Ask DST #192

Minimates questions? Minimates answers!

Joe Dy
Saw the gorgeous Atom Eve statue. I assume this means you have the rights to the series? What are the odds of us seeing INVINCIBLE mini mates? I see INVINCIBLE (Mark Grayson), ATOM EVE, OMNI MAN and ALLEN THE ALIEN as a four pack! Maybe even REX SPLODE, ROBOT, OLIVER…and so many more from the Kirkmanverse. Keep up the awesome work. The Thundercats are easily among my favorite mini mates and I can’t wait for the Tigra, Cheetara etc boxed set to come out. I’m hoping this means we could see Silverhawks as well someday. Still pulling for a Squadron Supreme set. And who at DC can we pester for more DC minimates?

DST CHUCK: We serve at the pleasure of Mr. Kirkman and are happy to do so. As for DC MM I think they have been bugged sufficiently but I have no idea who would be best to contact now that they are west coast based – I guess try catching them at a trade show.

Matt Strawbridge
Okay, so how about Marvel “Best of” series 3 contenders? Spidey and Hulk are always popular… so why not help folks get some updated versions of characters while still keeping it recognizable for new fans. Expounding on a suggestion by “Valo487” on the site. – Savage Grey Hulk/The Leader: with a full-hair and top-hair piece for Hulk and both types of heads for the Leader, “tall” and “ballsy” – Black Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: with a green jumpsuit Ock that also came with a 2nd torso cover and white arms to simulate a lab-coat look. – Invisible Woman/ somebody: Make that Sue in the same costume version as the “Best of” Mr. Fantastic and include parts to make her arms/legs clear. Pack her with a brand new FF villain, like Dragon Man to really move that set and make it the most sought after. Anyways, just a few ideas! -Matt

DST CHUCK: Series 3 best of has not been considered yet but the idea behind the line is it is a jumping on point for collectors that might seem intimated to jump into a line that’s at wave 50 and feel they can never have all the key characters. There is also an eye to them being stockable items for impulse-like sales at retail.

Hervin H
Will there be a Lenore Minimate?

DST CHUCK: Never say never, but nothing planned at this time.

Matt Killen
Hello Minimate folks. I recently bought the Venom thru the ages box set. I must say they are awesome! Are you going to continue the “thru the ages” series? If so, how about a spiderman thru the ages. I know there is a lot of spideys already but maybe this box set could have man-spider, spider-hulk, spider-lizard and the doppelganger spiderman. Also are you guys ever goin to just make army builder sets with just skrulls/kree, shield/hydra and aim/hand characters? I know these guys all came out in ofher series. But those sets would be neat to have. Has series 49 been finalised? Will we see them soon? Will a 2 pack of Black Knight 1 and 2 ever be made? How about the serpent society? Or scourge and his victims? And last question. Will the classic Brotherhood of evil mutants be made as a box set or 2 pack group at anytime? Thanks, have a Merry Christmas!

DST CHUCK: I’d imagine through the ages will continue for quite some time, its just an umbrella for figures or characters that are in demand that we want to flesh out. We’re pretty locked on on the series up until 53. No plans right now for an army builder box set sorry.

Konstantinos Psarras
This time i have a small request: Get the darksiders licence!! It will be fairly cheap to get.There are not many collectibles from the game so you’ll be the first to have a toylineThe game sold fairly well (best selling game of august,1.5 sales overall (xbox,pc,ps3) and was released for the wii u last month) and the next game is said to feature strife.The characters are colourfull,have many variations and would appeal to kids and collectors alike.Also,THQ is a difficult economical situation so i think they would like to find money as soon as possible.Think about it and announce it in 2013’s toyfair along with dc,spawn and invincible! XD

DST CHUCK: Sorry I don’t think we’ve ever discussed that license.

Sam Ford
This is going to be one of those annoying “Have you ever thought about _____?” questions, so you may stop reading any time you wish. But at least it’s short. Chuck, given your love for all things Spider-man, which almost equals my love for all things Black Cat, have you ever thought about a Marvel Mangaverse box set? Spidey, MJ/Spider Woman, Black Cat w/ Cap shield, and Antoinette Stark/Iron Woman? You know you have to get Manga Spidey out at some point. So come on, throw a fellow web head a bone and at least ponder it. XD Keep up the amazing work!

DST CHUCK: I think saying we never “thought” about it might be a bit extreme but we never seriously discussed it. If memory is right (and it might not be) Digger might have suggested it at one point.

Joshua Hesselgrave
Hi again Chuck. I’m not sure if this is a question or just a flat out request. Since all of the Walking Dead Minimates have to be based on characters straight from the comic, could we see some blog entries sometime that show the source material that each character was based on? Also, has DST ever looked into using programs like Kickstarter to to try and produce toys that you believe have interest, but aren’t sure if there’s enough to sell? Just curious and as always, thanks for doing these.-Joshua And I almost forgot to mention that I’m still excited to see what the final Minimated version of Squirrel Girl will look like. I’m hoping it’s not based on her first appearance, but I’ll take whatever.

DST CHUCK: I LOVE the blogs our talented guys do from time to time but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to stop what they are doing and write. I think Zach had thought to make some sort of zombie guide at one point, not sure if that will happen though. We’re obviously aware of Kickstarter but have no plans to use something like that in the near future. It’s a pretty interesting system though.

dontei Wynter
Hello, I’m a long time fan of Minimates and was wondering why there was no interest in a Smallville line, considering the longevity and fan bas of the show?

DST CHUCK: We had expressed interest in making product when the show started and again about half way through the run of the show, but the interest was not mutual.

fernando fuentes
so, don’t you think those new valiant comics would look great as minimates? also, who do we have to beg to get dark horse ones made? i realize they’re different properties but hellboy to goon to grendel would totally look good in my collection. and then, spiderman’s villian boxset? even if its just different versions of the sinister six, my spidey needs more villians. finally, i noticed the quality control is going down slightly on the newer figures. i had one figure w/ the wrong foot (red hulk from the MvsC series so it is noticeable), hands that won’t stay in the peg hole, feet that won’t stay in, paint smudges (my shop probably thinks i’m a jerk b/c i check the paint apps before buying them now), and other random little problems. i realize that these are small works of art that are meant to be played with but worrying about missing hands or feet takes away from the fun of the line. glueing the loose limbs in place i think would take away from the interchangable aspect which i’m sure appeals to many people. i do realize that these are QC problems that originate at the factory and are outta your hands but i do feel i should bring it to your attention. thanks for the great work!

DST CHUCK: Perhaps we could look at Valiant a bit down the road when their following is more cemented. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with DH; it would be several different creators not an umbrella like Marvel or DC. If you have an issue with a missing or wrong part then we’re sorry and please contact customer service about a possible replacement. As for paint quality, while we do try to make every toy perfect, they are mass produced at a low cost, high volume product and each one is not going to be perfect. Our HK office as well as home office staff does the best they can, but some of those issues in a practical sense are unavoidable.

Konstantinos Psarras
Hello again! While everyone is busy with the world ending details about Disney’s new sandbox game, Disney infinity have leaked. It basically is a lbp-minecraft style game with characters from the whole Disney universe. We know that you proposed a line of minimates to disney. So my questions are: 1) What was that line? 2) will you release disney minimates sometime? That and STAR WARS!

DST CHUCK: I do not see Star Wars happening anytime soon and I an say we have no direct license with Disney for a video game so sorry. Nothing on either at this time.

Md Imran Abdol Malek
Any plans on doing a KITT car in convertible mode that was seen in season 4 of the show? Perhaps in Minimates form or in 1/15 scale? It has never been done before and it would be awesome if you guys were the first to ever do it!

DST CHUCK: It would not be feasible without major tooling changes so, while we never say never, it does not seem that likely.

mum ra Just wondering if you have plans to continue the Thundercats minimates line after series 3 and 4 get released?? or should i give up hope now and be happy with just 4 series???

DST CHUCK: It is very possible there will be more after series 4.

Ricky Williams
First off I just wanna say I am enamored with the Walking dead minimates line, I really hope this line and minimates in general go over 100, 1000 waves, finest line of figures produced ever. As I digress here goes my question. With the walking dead minimates are there any plans to introduces antagonists along with the survivors i.e. the Hunters, woodbury survivors, Bandits, or Saviors? As you know as the comic goes the zombies start becoming more of an background adversary, But as always thank you for your time and look forward to this amazing series.

DST CHUCK: I do not think ANY characters from the comic series have been ruled out, we have the Governor in the works already.

Justin Huffman
Chuck, Recently you stated in a Q&A that the chances for a 4th series of Universal Monsters Minimates was less than 50%. I am writing to request that you please close out the Universal Monsters Minimates line with one last boxset, featuring the following characters in glorious Black & White: – The Phantom of the Opera (1925) – The Invisible Man (1933) – Mr. Hyde (1953 Karloff version) – Bride of Frankenstein (same as the TRU version that was never released in B&W, the tooling already exists, to help lower the costs) DST has done an amazing job capturing these characters in Minimate form, so please do the line the justice it deserves by releasing one final boxset with the missing major players from Universal’s property. Thank you for listening. -Justin

DST CHUCK: Justin thanks for your support and ideas but I was just answering the question in an honest manner, it is what it is. Sales have not been there at retail, nor TRU support for future figures. That said maybe its something we did wrong and not a lack of customer interest- I can’t say for sure. I do know the line (and AF line) has done much better than many folks thought it would when we announced it. Again thanks for the suggestion and don’t give up hope.

Matt Strawbridge
Heya! This message has a working picture link in it that my previous one didn’t. Dear Chuck, I come to you now, humbly requesting. You see, the Universal Monsters line of Minimates really needs just a few more characters for it to be complete and stand on it’s own as a perfect line of figures. And in the last Q&A, it was said that there’s a less than 50% chance that there will be any more releases. As a lifelong fan of Minimates and the characters, when I read this I was really saddened. So I was hoping that just maybe one more set might not be out of the question. I humbly request that the line be closed out in potentially one of the following manners: Perhaps a 4-pack consisting of: – The Invisible Man – The Phantom of the Opera – The Metaluna Mutant – and either one of the Mole People, or the Boris Karloff version of Mr. Hyde from “Abbott and Costello Meet…” or perhaps a pipe organ for the Phantom? Or perhaps just a 2-pack with the Phantom and the Invisible Man? I know that back at Toy Fair in 2010 you all showed an Invisible Man prototype and he looks fantastic! Would it be possible to release this guy as a convention or web exclusive? Something with an online retailer maybe? Just look at how cool he is. I really think any more of these monsters would be really be a fitting way to end the line in style and give both Minimate and Monster fans a wonderful send-off that’d leave everybody feeling like the line accomplished everything it started out to do. Thank you very much for your consideration, -Matt

DST CHUCK: Sorry no link in question goes… you should hang out Justin BTW… Seems if I take one of your suggestions the other will not be happy. Welcome to the trouble with toy line planning. I can also assure you our sales folks have pitched all sorts of exclusives for this line like they do all others and there have been no takers.

Julian Martinez
The Walking Dead video game takes place in the same world as the comic, So could this mean that we have a chance of seeing characters from the video game as mates,even though they dont come out in the comic,but live in the same world?

DST CHUCK: I’d have to ask but my initial guess is we’d just be limited to comic as the contract is written.

Matthew Killen
Hi minimate people. I sent in some questions about some possible minimate ideas but i guess i missed the cut off. So anyways, here we go again. I was wondering since you guys made a venom thru the ages, would you do a spiderman thru the ages? I know there are already a bunch of Spideys but these would be cool! Maybe make Spider-Hulk, spider-lizard, man -spider, and maybe kaine or octo spidey or bag man spiderman. Also i was wonderin if there was ever gonna be a 2 pack of wolverine n sabertooth during their first meeting (where silver fox was killed). Also has the series 49 minimates been picked? When is that roster gonna be announced? Ok last couple questions. Would you guys consider makin a 2 pack of black knight 1 and 2. Have any of the “what if” characters or story lines ever come up as interesting characters to make? Thanks :)

DST CHUCK: We do so many (as some folks think) Spidey’s I do not think he is a candidate for Through the Ages box set – but with Spidey never say never. I do not think there has ever been any serious discussion about What If.

Matthew Killen
Hi again, I wrote in a lil while ago and made a comment on if you guys would ever make black knight 1 and 2 pack. I got to thinking if you guys did that, would you also consider Captain America/US Agent and Battlestar, the Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley/Phil Urich) maybe Demogoblin and Doppelganger, Also maybe Deathlock 1 and 2. I know there are more heroes and villians that share names, I just cant think of them. Well anyways maybe these ideas could one day lead to minimate 2 packs. ok i thinks thats it for now. Thanks and keep up the good work with the minimates!

DST CHUCK: Thanks for the ideas but I do not think any of them are planned for 2013.

arthur a
I have a two questions. 1) will we see more tekkenxstreet fighter minimates soon. With series 2 out I’m hoping to see a series 3 and 4. I’m a big fan if this set and would love to see a jin,sakura and m bison minimates to add to my collection please :) 2) will we see a deadpool series soon,with deadpool getting made into a game and a soon to be movie I’m hoping we will see a series dedicated to the merc with the mouth deadpool

DST CHUCK: I do not think a third series of Tekken X SF will happen – sorry.We’ve done more than a few Deadpool MM so no reason to think more could not happen at some point.

Vince Pacaro
Hey, I had a question for you guys. I know the new series of The Walking Dead minimates was just released, but I was just wondering if you guys had any idea of what characters would be featured in the next series. Maybe The Governor, Tyreese, Carl, or maybe a different Glenn? If you guys made The Governor missing an arm with armor on that would be amazing. Thanks, Vince

DST CHUCK: We are done with planning and designing WD up to series 4 right now so yes I have an idea.

Quinn Simek
I have been collecting the minimates since you guys first came out with the marvel ones and have been fortunate enough to get most of the LOTR’s minimates but I was wondering is there any chance for a hobbit series of minimates and also is there ever going to be another series of halo minimates because they were superb

DST CHUCK: There was some talk about Hobbit but nothing came of it – sorry.

dave ayon
With darksiders being made into a comic I was hoping if theirs a chance we can see some darksiders minimates like Death and War in the future soon.

DST CHUCK: Sorry no plans.

With the new G.I Joe movie coming out soon I was left wonder if theirs a chance that we can see a series of G.IJoe minimates in the future. I would love to have a snakeeyes minimates in my collection.

DST CHUCK: I cannot imagine that would ever happen.

Justin Huffman
Hi again, Chuck! I’m writing this time to ask that DST please take the JAWS license into serious consideration for products. Like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters before, JAWS is a classic film beloved by millions (it started the “Summer Blockbuster” after all), and like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters were before DST got the license, there has been very little collectible product produced for this film. Sideshow Collectibles produced a statue, and McFarlane Toys produced a diorama, but those were both many years ago. JAWS is the type of license that you could produce many great items from, a bottle opener of Bruce the Shark’s mouth, a light up statue of Quint’s boat “The Orca”, a Bruce the Shark bank where you put the money in his mouth, etc. But most of all, we really need JAWS Minimates! A boxset featuring Brody, Quint, Hooper, and a bikini girl “victim”, each with alternate parts for different display options. Pair that amazing boxset with 2 “Vehicles”! – Bruce the Shark (with opening mouth to place victims) and Hooper in his diving gear and his Shark Cage – “The Orca” with Battle Damaged Quint and “Smile you son of a *****” Brody with rifle. Please take this idea into consideration, there are many fans that would love to see more JAWS products on the marketplace, and like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, Minimates would be an amazing way to make that happen. As always, thank you for your time. -Justin

DST CHUCK: Great movie – did you buy the new Blu Ray? – but no plans for a line of toys at this time, sorry.

Neil Frohlich
The Walking Dead series 3 , What are the chances we see a Governor minimate released? Also a Carl minimate? I dont think I have ever seen a child minimate…..a miniminimate

DST CHUCK: All MM will be the 2” body.

Matthew Killen
Hello, I was wondering if it were time for an updated version of characters like Sandman and Hydroman.

DST CHUCK: Maybe but I would not say it’s imperative

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