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I understand that Diamond Select purchased the Zica toys line of Buck Rogers, including the body design. Just wondering if there will be any continuation of the line that Zica started.

DST CHUCK: Kevin that’s not exactly true but close enough I suppose. Right now we have no concrete plans for a more realistic 8” cloth line but we have given it some thought.

Noel Marcial
Gladiator Marvel Select ,Marvel Select,Marvel Select!!! Did I just say Marvel Select? Well Marvel Select bigger guys look better anywhere( like Juggy,Hulk,Colossus,Thing) so it would be great for you guys to add more bigger guys yo..Thanx and merry X-mas in advance. psAlso “old school” Drax The Destroyer and The elders of the universe would be great (Champion with power gem)

DST CHUCK: Thanks for the tip.

Luke Dickens
I know it is not happening ever but is there a chance that Diamond Select Toys could get the rights to make figures based on the  James Bond films with likenesses of Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, etc.?

DST CHUCK: We’d SO much love any piece of that license. I have a signed by Q Desmond Llewelyn print hanging in my office right now!

Jeff Weber
First Thank you for replying to my question about Back to the Future III Train. Is it just the Train its self will be to much to do? For a Second Question Will there be a Super Pursuit Mode for the 1:15 scale Kitt? Thank You

DST CHUCK: Yes, I think the train would be too large and expensive to develop and would not sell the numbers the other time machine has. I think yes we will get around to a SPM KITT.

Joseph Dawson
I think it’s safe to say that a lot of your fans would love to see a Marvel Select figure some day of BEAST from X-Men. A very cool looking character and many fans love him. I think many fans would also love one of ROGUE which would especially go well alongside the Gambit that most of us have. Some others that I would suggest (from the fan perspective) that would look great to see you guys make is Ice Man and Professor X. I would love to see these made to go with my Gambit, Wolverine, Clossus and other X-Men related Selects as well as the upcoming Nightcrawler and Storm. Thank you.

DST CHUCK: Rogue, Ice Man and Beast (in that order) have all been discussed from time to time. Sorry but I do not think any of those will happen in 2013 though.

Spideyfan85 99
Hi Mr. Chuck, Just got the new Storm. Beautiful sculpt, pisspoor design. Let’s give her double knees and superposeable ankles but no forward leg movement. And could’ve used those pin/swivel “elbrows” and thighs like on Movie Thor to get max artic with minimal cuts. This is no gripe on you, perhaps something to pass along to the designers/product managers: wow fans really didn’t like the crappy artic, design on Storm. They could tell we kinda phoned it in on her (like on Cyclops). But again, beautiful sculpt. You guys should REALLY consider (and then go through with) making characters included in Marvel vs Capcom (3). Dormammu, Nova, Doctor Strange, X-23, Iron First??!! Besides Marvel films, these characters have the highest brand recognition of Marvel- from Marvel fans, Capcom fans, anime fans, comics fans, VIDEOGAME fans (all of these being completely separate from action figure fans). Seriously I’d never heard of Dormammu or Nova before MVC3 and I couldn’t give you my money fast enough to get figures of them. It’s a definitive sell. Also, completing teams are a HUGE factor in purchases. Flash Venom completes the Marvel Select version of the Thunderbolts and now i’m even considering going back and purchasing old Elektra and Punisher to finish the team. Finishing the Fantastic Four would be great, to go with the Thing and Dr. Doom. I know you guys do individual figures influenced by artist’s work (aka the recently released Hulk) but would you consider doing a full line? A Marvel Select version of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men would cause rioting in the streets. Other popular character figure requests: Modern Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel (in modern black/yellow outfit), Deadpool (Bowen statue inspired w/functioning artic). Heck if we could get what, 4 Hulks in 2 years, then we could certainly get another Deadpool or comic Spiderman with the artic of the movie Spidey figure. Final thought: Could we push for more Select figures from Gentle Giant? They always knock it out the park. Thanks for reading a customer’s thoughts.

DST CHUCK: Sorry you’re disappointed in Storm, we have received a good bit of positive feedbaclk on her though. I do think early on with the line we had trouble finding the right balance between look of the figure and articulation and we’re in a better place with that right now. Sorry Storm does not work for you but I can honestly say no figures in the line are” mailed in” the sculptors and entire team put the same effort into each release. There would be no reason to put less effort into one of our releases. If we were ever allowed to do MvC figures they would have to be done as two packs like the Minimates were so the retail would be close to 50.00! We’re aware that some fans like to complete teams and it plays a factor in our planning especially with Minimates but its not the primary concern with Select. I do not see us working up the Astonishing line but you never know..As for a new Deadpool – I like the one we have as a solid DP figure for fans but I’d certainly not rule out another version at some point of such a popular character.

Wes Parker
Hey guys! First of all, you make AWESOME stuff!! Your mini mates are amazing, and I love the selection of characters! So excited for Thundercats to join the ranks recently too! I am also loving your Marvel Select line, especially the classic X-men. I love the inclusion of the Danger Room pieces too. Now that you have pretty much gotten to those classic core characters (at least those from around the time of the Phoenix Saga), I have a couple of questions about this line moving forward. 1. Will you continue with the classic X-men, or is this line done now? 2. If you do continue, any way you’d get to Phoenix in classic green and yellow, maybe even with a Dark Phoenix variant?? I really loved classic Marvel Girl (Minimates needs this version too!!!) But for me, Jean in the Phoenix suit would better complete the team with Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler. 3. Any way we could see classic Iceman, Beast, Angel, Kitty, Banshee, Havok or Polaris? 4. After the release of Gambit a while back, can we expect to see more Jim Lee X-men in the future? I didn’t buy Gambit yet because I wasn’t sure if he’d ever have a Jim Lee Rogue, Cyclops, Jean, Psylocke, etc to display with him. Thanks again for the awesome products!!! Keep it up, and I’ll keep buying.

DST CHUCK:Wes thanks for the love and questions here is the best I can tell you.

1) X-Men are never far for our thoughts when we are planning any line- especially with two movies coming very soon!

2) We’ve done a couple Jean Grey figures, so it would not be top of the list, but as you can see by us doing two figures of her she’s one we certainly consider.

3) Pretty much same answer as #1

4) The Jim Lee run is a favorite of mine so you never know but I can’t promise we’d ever get to all the ones you listed above.

Brett Lowther
Would it be possible to request Marvel Select versions of the rest of the Fantastic Four. I’d love to have Reed, Sue, and (especially) Johnny to put next to my Thing figure. A Jim Lee version of Cyclops would be awesome too. Really happy you guys are putting out more X-Men figures like Storm/Nightcrawler/Colossus. Would love to have Rogue to go along with the rest of the mutants. My favorite MS figure has to be Juggernaut, and was absolutely thrilled you guys decided to do Flash Thompson Venom. He’s my favorite Marvel character behind Cyclops. Thanks for reading. Brett

DST CHUCK: Some thought has been given to producing more members of the FF but nothing is planned right now. Glad you’re looking forward to the Rhino figure.

Brian Acevedo
Hi there Artasylum are you guys planning to make Rogue for DST.. any time soon

DST CHUCK: Not on the slate at this time for 2013 – sorry, but never say never.

Kevin Tremblay
I just have a huge question that has just been killing me to ask but when are the single figures of Flash Thompson will release? I’m a huge follower of the comics and I bought the venom through the ages set (amazing set by the way) and I hear about the Flash Thompson venom and I just need to have 3 of them. So I may ask please like a month or something to have me look forward to this figure.

DST CHUCK: Kevin that is up to the Disney store but I think I have seen reports of some popping up – they were not at my local store when I was there last week.

Thor Odinson
This is my third time asking you questions. So uh here we go? 1. What Marvel Toy Line is more successful? Marvel Select or Minimates? 2. Have you planned the Minimates for the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie? 3. Any plans for a Wrecking Crew Box Set? 4. What will Wave 50’s Baron Zeemo come with? Thanks in advance.

DST CHUCK: I do not recall seeing this question before and not sure you will consider this “answered” but I’ll give it my best shot.

1) I really can’t say both lines are so different for so many reason- I guess based on the fact that we’ve passed 10 years and 50 series I suppose I’d have to say MM.

2) We do not currently have the license for a GoG movie and have not read a script so I can’t really say.>

3) Not at this time.

4) Zemo 1 had a gun and Zemo 2 has a gun and sword.

Edwin Sim
Just want to comment on the fantastic job you guys have done for transformers busts and head busts, I just want to feedback on perhaps planned future releases to have black or dark transformers, I would very much buy a repaint Rodimus head bust as a shattered glass dark Rodimus/doppelganger or dark nemesis Optimus Prime. 

DST CHUCK: We have no plans at this time to make more Transformer busts, but they were a blast to work on.

Mohd Salihin
I would love to see u make an eagle transporter from space 1999. That classic is awesome.

DST CHUCK: That ship has been done a few times and I have to be honest it’s crossed our minds more than once but nothing brewing.

I really like the new Mad Monster Party figures you just released.  However, there are ONLY THREE!  Is there any plans to release more of the Mad Monster Characters??  Since the original Mad Monster Party has most of the MAIN HORROR CHARACTERS in it.  You can probably release at least 12:  Along with Dracula, Uncle Boris & Frankenstein – there is The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Werewolf, Invisible Man, Mummy, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Yetch, Felix Flankin & Francesca & The Monsters Mate (Ms. P. Diller) You can create the Invisible Man by using transparent (see-through) plastic.

DST CHUCK: TRU passed on the line for 2012 and hopefully when we show them the figures that we did release they will change their mind or the extras we bought in blow out and either of those two would increase our chances for more figures in 2013.

Paul Denton
When will you be able to reveal the names or numbers of Marvel Selects for The Wolverine and Thor: The Dark World?

DST CHUCK: Mostly I leave those decisions to DSTZach but in the case of movies that’s all controlled by the studio and we’re still waiting for refrence on Wolverine so it could be a long while still.

Liam McDonough
Hey, so I recently picked up your Marvel Select Avengers movie Hulk and Hawkeye, which are awesome but left me wanting the rest of the team. Any plans to eventually release Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow in their Avengers costumes? Or are you moving ahead with the costumes from the new Marvel movies that are coming out within the next couple years? Thanks.

DST CHUCK: The licenses we acquire for Marvel movies are very specific in length of time and details, so we have no plans for more Avengers movie figures.

Geri Bertolo
Hey gang, just wondering about your great Mad Monster Party figures. Have you announced a series 2 yet? I hope to have more of these great figures please? ;) Also, has the Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Diamond Select Toys Universal Monsters Select figure been released yet? And would you ever consider doing figures of Vincent price as The Witchfinder General or Dr. Phibes, Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein, Ingrid Pitt as The vampire Lovers or Christopher Lee as Dracula? THANKS!

DST CHUCK: Mad Monster series II is still TBD. Jekyll and Hyde are planned for Halloween 2013. I think 2014 and 2015 are still to be determined.

Justin Falcon
Scarlet Spider Marvel select with push down Spider stingers in the forearm. Minimum Carnage box set with Flash thompson, carnage, and Scarlet spider. Sorry, just geeking out on what’d be cool to see in the MS toy line. Any plans for Houston’s Hero, scarlet spider as a Marvel Select?

DST CHUCK: Happy to oblige your geek out but no plans for a Scarlet Spider right now.

I’ve noticed you offer Knight Rider and Munster action figures and vehicles,have you ever considered Dukes Of Hazzard action figures and vehicles?

DST CHUCK: Yes, but nothing brewing right now or anytime soon.

Robin J
Hi, First off just want to say well done on the Storm figure, another X-men looking great in plastic. Now for the requests, can you please make Angel in 2013, I’m sure they’ll be some X-men figures coming out next year and I hope he is one of them, and also with some luck maybe Beast as well so the classic lineup from the Dark Phoenix saga can be completed. Thanks for listening anyway and all the best for the new year.

DST CHUCK: We’ve considered Angel from time to time so you never know.

Derek Yesman
DC’s Platinum is already sold out and hasn’t even shipped yet! Your Ultron needs his mate! Give this unsung Avenger her due, and make a fanboy’s dream come true! MARVEL SELECT JOCASTA!!!

DST CHUCK: Sorry, man. I don’t think this dream is going to come true for you. To get your own answers out of DSTChuck, just Ask DST!

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