Ask DST #198: More Catching Up!

DSTChuck is still getting caught up on your miscellaneous questions. this one has a little bit of everything: sci-fi, Minimates, action figures… you name it, DSTChuck goes after it!

Brian R.
I have been reading a lot off posts on universal monster web sites and the Munsters toy figure line series one and black and white set are incredible. And I saw pics from toy fair that series 2 due out in august, a friend of mine works for Hasbro and I had him ask around at toyfair this year after seeing series 2. The line is incredible but while he was poking around he found out for me that you guys would like to make more Munsters are there really plans to make more after series 2. I sent message about the expendables but we figure that’s dead in the water. I’d like to see more Munster figures please.

DST Chuck: Brian we have to date issued two series or Munsters toys and the third series will be based on the episode Hot Rod Herman. At that point we’re pretty confident we have covered the series. As for Expendables we’d love to do more figures the only problem is those are the only actors we have the rights to, sorry.

Jeremy O.
I already know that you said you would not do a 1:15th scale Vehicle of Goliath from Knight Rider, but it came to me, it could be just the tractor cab minus the trailer that could be sold separately and Goliath could come with a figure of Garthe Knight, just go ahead and play around with the idea however you want to, I’m just putting it out there for you.

DST Chuck: Sorry Jeremy, right now there is no change in plans, sorry.

Kendrick J.
Hello! I have a question about the Knight Rider car. Will they do one in Super Pursuit Mode 1:15 model for next year? Thanks and I’ll make sure to get the model they have out now. Very, very nice.
Have a wonderful day.

DST Chuck: Kendrick, yes I would expect the SPM version of KITT to make its debut in stores late 2013.

Chris G.
Hello! Is there absolutely any chance of the Stargate line being revived? I’d love to see Hammond, Ba’al and the Horus Guard side by side with the rest of my Stargate figures.

DST Chuck: It would take a show going back on the air or a theatrical movie I would think for the interest to start to build up to where continuing the line of figures would make sense.

Rick E.
Hey there Chuck. Two licenses certainly caught my eye at Toy Fair: Invincible, and Tomb Raider.

Now Invincible is something I have wanted product on for quite a few years. However, I’m disappointed to see that it’s only Minimates. Do you have any plans in the works for say, 6-7 inch figures? They’d sell like hotcakes!

The other license is Tomb Raider. With that, I am going all Sherlock on you. I noticed that you had a fairly expansive display, but only a few Minimates displayed. To the right of the display, on the shelf was a vast empty space. Now, by my deductions, you had something else planned to be there.

I’m on repeat, but do you have figures for the game planned?Thanks!

DST Chuck: You would have to ask TMP if they have plans for Invincible, we do not have the action figure license. We were only granted the license for Minimates for Tomb Raider so nothing else was planned for that shelf.

Frank W.
I just ordered the Ent-B from a dealer on eBay – it’s only been out in stores about a week and lots of vendors are sold out already! (Great news for you, though – the ship is in high demand! Congrats!) Anyway, my question is: I saw your announcement about Lost in Space merchandise coming. Any thoughts about a detailed electronic replica of the Jupiter 2, with seats inside the windows, landing gear, and a removable space pod? It would totally rock!

DST Chuck: Frank we have some ideas for where we want to go with LiS but we’re not ready to announce anything yet and have no fear more B are on the way. It was just the initial production run that sold out.

Derrick H.
Will you consider an attempt to acquire the license needed to produce Johnny Five from the Short Circuit movies?

DST Chuck: I loved that movie as a kid and can’t wait to show it to my children but right now sorry no plans to look into the license.

Ralph F.
Just posted over @ Facebook, but here’s my wish list for 2OO1: A SPACE ODYSSEY:
* ORION III Space Plane with Pan Am logos
* ARIES B Moon Shuttle
* Moon Bus
* The Space Station
* Pod (with bonus Dead Frank Poole, eh?)
* Russian Space Plane
* Bonus mail-in coupons to get various orbiting nuke satellites

More requests! BLADE RUNNER
* Police Spinner (with working lights)
* Deckard’s “Grounded Spinner”

DST Chuck: Sorry man no plans for 2001 right now, and the licensing behind Blade Runner is murky at best.

Kathryn B.
Hi there-
I am trying to source a figurine, model, plushy or toy of Daxter from Jak and Daxter. I’ve found some articles online that refer to your company planning to release some figures in 2011, but I can’t seem to find them on your website. Do you have any Daxter figures? And if so- how much are they? And do you ship to the UK? Many thanks

DST Chuck: Sorry we never went into production on any of the Play Station figures.

Chris P.
Hi, Chris in Indiana here. Just bought one of your knight cars. And boy is it awesome! Love the great detail. Couldn’t be cooler. Reminds me of some of the great toys that I had growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, that unfortunately no one makes anymore. Keep up the great work…you need to do ‘Christine’ the 1958 Plymouth fury, with authentic ‘hemi’ engine sounds and working lights. That would be neat. Thanks, Let me know if this is something you would consider.

DST Chuck: We do have a short list of vehicles we would like to make based on demand and potential licensing issues so hopefully more will come..

Chris C.
Greetings to you. Big fan of your products. Three questions if you don’t mind…

1. When is Toys R Us going to be carrying their exclusive Battle Beasts wave? They have been on their website for some time, but they have not stocked them, and stores don’t have them in the system.

2. Can you give any hints as to how long you plan to continue the Battle Beast line? I know the first wave is out very soon, but will there be many more waves? Is this a line you plan to continue for years or just a one off thing?

3. Lastly, about a year ago I wrote in asking if you were ever going to produce the Star Trek Voyager starship toy… the gentlemen said it was “at the top of the list” and to watch for it… but after a year, I’ve started to lose faith! Any chance this ship will be released? Or any other ships for that matter?

Thanks SO much!

DST Chuck: Battle Beast should be in just about all the TRU stores that TRU has decided to put them in, to be honest I do not know if they are distributing this line in all their stores. We have lots of idea for more Battle Beast stories and figures so hopefully fans will respond to what is out there and we’ll be able to continue to tell their story. I am sure a year seems like forever but in that time we have not announced our next ship – which we will do soon. I think if we could do as we wish/hope we’d release two ships per year but not sure we’ll be able to hit that target. Thanks for your support.

Sam W.
Any chance of getting a KITT from the most recent Knight Rider series? I loved that design and would love to add that to my collection.

DST Chuck: We do not have any plans right now for that version of KITT.

Michael H.
Hello, my name is Mike. I collect your 1/4 scale action figures. Are there any plans to release any new stuff? I think that a Rick Grimes and a zombie from the Walking Dead would be awesome. I would be interested in any new ones from any number of franchises. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

DST Chuck: Hey Mike – nice to meet you. Right now we do not have any plans for action figures for Walking Dead. To ask your own questions for DSTChuck, click on the “Ask DST” button up top!

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