Ask DST #197: Time to play catch up!

We’re back from Toy Fair and DST Chuck is all over your questions to get caught up!A lot of Star Trek questions in this one, but Minimates and some miscellaneous answers in there too!

Martin M.

Since the mid-1980s there is a big Captain-Future fan-base (since the Japanese TV-series), also to be seen in the internet, but there are only very little Captain Future toys around. In the 80s there were some plastic models, but most of the fans which were kids back then could not afford them. Now these Kids are grown up fans and do have money to buy models of their favorite TV-series. 
There are basically no manufacturers for these fan-articles except some fan-made, more or less crappy, models. And as you are already producing wonderful Star-Trek, BSG and other brilliant spaceship models I would kindly ask you to consider making some Captain Future Comets, also the Captains weapon is fantastic!!If you do a limited edition with some 1000 pieces I believe you will sell them in no time, there is really a big fan base, especially in Germany, Austria, France, and Japan. (more than 1000) The big success in Europe is based on the incredible Soundtrack, made by Christian Bruhn. They had to make a new score because the original score was on a mono track with the Japanese voices. 

Thank you for your attention. 
Greetings Martin

DSTCHUCK: I have to be honest we have never looked at that property but maybe we will now..

Andreas S.
Dear Chuck,
Regarding the Klingon Bird of Prey with landing gear: do you have any information when this variant will be released? Are we looking at some weeks or some months? Will it be released as “HMS Bounty”? Will it be an exclusive or available in Europe as well?

Thanks for your reply in advance, Andreas

DST CHUCK: You will not see the landing gear on any ship for at least five months – does that help?

Mark S.
To whom it may concern,
I am an avid collector of all things Star Trek. And, in my years of looking for awesome merchandise, you guys have been a consistent source of awesome collectibles. I was just wondering if you guys knew why, if there is a reason, it is so hard to find a Phaser Rifle replica. There’s lots of great Phaser pistol replicas, you guys have several of them, but I’ve never seen a Phaser Rifle. I would happily buy a DS9 or TNG Phaser Rifle replica if there are any available anywhere. How come you guys don’t make them?

Sincerely, Mark

DST CHUCK: Mark I really have no idea, I suspect its because the item is pretty old was kind of big and might not have been produced in large numbers might combine to create a big demand for the secondary market.

Greg L.
I finally received the ‘All Good Things’ Enterprise and, without hyperbole, I consider it a work of art. Congratulations to the entire team for making this and other Star Trek ships. Some suggestions for future projects: Keldon Class Cardassian Cruiser, USS Farragut, and the Klingon Flagship Negh’Var from the Deep Space Nine series. But again, fantastic job. Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Greg

DST CHUCK: Glad your happy, might be hard to give you something on your wish list but the team is hard at work with no break to get more ships and role play moving!

Adam S.
Hello. First you guys ROCK!! And I have been very pleased with your trek ships and prop replicas. And I generally have no complaints. Until now. With the re-release of the Enterprise-E next week (2-13-13) And the Klingon disruptor near the end of the month. Why no pics of them or video or anything? I know you guys are super busy, but I also know you have working versions of both have been to the office. Please just a couple of pics. Maybe a short video? Please. Comparison of the original enterprise-E and the new would be nice. As well as the Disruptor in all its Klingon Glory!! Again you guys ROCK!!! And I love all your prop and ships!!!


DST CHUCK: Adam the videos are relatively new thing and if you like them thank Zach , if you’re sad we never did them before blame me. Zach gets those done as soon as he can BUT the factory has to have an extra to send to the NY office for him to work from and with Chinese New Year hitting early this month things like extra samples became less of a priority for them. I am sure Zach will get something up soon..

Craig C.
Still watching for the Star Trek 3 Phaser and the electronic Klingon K’t’inga Battle Cruiser!

DST CHUCK: Sorry dude your wait will at least run into 2014…

Ralph F.
Here’s a short list of requests for more STAR TREK vessel goodness:
* Vulcan Shuttle
* Anything from the Franz Joseph Starfleet Technical Manual
* Galileo 7 Shuttlecraft


DST CHUCK: Got it!

Ray W.
You ever think about coming out with playsets such as a transporter room and ship bridges, and other settings for your action figures. When playmates made those for their Movie action figures it was Awesome and I believe you could do the same. Your Star Trek replicas are Great! Do you plan on making any Star trek: TNG phasers, phase riffles tricorders, and other TNG replicas available soon? Suggestion: if you made display stand to display your Klingon Disrupter, one for your TOS phaser, and one for your TOS Communicator that would be nice so we can display them when not in use. Maybe make one that can display the communicator and phaser together (one on each side): the display bases should be in universe like. The Klingon Disrupter stand would just have the Klingon symbol on it, possibly in Color; and the others the Starfleet symbol, neither one of them would actually have star trek written on the displays. You could sell the displays as separate items for now! ALSO, I Love your tribbles they are the Coolest EVER! I know you are making another run of them again which is exciting!!! The Trouble with your tribbles is you don’t offer enough colors of them and they have no cool packaging. Please make the available in White and Black like they were in TOS and especially in DS9! Also if you made them available in TOS Command Gold/Yellow, TOS Science Blue, and TOS Engineering Red that would be cool. A limited # (say 1701) of TOS Kirk Wrap Green would be Very Nice!!! Containment packaging like they had for the Vegas experience tribbles! Maybe if you made Glass containment in universe containers latter on that would also be COOL!!

DST CHUCK: Man I’d love to do lots of playsets – so many fond memories of them from the days before I had all this gray hair! They just don’t seem so feasible in the current market. At least for a small company like ours. Trek phasers are always possible. We have no plasn for displays right now but you sure do make them sound cool. More Tribbles sounds good to me!

David E.
First of all, I can’t remember my last questions sent to you so I’m sorry if this is a repeat but really well done with your ships! Are you guys happy with the way the ships have been received by and large and have they sold beyond your own expectations?Also will we see what the next ship(s) is at toy fair?

DST CHUCK: I do not recall seeing this question and I think it’s one I would have remembered. They are doing well, the BOP initial production run has sold very well. For us to turn the ship over to the profit side of the ledger we’ll need a few more production runs but so far so good. Aside from a couple mistakes we will do our best to fix I think the ships have been pretty well received so that’s good too and I think bodes well.

I just love my Star Trek ship collection and am so happy to have the Enterprise B finally and the Klingon Bird of Prey. Now I would love to see the Enterprise C, do you have plans for it? How about a Romulan War Bird? Thank you. Clifton.

DST CHUCK: I think we’re pretty set at this point on which ship will follow the Excelsior and sorry it will not be the C or War Bird.

Jeff W.
First Just picked up you’re Klingon Bird of Prey and Enterprise NCC-1701-B They are Great. Just wondering if there is any updates on the USS Excelsior when it will be released. Also if there will be two versions one with NX-2000 and one with NCC-2000 or maybe add a removable saucer with one of the ships registry NX and the other with NCC. What do you think?

DST CHUCK: We have not set our schedule for the Excelsior yet but as you are no doubt aware the factory is making progress.

Sam W.
I am glad you are back to making ships! How deep into the ST fleet do you plan to go? For me I would love to see a Voyager class or some of the more “aggressive” looking StarFleet ships like the Defiant, Akira, Prometheus, Steamrunner, Yaeger, Norway, and Nova class. Is that a possibly?

DST CHUCK: Sam not sure we ever got away from it – maybe it ran away from us..

Benjamin W.
Good morning, 
I know you might not be able to answer this one, but I was wondering what future Star Trek ship offerings might be in the works (if there are any). I’m just a fanboy who is willing to buy any and all of these as long as the quality stays solid. 

Just for suggestions:
Cardassian Galor Class
Klingon K’T’inga or D7
Klingon Vor’Cha
Romulan Warbird
Federation Defiant
Jem’Hadar Attack Ship and/or Battleship

As they say, shut up and take my money.

DST CHUCK: Work is underway , and slowly gearing up.

Brad E.
I love your products & was wondering if you will ever make an Enterprise-C model toy?

DST CHUCK: Never say never.

Tom P.
I am writing to you with some questions regarding the ‘Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Electronic Starship’ product that I have recently purchased.

Firstly, wow, what a fantastic model! I am an adult collector based in Australia, however this is my first Diamond Select toy I have ever purchased – I’ve been missing out!

My first question regarding this product is about release versions of the product. I have seen two different packaging variations for this product online and I am trying to understand the differences to the product. I am keen to have the most up-to-date and screen-accurate version of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. I understand that there was a version released in 2009 and another in 2012. I have the model dated 2012 – would I be correct in assuming that this version is a ‘superior’ version?

I notice that the four little orange squares that are distributed around the rim of the saucer-section are absent on my model – were these intentionally left off this version?

The instructions with the toy mention a ‘plug’ that should be inserted in the stand-mounting hole in the saucer-section of the ship when it is not in use – I could not locate this plug in my package – are you able to send to me a replacement?

Thanks very much for your time and for a very special product.

Kind regards,

DST CHUCK: Tom where have you been all this time!? I’d like to think the 2012 version is a little better. More time has passed and we always strive to improve our products but I suppose the question of which version is better is best left to the fans. If your ship is missing parts please contact customer service will do their best to help you.

Kevin J.
Hello Everyone,
First, I would like to thank you for your incredible line of Star Trek Electronic Starship.  The detail is truly amazing and I am sure that all Star Trek fans are grateful to you for giving us this enjoyable products.  I have a few suggestions for future models:

·         USS Reliant (Miranda Class)
·         USS Enterprise – C
·         USS Excelsior
·         USS Nebula
·         USS Voyager (Intrepid Class – Re-issue)
·         USS Saratoga (Avenger Class)
·         USS Defiant (Re-issue)
·         Klingon D7 (K’T’ INGA Class) Battle Cruiser
·         Phoenix (Warp Drive Prototype)

Again, thank you for your amazing products!

DST CHUCK: I think it would take about five years to get to all those ships so we’ll have to see.

Kevin S.
Great work on the Walking Dead Minimates line! Can’t get enough! Seriously, keep ’em comin’.

I’ve been seeing some pics online of upcoming figures. Are you able to confirm (or deny)when/if these will be released?

Carol, Lori w/Judith, non-prison garb Tyreese, poncho Michonne. And of course the Governor.

There are 3 male figures from a Toy Fair picture I’m not sure about. Can you shed light on them? I read the comics, so I should know them. It’s in the same pic as poncho Michonne and Lori w/Judith. I think it’s Gabe from Woodbury, a guy with blonde hair and a lab coat (who I know I should know but can’t put my finger on) and another guy, bald and with a blue, jean vest?

Lastly, will you be making more of the riot gear figures (ie Glenn, Tyreese, Maggie or the Governor) or are you going to force me to buy 5 of the Rick riot gear figure ; )


DST CHUCK: I think our plan going forward is to hopefully release a series of figures for each season/ ½ season the show is on and then a third series over the summer months. We have not planned out specifics past series 4. I do not know which picture you are referring to, I think I have a good idea hwo you mean but I’d hate to mess everyone up.

Patrizia B.
Hy I was searching for Minimates figure of rock band Kiss and from videogame Halo. How can I get them, which is the price and do you send in Italy??? Thanx so much, regards.

DST CHUCK: Those were made by Art Asylum many years ago, you would have to try the secondary market.

Lewis V.
I’ve been looking desperately for a Minimates Max Sentinel Resin Statue for over a year now and have had no luck. Sadly, I was not introduced to Minimates until late 2011, so I started collection later. Are there any plans on bringing these back for sale?

Thanks you,

DST CHUCK: Sorry man, that was years ago and we no longer hold a Marvel resin license so your going to have to try the secondary market.

Brandon D.
Hi just wondering if there any plans at maybe releasing anymore Resident Evil Minimates?

Or maybe just a Jill Valentine? 


DST CHUCK: Sorry we do not have any plans right now to sign a Resident Evil license.

Scott G.
Dear DST,
I’m a huge fan of Marvel Minimates, and love the Toys “R” Us exclusive sets, however I (along with many others) missed out on getting Bullseye/Moonstone, X-Factor Angel/Warpath and Hulk-Buster Iron Man/Gamma Hulk. The secondary market on these figures is ridiculous, an X-Factor Angel set just sold for $112 on eBay. Is there any chance any of these sets could be rereleased in future assortments? I would like to complete my X-Factor set.

DST CHUCK: We have never done straight re-issues but the characters or looks could come back in a different configuration or an update.

Matt S.
I have a question regarding the color choices with new Minimate releases of previous characters. Is there any consideration to matching the color paint on new editions with previously released ones? Why can’t they match so that part swapping will be easier? For example, compare the blue on the “Best of” Mr. Fantastic to his first edition counterpart from waaaay back in Marvel series 8. It’d really be great if the colors matched. The same goes for the green on the “Best of” Hulk and any of the previously released “bulky” versions of the character.

I realize some of this may be to keep customers coming back and buying different editions of figures, but I think it’d really be neat to have a little more cohesiveness with the colors used. That way if I like the new body on a character but the facial expression or hair piece used on a previous release grabs me more, I can swap them out and the colors match.

Just curious if any thought was given to that kind of thing.


DST CHUCK: Nope, no thought has been given to that either to accommodate swapping or some sneaky plan to get fans to buy more.

Matthew K.
I just read that Aliens Minimates are gonna be shown at toy fair. AWESOME!!! Really excited! Anyways, I was thinkin how marvel has all these folks with powers. Then there are some influential non super powered people. So I was wondering if there would be a chance to make characters like Bolivar Trask, Henry Peter Gyrich, Senator Kelly, or possibly the X-Terminated?

Anyways keep up the good work!

DST CHUCK: We have made non-powered MU Minimates in the past but none of the ones you suggest are being worked on at this time.

Ross W.
I love your Star Trek line. The ships, specifically. I’ve been collecting them for some time. I recently purchased the Enterprise-B, and it’s beautiful! 

I wanted to suggest/ask about future ships. You’ve done all the Enterprises (NX-01, 1701 variants, A, B, D, ‘All Good Things’ D, E) … aside from one: the Enterprise-C (from The Next Generation episode ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’). Are there any plans to do the ‘C’ to complete the line? 

Also, while I realize that Deep Space Nine isn’t quite as popular as The Next Generation, with this being the 20th anniversary of DS9, I’d LOVE to see a release of the Defiant someday. It’s a very unique looking warship that would stand out in any display, and with all the Dominion War action it was involved in, it would allow for some ‘battle damage’ variants, as well. 

Regardless, I look forward to your future releases. Thanks for the time and keep up the good work!

DST CHUCK: We have no plans at this time to do the C but you never know. DS9 is my favorite Trek so you never know.

David C.
Dear Diamond Select Toys Team:
First, a hearty “Thank you!” for the great work you have done in the past and, most recently, for the BOP and the Enterprise B.  I purchased 4 BOPs from STVI, 2 BOPs exclusives from Action Figure Exchange and 2 Enterprise Bs.  While I know you have many other, larger customers, please know I’m a committed fan.

I’d love to see the Reliant.  I know others are clamoring for various other projects, but I believe the Reliant will be a meaningful commercial success—I’ll buy not less than two!


DST CHUCK: Thanks so much for your support David. Yes the idea of doing Reliant is on our radar so you never know.

Garret S.
At Toy Fair 2010 the Klingon Bird of Prey was displayed with an optional piece with landing gear deployed, the current two releases out now (General Chang’s BOP from Star Trek 6 and Commander Kruge’s BOP from Star Trek 3) do not come with the optional landing gear piece. Are we at least going to see the landing gear piece come with the HMS Bounty Star Trek 4 version that might be made at some point in the future?

All the Star Trek ships made so far have been great, please consider making the Romulan D’deridex Warbird and the Defiant from Deep Space Nine in this series.

DST CHUCK: There will be versions of the BOP down the road that do come with the landing gear.

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