Best of Marvel Minimates Series 2 Coming to Stores Soon!

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The best just keep getting better! With the second all-star series of Marvel Minimates coming to stores soon, we thought we’d show off the packaging for Best of Marvel Minimates Series 2! Following up on Series 1, eight more of Marvel’s most famous heroes and villains will get the “Best of” Minimate treatment: Mr. Fantastic vs. Doctor Doom, Daredevil vs. Venom, the Punisher vs. Deadpool, and the Hulk vs. Loki! They’re the best versions of Marvel’s best characters, and each 2-inch mini-figure comes with additional parts and accessories — the Hulk can actually transform into Bruce Banner! This series will be available exclusively at comic shops and specialty stores starting later this month, and look for Series 1 now, with Wolverine and Sabretooth, Captain America and Thor, Iron Man and the Thing and Spider-Man and the Green Goblin!

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