moment- sorry.

Brandon Dunlap
Do you have any plans on possibly doing another Jill valentine Minimate? Because there’s this one outfit she wears that would look great in Minimate form.

DST CHUCK: Sorry no plans for one at this time.

Guys! Adventure Time minimates!! You know you want to!

DST CHUCK: We’ll have to see…

I love all the Daredevil related ‘mates you guys put out. Any chance of seeing Typhoid Mary or Echo in the near future?

DST CHUCK: If we did a DD based series they would be near the top of the list. If memory serves Mary was pretty close to making the cut last time I was hunting DD storylines.

Richard Schmid
Is there any hope that we will ever see a re-release of the back to the future line? I recently discovered minimates and have found that the sets from the first 3 movies are nealy impossible to find. If you do happen to find one it is really expensive. I understand that BTTF is not in crazy demand right now but there is still a big fan base that wants these figures. Even a DST exclusive mail in that costs a little more would be great, just not $60 a set like the auctions go for. Please say this can happen and keep up the walking dead minis, they are awesome as well. Thanks!

DST CHUCK: Anything is possible. We had heard there was lots of demand so we brought out the anniversary set a little while back but it did not do gangbusters so we held off but BTTF product has done very well for us so nothing is being ruled out.

King Claws
Hi, there. I’ve been reading over your Q&As for some time now. I finally decided to send you a question. Well, a few anyways. . . For starters, why is it that even though the demand is high you still don’t go for many TV shows that get requested A LOT? Such as Dragon Ball Z and X-Men Evolution. (Those are the most demanded) Do you not notice the high demand? Or what? Second, have you ever tried expanding your minimate comic world with other companies? Dark Horse’s The Mask, or Hellboy? Image Comic’s Spawn? that Archie Comic’s Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man cross over? Shōnen Jump’s got a lot of popular series Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Death note. I’d love to see at least one of these in minimate form. Also, back on X-Men Evolution, you wont get the rights for the show, but what about the spin off comic books based of X-Men Evolution? Can you get that through your Marvel comic rights? I’m sorry to bother you when your so busy, I just wanted to know why you haven’t seemed to try to get the rights to some of the things I’ve seen fans demanding. I know you guys work hard and your doing a great job, I almost bought all the Marvel vs Cacom 3 minimates, and Street Fighter vs Tekken! I hope you gain the rights for Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well someday! I love crossovers! One last question. ever thought of Godzilla minimates? Please think about what I have said, and thank you for reading this,

DST CHUCK: King I appreciate the dedication hopefully I am not too boring for you. I think it’s very hard to gauge “high demand” if you have read this Q&A before you have no doubt read how we look at internet feedback as a percentage of the overall fan base of a property. Also we’ve stated in the past signing a license for just Minimates is close to impossible – its rare a licensor will allow that. Allocation of resources is also another factor. We can only design and produce so many MM in a year and I think fans can only afford to collect so many. Some of those you list are great ideas and some we have even asked about in the past but simply put everything cannot be made as a MM and somethings maybe should not be made as MM so we do the best we can picking our spots and while we’re not perfect I think we’ve been good enough to hold fans interest all this time and for that we’re grateful. Godzilla RULES – we’ll have to see.

Rochelle Williams
Is there a chance of a Kid Loki figure in a future Minimates assortment?  I collect Loki figures, and I’m pleased with my minimates so far.  There’s never been a figure made by any company of this version of this character, he’s reasonably new.  I would love to purchase one.  I would also love to buy Kid Loki in the Marvel Select line.  I’m a big fan of Diamond Select Toys, I’ve collected several of your lines.  Big fan!

DST CHUCK: So far none planned for 2013 but it’s not ruled out or anything for the future.

Brad Duncan
I have a couple of questions. Are there any plans for more Munsters minimates or is it just going to be Herman and the Koach? Also, what are the odds of getting a foruth wave of Universal Monsters minimates? I know their sales were low and the next wave was up in the air. Just curious if their fate’s been decided yet.

DST CHUCK: Brad there have been talks for sure and some of the folks in the company think its an easy sell – I might be the main hold out. Not for sure on UM4 yet but I’d say less than 50% chance we go a fourth year.

Please tell me that you are pursuing Game of Thrones minimates!

DST CHUCK: Just finished the first book and man the show is GREAT but we’ve had no luck with HBO yet on any deals.

Matt Strawbridge
Dear, swell DST… With the recent “updates” we gotten on certain key Marvel characters I was hoping to bend your ear a little regarding a classic Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Power Man re-do. Iron Fist could be slimmed down considerably with a collar piece (much like the DCD Dead Man) and Luke Cage would really look great with a much needed (and updated) face so you can see his lips. What do you guys think? And speaking of other neat updates: This AvX Scarlet Witch is the keenest figure of all! How’s a bout a solid green/yellow Vision to go along with her sometime soon? Huh huh? Thanks for all you guys/gals do. You’re the best! And hope you all have a Happy Holidays! -Matt

DST CHUCK: I do think it getting to be time to update Power Man and Iron Fist but the MU is SO vast plus the movies we just can’t get to them all so we’ll have to see. Same goes for Vision I suppose.

David Corallo
Hello, I was wondering how many seasons of “24” minimates were made? I know of season 1 & 2 only. If there are several seasons made/available, can they be purchased? Thank you, David Corallo

DST CHUCK: Just the two.

Herv H
quick questions 1. Will we still get to see a Winter Soldier Minimate? 2. Will there be another Hope Summers Minimate aside from the SDCC exclusive?

DST CHUCK: I see no reason we would say we’d never do Winter Soldier and I have no idea if we’d do another Hope , I do think it would take a series that her beign part of made sense we’d not view her as an anchor. Michello Irigoyen
The world war hulk Minimate from Tru it was Ok but do we have Ana chance to see an update of that hulk, is missing in The set of trough The ages, Ana chance? DST CHUCK: We love us some Hulk almost as much as Spider-Man so its possible.

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