Ask DST #196: The Grab Bag!

DSTChuck breaks out the strong Kung Fu for your miscellaneous questions in this edition of AskDST!!

Travis Ramsey

 Is there any chance of you making figures based on classic comedians (e.g. Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges)?

DSTChuck: Traivis, I don’t think that’s something we’d look at, at this time but you never know.

Greg willis
I read in an article this morning that you have plans to do something with the new tomb raider what line are you running it in

DSTChuck: Greg, I am not sure what you read but any news license announcements would be made at Toy Fair.

Marcio Chavez
What other marvel select action figures will be released after venom in february? Any new ones or re-issues? Please get back to me, thank you.

DSTChuck: Venom will be followed by Iron Man and War machine from the new Iron Man movie. As for re-issues the best place to look for those is the ship date blog on the Art Asylum site.

Nathan Morris
What Other Comic Marvel Select Figures Are Coming Out In 2013 Besides The Ones We Already I Mean In Like Middle Of 2013 & Near The End. Can You Say What Ones Like Carnage USA Style, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles, Scarlet Spider-Man, Ect

DSTChuck: I don’t think any of those will happen in 2013; look for us to show a new batch of MS maybe at C2E2 in April.

Rich Pitoniak
Can you please make a marvel select Rogue in the Jim lee style of the comics and 90s x-men cartoon were Rogue is in her green yellow uniform with a removable leather coat if possible thank you.

DSTChuck: That is one we have considered.

Joe Mike
Why was there no weapons included with the marvel select chitauri ?

DSTChuck: Its very tricky when you work on movie products, the studio is busy making the movie and we need 9 months to deliver a toy. Those two issues don’t always line up very well. When we started these figures we did not have any refrence on weapons, heck we didn’t even know what they were going to be called until right before the package had to be printed!

Carlos Lopez
Wish list for future marvel selects, blob, omega red, beast (cartoon version from the 90’s), psylocke, scorpion, and shocker and most importantly apocalypse from the marvel bs Capcom version the legends BAF was good but not bulky enough apocalypse is as big as rhino and a little smaller then juggernaut hopefully some of these will see diamond select greatness in the near future thanks for your time

DSTChuck: We’ll see what we can do!

Dave Cordes
Really love the 1:15 scale Knight Rider 2000 car. I was wondering if you have any plans to make a 1:15 or 1:18 scale Airwolf helicopter with figures. It has been one of my life-long dream toys.

DSTChuck: Man I loved that show when I was younger but I don’t know if there is enough interest in the show to make it work.

Marcio Chavez
Is it possible marvel select to make beast from x-men, apocalypse, mysterio, and galactus?

DSTChuck: Time will tell.

Renzo Jesus Cam Guia
¿Can you make Wiccan figure? Or ¿maybe a Scarlet Witch? I think this two have a lot more to give into the Marvel universe! I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Select figures! So even with just the Scarlet Witch to put together with my Magneto and all the Avengers will be that much as been at the paradise! Thanks to answer by te way!

DSTChuck: I think Scarlet Witch could be considered at some point but it will not be in 2013.

Lee Burns
Hey Chuck My Man how’s It going? Well this is my 1st email in a while so forgive me lol… As you know a lot of us are currently campaigning for Operation Nova-Boom #ClassicCarnage “Back In Black” Spider-Man and we don’t have a proper code name for Scarlet Spider or least I seem to have forgotten It haha #OldAge Now all these would be awesome Marvel Select’s but… Here’s my main reason for emailing you Chuck today was Issue #30 of Venom and we shall a glimpse of Toxin next month is The Toxic Arc. (BIGGEST & BEST VENOM ARC STORY EVER) 5 Part’s Of Pure Eddie Brock aka Toxin who will have a complete Redesign much like Tom Fowler had to do with Flash as Venom! So in a nut shell Toxin is going to be the breakout star of 2013 mark my words!!! Look at Marvel Select sales of Eddie Brock I assume there arguably the best of the line? So let’s see Toxin and Carnage In return I will sell my soul.

DSTChuck: Hey Lee , we thought maybe you were going to run off with your Flash figure and we’d never hear from you again! Toxin does look pretty cool but I think you already sold your soul to get the Venom and Flash Venom so you’re out of currency.

Seeing you are going to make a Baron Helmut Zemo minimate, are you going to make during this year a Marvel Select figure of that well-known Avengers foe? Thanks in advance!

DSTChuck: Right now no plans but he’s not been eliminated as a potential future selection.

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