Ask DST #195: Time Enough For Minimates

DST Chuck takes on all comers in Ask DST #195! Let’s get into it with your Minimates questions!

Juan Rodriguez
Hi Guys! Any plans on coming up with minimates from the DC’s New 52 line? That would be awesomeeee! Also, in regards with the TRU exclusives, I live in San Diego and there are two TRU near which none of them have in stock minimates… could you do anything to send TRU exclusives to San Diego? Thanks and keep up the great job! Best, Juan

DST CHUCK: We do not have the license for DC products but if the opportunity came up at any point we’d love to partner with them. Sorry your TRU does not stock Minimates I know does get some and appeal to your store managers at TRU and tell them you want your Minimates.

joey martinez
no scarlet spider (2012) kaine parker as scarlet spider minimates?

DST CHUCK: If you mean are we going to make one of those in 2013 I can say we’re not 100% set on 2013 so anything is possible.

Konstantinos Psarras
What better way to start the new year than a few good Minimate questions? Well,ready or not here I come! The doctor who mates were cancelled but we never learned why. Was because they wanted to do the character building figures? Also, could we see the dr who mates released at some point? A cyberman army against a dalek army and the tardis in the middle would make for a kickas display.T he art we saw was phenomenal too. Dr who has become my most wanted property (top 3 are:1) dr who,2)star wars,3)dc’s return) and imagine all the possible waves, variants, etc. It could go further than walking dead and be on the same level with marvel in terms of length.

DST CHUCK: Dr. Who was never canceled – they were never on the production schedule. We developed designs for Underground Toys to show buyers and they came back and said there was not enough interest for them to go forward.

Joshua Hesselgrave
Hi again Chuck. Just a quick question about Sony Playstation Minimates. I know you’ve said before that the one TRU wave was it for Sony, but has there been consideration for their PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game? Just curious since it kind of followed the model of MvC3 and SFxT. Once again, thanks.

DST CHUCK: Joshua, I don’t think we’re looking in that direction right now – sorry.

Drew stone
I love your walking dead Minimates, and I was wondering are there any plans for a minimates set based on the TV show? I would love to see Daryl and others not in the comics.

DST CHUCK: No plans right now to go after the WD TV license, with over 100 comics already published I think we have our hands full.

Alan Martinez
You have said before that a Minimate ecto-1 vehicle cannot be done because you don’t have the license but what are the chances of making a more stylized ecto-1 like in the real ghostbusters cartoon or just flat out pursue the license to do the car? It would be such a great piece to go with all the ghostbuster minimates! Stay awesome DST

DST CHUCK: We are not allowed to touch the Ecto-1 right now in any format.

L. Llama
There have been 3 Minimate lines that have included Street Fighter characters over the years, but never a Street Fighter only line. I think more Street Fighter fans would get on board if a purely Street Fighter line was introduced. Since SF characters keep showing up from time to time, someone over there must be interested in them. Is anyone at DST considering releasing a line of purely Street Fighter minimates? Also, how about a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 line of minimates? If you could get these in places like GameStop, they would probably sell a lot better.

DST CHUCK: Sorry but we are not looking in that direction at this time and from what my sales guys tell me the folks at GameStop are not really all that interested in toys.

John D Is there any chance we will see a 3rd round of sf x tekken minimates ? I would love to see Jin, M.Bison, guy, Cody, Bryan and ogre

DST CHUCK: I think the chances of that are very slim.

Mister PL
Two questions: Any chance we’ll be getting episode-based box sets of Star Trek Minimates? “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “A Piece of the Action,” “Patterns of Force” and others are loaded with potential for variants of main characters and popular but obscure characters. (It worked for “Mirror, Mirror.”) And could we get a Minimate carrying case that looks like a barn? My ‘mates from “The Walking Dead” need a place to stash their beloved walkers and while that might make the case licensed (you COULD go with a generic barn), it might also get TRU to buy a few given the popularity of the franchise.

DST CHUCK: We have no box sets planned for Trek at this time, but if the Legacy line does well we’ll be looking at what else we can try. I think a MM WD carry case would be very cool, hopefully Robert does as well. I think to date TRU has not been interested in the carry cases.

Joseph Hopkins
Love your walking dead minimates and was wondering if you guys are considering making dales rv or any other vehicles. Thanks

DST CHUCK: We do have the rights to vehicles so anything is possible but nothing is planned right now.

Brian Maldonado
Are there plans or will we ever get new Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit minimates? Would be great to add them to the new lego sets that are out!

DST CHUCK: I don’t think that’s going to happen but there are two more movies coming so never say never.

Lance Crutchfield
First off I love your Marvel Minimates line and got Venom ages,2nd Alpha Flight and 2nd AvsX box sets my first toys this new year and they are epic! I was curious about if you plan on keeping this line going for years to come? I hope this line continues and is still young to your confidence in it. I dream to some day see a Spider Hulk, Genis Vell, UFOES, Medusa inhuman, Blob and Wrecking Crew, Fin Fang Foom minimates some day.

DST CHUCK: Lance- the Marvel line is 10 years and 50 series long so why not… As long as fans and Marvel like what we are doing, I’ll keep going! There are always more Spider-Man’s we can come up with.

Jason Gale
hey just wondering but when r u guys going to release pictures for the iron man 3 minimates

DST CHUCK: As soon as the movie studio allows.

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