Ask DST #194: Star Trek – Ships of the Line and More

DSTChuck answers your Star Trek questions in this edition of AskDST!

you really releasing the Wrath of Khan enterprise again And is there any Chance for an Ambassador Class Enterprise C?

DST CHUCK: Yes, we do plan to re-release and keep in stock as best we can most of the ships we have made, the sole exception right now is the Enterprise – Enterprise. We have not decided for sure what our next ship will be but I do not think the C will be next.

Blair Brown
Hi,me again. What was the most difficult part of remaking the Nemesis Enterprise-E? (Aside from dealing with us unreasonably obsessed fans.

DST CHUCK: That’s an interesting question and I doubt my answer would be the same as DSTRobert since he was much closer to the project than I was. Robert worked at Art Asylum with Manny and Nelson when the project first started and then with me once we acquired the license directly as well as select assets of Art Asylum. So for me the project starting with one direction and finishing under ours was a challenge.

Rob brown
have been a collector of your star trek lines since you first began producing them and i have to say that they are some of best figures produced . love the Minimates and the retro figures and look forward to the femme fatel 7 of 9 – hope this will be the first of many – and am looking forward to the select action figure line however i understand that they are not to the same scale as the other classic figures and so have a request . where as you gave us a more or less complete next gen and ds9 crew , you didn’t finish the classic crew and i know i speak for many when i ask if you could release the chapel and rand figures . these are fan favorite characters and know there have been many requests for their release – love the mini mate figures and have been left disappointed that the retro figures have still not been released (hope they will soon ) . i for one would love to complete my crew before you move on to the select range . hope this will be a possibility as we have ! been kept waiting for a long time !

DST CHUCK: The Trek Select is in scale as much as possible with the TOS line of figures – not sure where you heard they were a new scale. I am sorry to say however we do not view the Select line as a way to get obscure characters into the market place. If we did not see enough support at 15.00 our thinking would be support would not grow at 22.99.

A. Elston
When are you going to release the model of the USS Excelsior? Please stop irritating your fans with delays.

DST CHUCK: I am sorry but I am not aware of any true delays with the Excelsior. We showed it to buyers and such but we have never put the ship up for orders. Now that the B is pretty much done, my project managers will turn their attention to the Excelsior and some other ship related projects. When we have a factory sample we like and we feel we have given the B a fair chance, we will solicit the Excelsior for orders. I know the waiting stinks!

Joe Gelata
Any plans on re-releasing the Enterprise-A in the future? It has got to be one of my favorite ships. I still kick myself for missing it the first time around and to go looking around the net would take a small fortune for what people are asking for it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

DST CHUCK: The version of the A that Art Asylum released those years ago would need a major re-fit to come out under the DST banner and fit in with the direction we have gone with the ships. It is something we have looked at and now that this crush of re-issues and new items is winding down I expect we’ll take a more exacting look and see what can be done.

Leo Hidalgo
Will the Star Trek Voyager Star Ship ever be produce.

DST CHUCK: Never say never but I do not think it currently resides in our top three.

J. Fox
Hi! Before I ask my question, I just want to say: thank you so much for your line of Star Trek ships. I’ve been a huge Trek fan ever since I was in 3rd grade, and loved collecting what figures of the ships I could–which made the lack of decent ship figures almost tragic. I absolutely love the work you’ve done on the 1701-D, and am eagerly waiting my Bird of Prey in the mail–as well as the future 1701-B and Excelsior. That said, I’d like to follow up on Alejandro Huertas’ question from Ask DST #191, which was about the possibility of seeing ship figures for so-called “guest ships,” including the U.S.S. Equinox and U.S.S. Prometheus from Star Trek Voyager. I understand your reasons for stating that such a future line is unlikely… however, there are some things I would like to point out. I feel the need to point out that there is a market for these ships–Furuta produced several miniature figures of the Equinox, Enterprise-E, Prometheus, and others, which routinely sell for $50 USD or more online… roughly the same price as your average DST ship… for an item much smaller, much less detailed, and much less accurate. What this tells me is that there is a demographic out there, including myself, who would most likely spend $100 or more for a DST-quality figure of these ships. I would put forth two suggestions for your consideration: First, perhaps make these ships in very limited quantities (to meet the anticipated decreased demand) and sell them at a higher price to make a profit… and second: Kickstarter. Is kickstarter common knowledge yet? The general idea is that everyday people would contribute money to get a project going, and then reap certain rewards for doing so. So, for example, if you needed X dollars to start producing a figure of a U.S.S. Equinox, you could form a kickstarter to drum up the funds–and ensure that there would be a market for the product. You would agree to give every donor who contributes $200 or more a “special edition” of the ship with some pointless extras, donors at the $100 level would get just the normal version of the ship, and donors at lower levels could recieve things like store discounts/coupons, or other small, cheap “goodies.” I don’t know. But the point is that today, with something like Kickstarter, you can alleviate most, if not all of the risk of a new product–particularly in Internet/Geek cultures–by ensuring that you A) have the necessary funds to produce a given product and B) a demographic willing to purchase the product. Like I said: something to consider.

DST CHUCK: Hey man thanks for the support and thanks for caring enough about the product we make to take the time to send in a question about it. I appreciate your support and interest in the “guest ships” I really do, and all I can do in these Q&A is be honest.

Honestly, I do not see that happening. The ships take a very long time to develop and a great deal of money and resources so when we pick something for this line we really have to be sure it will have as broad an appeal as possible. We are very aware of Kickstarter and it’s a very fascinating system for folks to have a direct impact on the creative process but it’s not something we plan to explore in the near future.

Steve Habisch
I just ordered the Enterprise B, and plan on buying Excelsior when it’s released, and I can’t wait to add them to my current DST ships. My question is in regards to the re-release of the HD TOS Enterprise. I’ve seen several reviews saying there were some quality issues with the original release of this ship, the main one ive seen is warped plastic on the saucer. Do you know if that will be fixed this release?

DST CHUCK: I think we have stock on the HD Enterprise and I do not recall seeing any sort of ongoing concerns with it. If you purchased one that is not up to the standard you expect please contact customer service.

Marco Giyznski
Hello DST, Thinking about the re-release of the Enterprise-E, it came to my mind that there was no “replacement” battery cover included in the original release of the model. Other models from DST have this feature. Will the Ent-E have it, too? this would be really nice, since the ship has a very sleek design and the overall look just keeps being interrupted by the hole in the underside(especially in the side view) Live long and prosper.

DST CHUCK: Just to be clear we are not re-issuing the past Enterpise E. The ship is going through as many changes as possible, which is why we are now giving them spefici names to match the new deco patterns. That said we WERE able to add a second battery cover with this production run.

Andrew Lehtola
Any news on when the Klingon Disruptor should be out, and when you may have an announcement on the next Trek Tek?

DST CHUCK: Andrew a nice working copy of the Disruptor arrived in our offices this week so I think we’re close to nailing down a very actuate ship date. We have not started work on the next ship or role play item yet but I think we are very close to settling on which ones they will be.

Robbietomnukem Heemskerk
dear diamond thanks to bring star trek back to us I got a command about the enterprise from all good things I saw the pic of the ship there was ons detail missing the stripes on the ‘engines was not there I hope you can stil fix that before you bring it out!

DST CHUCK: As you read this the new production run of the AGT Enterprise is on sale so I hope it meets with your approval.

Donato Tummillo
Hey Chuck! Does the new Enterprise-B have the lights that stay on if you hold the bridge button down long enough? And will the E have that too? And do you guys ship to Canadian Toys R Us stores for the Star Trek stuff? Because every time I go to my local store I always see your Marvel Minimates but never the Star Trek stuff. And finally if that Klingon BoP sells well can you guys maybe continue making enemy ships like maybe a Borg Cube for example? Thanks and keep rolling out the good toys!!!

DST CHUCK: The Enterprise E will not have the feature that allows the lights to stay on in display mode. Both TRU US and TRU Canada have offered our full line of Trek items. Right now it looks like the US will carry just a few items and I am not sure about Canada yet. I don’t know if we’d make the Borg cube but YES if the BOP does well it would make us much more willing to try another alien ship.

John Chan
Hi–Was just wondering if you’ll be releasing a Klingon Bird of Prey with the landing gears that were shown in the prototype. Also, a reviewer of the newly released Bird of Prey mentioned a piece missing from the front torpedo launcher, and that the missing piece exposes the LED light. He noticed this on three examples of the toy. Is this something that you’ll remedy? Thanks very much for your time.

DST CHUCK: John, yes there will be a version of the BOP with landing gear. I am not aware of the online review you refrence and I do not recall seeing any emails to CS about it but I will check.

Shaf Begen
What are the next set of Star Trek Retro figures to be released and when? May I have input on this?

DST CHUCK: The next releases for the retro cloth line are Mirror Kirk and Mirror Spock.

Galen Hesson
I’ve been a huge fan of your Star Trek starships line since I got the first release of the Enterprise-E and later the Wrath of Khan refit Enterprise, but I have a few questions regarding those two ships. First, the upcoming rerelease of the Enterprise-E with more paint apps. Are there any additional changes being made, such as lighting the nacelle grilles and adding the “hold the button to activate the lights” feature? The Wrath of Khan Enterprise I have a few more detailed questions about. The one I have has a couple of issues, namely with the saucer. For one, the top part of the saucer wasn’t slotted in completely so it pops up over the saucer rim slightly. Another thing is there’s a section of the hull missing where the neck meets the saucer. And finally, the saucer itself is at a slight angle. As for aesthetics, I love the overall look of the ship, but have a few issues with it. For one thing, the saucer is either too hollow or not painted right so that the light passes through. For another thing, while the lights in the impulse engine and warp engines are nice and bright, the deflector dish is very, VERY dim. I’m wondering if ANY of that will be corrected with the re-release, as well as if it too will have the “hold the button to turn on the lights only” feature as well. Thank you, Galen Hesson

DST CHUCK: I can’t tell from your questions about the TWOK if it was just your version that had some QC issues or the whole production run. In fact, I can’t be sure but I think before this run of TWOK there has already been multiple production runs. I will say most of what you are concerned with would be production errors not design errors so they should not occur in the new production runs.

Alexander Tonks
Hi guys Firstly I want to say that I’m a big fan of your work, particularly the Star Trek and Marvel Movie lines. Please remind me, what were the release dates for the Enterprise-D, the Enterprise-B and the All Good Things Enterprise-D again? Thank you for taking the time to answers all the previous questions that I’ve posted here. I hope you guys come up with lines for the Bourne and James Bond movies, I think they would be very popular and I would certainly buy them. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all of your other future products for the Star Trek and Movie Marvel lines.

DST CHUCK: You should check out the ship date updates on the Art Asylum blog, we update those pretty often and we are trying to get them on as close to a weekly cycle as we can. The D, AGT and B should all be on sale by the time you read this reply.

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