Ask DST #193: Marvel, Monsters and Miscellaneous

DST Chuck goes after your miscellaneous questions in this edition of Ask DST! Jump in!

Joe Mike
Why aren’t there any characters from the film X-men First Class in your marvel select line ? Will there be more film based characters in your future marvel select line ?

DST CHUCK: The movie was written and filmed very quickly, so there was not time to execute a full figure. It is way to early to say if we will make movies from the follow up movie, but none are planned for First Class.

Jeremy Burdge
Hi Art Asylum My Question Is Did You Ever Think About Making Jean Claude Van Damme Movies Figures Like Cyborg,Double Impact ,Death Warrant, Or Street Fighter Movie Figures And 1984 A-Team,Croba(Stallone),Barbarian Twins(Peter&David)Rapid Fire(Brandon Lee),Jackie Chan,Last Action Hero Movie Figures? Thanks For Your Time

DST CHUCK: Jeremy, I think something like the old N2 Toys Hardened line would be cool with a mix of action stars from different movies, but it’s not something we’re looking into at this time.

Andrew Schwndt
I was wondering how it is decided which Marvel characters are made into select action figures? Are there any future plans for a Magik figure? Not sure if you can answer, but would like to know if there is any method in choosing who is made into a figure?

DST CHUCK: Andrew, I wish I could say there is a method to the madness or an exact formula, but really there is not. Sometimes the buyer of the exclusive will give us their ideas or a list they would like and we’ll start from there. For the main line, we take input from our sales staff, from trade shows we go to as well as e-mail and our FB page, but many times it’s our “gut” and our experience that goes a long ways to making the call. The movie figures are totally different of course, since sales and fans have not seen the movies or scripts, so on those we’ll sometimes even follow the advice of the studios.

Hello my name is Brian. I think that if you the fine people at Marvel were to do one I feel like a movie Avengers Box set would do great.Since MS has already did all the movie version of the characters it should be hard to put together and add the 1st time MS Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury to the box set then BLAM you have a hit. Just image Thor,Iron man,Black Widow.Nick Fury,Capt.America,Hawkeye,and the Hulk. What a seller it would be. Now you can go farther by also doing the Comic book version of them.I think that you have all of those done to except the white Nick Fury. Now we can’t release them at the same time but at less six months apart. Thank you for taking the time out to read this Brian

DST CHUCK: Right now we have no plans for an Avengers movie box set, and if we did one we would be unable to add new characters to it for a variety of reason. However I do think it’s a very cool idea.

hilario martinez
Hello art asylum, will you make scarlet spider (2012) “kaine parker” as Scarlet spider?

DST CHUCK: Never say never.

Alex C
Hello, Is there any chance you release the Jim Lee costume or modern costume Cyclops as part of the Marvel Select line? Moreover, are you planning on continuing the Marvel Select X-Men line? Have you considered Iceman, Psylocke, Cable, Archangel and Rogue? Thanks!

DST CHUCK: Most of the figures we have done in the past are up for consideration for re-runs, so I expect it would only be matter of time before we make more of the Cyclops we already made -– as for a NEW version I would think it would be some time before we would look at that.

Norma Salvatori
Hello, my name is Michael Salvatori, I am 11 years old and love collecting the Universal Monster series toys.  I have a suggestion: You should create all the characters from each movie in a box set.  I think this would be good because then all the characters will be the correct scale size and all together in the set.  For example, a Wolfman set would include Sir John Talbout, Larry Talbout, Bela, Frank Andrews, Mr. Twittle, Jenny Williams, the gipsy Maleva and any other promenent characters from the movie.  I hope you consider my request. 

DST CHUCK: I think that’s a very cool idea, but its not something we’re working on. Such a box set would have a very high SRP and with all those new figures included we’d need to sell a very large quantity of the sets.

Wyatt Faller
What’s up Diamond Select! I think in honor of Spidey’s 50th anniversary and the historic Amazing Spiderman #700 you guys should remake one of your first Marvel Selects: The Doctor Octopus and Spiderman 2-pack. This time with improved articulation and Doc Ock in his frail and dying form paired with the Superior Spiderman! Is that something that can be considered? Please do!

DST CHUCK: I’m awake! I love me some Spidey figures, and I know the Doc / Spidey two pack is in demand, but for right now it’s not a figure we can re-make. Sorry. If it changes you’ll see more of them out there!

myles white
Hey guys just a figure request, have you ever considered making a sasquatch figure? i’ve never felt the marvel legends figure did him justice i think you guys would do a fantasic job

DST CHUCK: I don’t think there is one in our immediate plans, sorry.

Sean Wright
DST, This is a part of the operation called :New Black Suit Spiderman figure: Guys I keep seeing how fantastic the Venom figure looks and the pictures you released of Rhino in package looks AMAZING… Please consider making a Disney Exclusive (New Sculpt) Black Suit Spiderman figure. We are going to need it when Venom hits. I say make it an Disney Exclusive so it won’t interfere with the number of figures your allowed to release per year… And the way Disney exclusive figures are selling I don’t think Disney would mind a Spiderman figure on their shelves… Please Consider it…. Thanks…

DST CHUCK: Right now no plans for a new Black Spidey, but as most of you know Spidey is never far from our thoughts.

Aaron Mauer
I love your Thor figure and I was wondering if you would use that figure to make a ragnarock figure?

DST CHUCK: None planned for 2013, and with the sequel coming up, while it does not eliminate the idea of doing something comic based from Thor, it does make it unlikely.

Maelstrom Janus
Hi again chuck. Happy New Year !! Understand various issues which held back merchandise based on the excellent ’60s Batman TV series starring Adam West have been resolved…so what’s the chance of some figures based on the class super villains from that show ? I can’t be the only one who’d love to see figures based on Caesar Romero’s Joker, Frank Gorshin’s Riddler, Burgess Meredith,s Penguin and many others… Regards Mael.

DST CHUCK: I can’t imagine we’d be able to do something like a Select figure with Mattel doing DC figures, but I’d sure love to do anything with that show. I lived on it as a kid!

Dortha Hailes
Hello! Im just wondering when will The Expendables 2 action figures be released ?? Like what day ? Thanks!!!

DST CHUCK: They are in stores now!

Anthony White
Out of curiosity, do you plan to make any Marvel NOW! Select figures, such as Superior Spider-Man or the new design for Deadpool?

DST CHUCK: I think for Minimates and figures its safe to say we’ll be keeping an eye on the storyline and fan reaction. It could be cool – we’ll have to see.

Frank Cassuto
Hi, I had a question about the Diamond select Universal Monsters line. Is there any chance that you can get the license to make more obscure universal monsters such as John Carradine from ” House of Dracula”, Gloria Holden from “Dracula’s Daughter”, Lon Chaney Jr. as Kharis the Mummy, or Conrad Veight from the “Man Who Laughs”? I have never really seen any likeness sculpted of the characters mentioned above. I was very pleased to see that you guys are making the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde from the Abbot and Costello films. It looks like a great sculpt, and Sideshow never released that character before. It was nice to see a different version of Mr. Hyde. Overall , Great work with the Universal line.

DST CHUCK: Glad you like the line! I think some of the more “obscure” characters are very cool, but to be able to make an action figure and make good money on it, we need to sell a pretty big number, and as you say some of those are pretty obscure.

Frank Cassuto
Did you guys ever think about making Monster Squad figures? It has a huge cult following and you are getting the eighties nostalgia crowd as well as the universal monsters crowd. The creature designs were awesome, and it may be easier to get a license for Duncan Regher’s Dracula than Bela Lugosi’s.

DST CHUCK: I have to be honest it has never been discussed as far as I know – interesting idea, though.

Brian Michalek
I have seen ‘Buy it now’ presale orders on eBay for Knight Rider Minimate Vehical. is your company also making the Michael Knight figure sepearately too? If so, when will you be also selling it as well? Thank you for your time. Take Care and God Bless

DST CHUCK: No, sorry we are not making a separate Michael figure. He will be included with the KITT exclusive through Entertainment Earth.

Kevin Rousselle
when a new figure of carnage marvel select? DST CHUCK: Nothing planned right now, but if Venom does really well we’d certainly consider something like it for Carnage.

jamie vaughan
Hi,was wandering since you have done products for disney before any chance of Once upon a time figures?

DST CHUCK: To date, we have never held a direct license with Disney, so not right now but you never know.

mike digiacomo
Are you guys going to pursue the Metal Gear license? I could really go for a METAL GEAR REX in MM scale along with Solid Snake.

DST CHUCK: Right now no plans to sign a deal for MGS, sorry.

Adam Miatke
Any thoughts about a Firefly/Serenity figure line?

DST CHUCK: Adam back when the movie came out we did do some figures – granted, it might not have been our best effort, but we did do some. Soon after we created some statues – which I do think were very nice, and after the first release sales were pretty soft, so I do not think we’re looking at that property in the near future.

Kian Bagasin
Can you make Marvel Select Scarlet spider classic or 2012 ver?

DST CHUCK: Not at this time, we’re pretty set for our 2013 releases and neither are on there. Never say never though, especially where Spidey is concerned.

Hi Just Wonder If Your Company Thought About Making The Movie Van Helsing With Hugh Jackman Figures and Figures For Underworld, A-Team ( Tv Show) Twin Sitters With Peter And David Paul,Double Impact( Van Damme Movie)Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1992 Movie Bruce & Brandon Lee Movie Figures, The Fast And The Furious Movies Plan 9 From Outer Space. Thank You For You Time

DST CHUCK: Jeremy, while those are fine properties I do not think any of them have been under consideration by DST.

Steve B.
What are the chances of seeing a James Bond line in the form of Select figures or Minimates.

DST CHUCK: We have asked, but at this time they are not interested in licensing either of those categories.

Chris Villanueva
Will you be making a Beast figure in the future? I’m pretty sureMarvel fans such as I would love to get a more X-Men figures like Beast and Angel from X-Men or a Miles Morales spiderman fig. Hehehe anyways more power to you guys! Love the Marvel Select line!.

DST CHUCK: We have no plans right now, but we absolutely have considered Beast in the past and I am sure we will keep him in mind as the line goes forward.

Greg Willis
I know you have answered about finishing teams like the FF but do you thinkits possible we will see a human torch with maybe a “flame off” variant? I’ve never seen a completely flameless johnny storm and im sure that variant would sell especially of he had attachable flames thank you for your consideration.

DST CHUCK: Not sure — since we do not have the figure planned, I can’t say what it would look like, but, I think based on how the Select line is usually designed I’d expect we’d want flame-on and a big flame base of some sort and shape. Want to have your question answered by the Director of DST? Click “Ask DST” at the top of the page!

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