Ask DST #199 – All Marvel, All The Time

Make mine Marvel! In Ask DST #199, DSTChuck shoots and scores on all your Marvel related questions! What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Dan A.
Hi guys, are there any plans to make select versions of the following: galactus, beta ray bill, Odin, angel, apocalypse or fin fang foom? Keep up the great work guys. Cheers

DST Chuck: Not right now for 2013, but some of those have been considered.

Mike D.
Any chance on getting MORE articulation out of the Marvel Select line figures? Similar (or BETTER THAN) Marvel Legends style articulation? I know Articulation doesn’t always agree with sculpting but it would be great to get a full range of motion out of spider-man-like characters? I got the Flash Thompson Venom and I was a bit disappointed that you have to rotate his entire leg and not just his shin. It would be awesome to have MORE articulation for characters like this.

DST Chuck: No plans to go beyond our core of 16 points. We struggled for a little while to find the mix of look of the piece and play value/articulation and we’re happy where we are and I hope most collectors are as well.

Jeroen S.
We know Diamond Select is coming out with “Iron Man 3” movie Marvel Select figures. Are you also planning to release Marvel Select figures based on the new “The Wolverine” movie?

DST Chuck: Yes – we showed the new Wolverine figure to buyers at Toy Fair, it will have multiple heads and hands.

Brian A.
Hi Chuck well this is my third time I ask about marvel figure is there a way we can get Ghost Rider again. Second question I would like to see Silver Surfer….. Third I would like to see Luke Cage and Blob any chances that might happen you guys rock with big hitters and last are you guys going to be making more movies figures since there’s a lot of movies for 2013 & 2014 thanks for fulfilling are dreams it means a lot Chuck

I’m a big fan of wolverine but what’s a hero without its villain’s I wish I could see silver samurai are you planning on making him for the wolverine movie thanks for your time

DST Chuck: Yes as I’ve said from time to time when our sales crew lets us know about demand we look at re-running past figures and looks like the time is right for Ghost Rider. We are only making a Wolverine figure from the movie – sorry, we were not able to get refrence on other characters in time. As for movies VS Marvel Universe, we do the best we can to mix both into our release schedule but I know some fans would like more movie figures and some would like no movie figures.

Nick T.
I recently started collecting the Marvel Select line within the last year. I’ve bought most of my collection online from various sites. I’ve noticed now that there are re-issues and was wondering if, besides the year mark on the bottom plastic and back of the package, DST has considered changing the packaging in some way so that collectors who want the originals have an easier time telling the old from new? There aren’t always clear pictures and sellers don’t know the difference all the time. I know there are different paint schemes on some re-issues and that helps so thanks for that. Also, are the year marks put on the front of all the re-issue packages? And are the variants re-issued as well? Thanks for a great toy line and I hope to hear back. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing more great products from DST! Any hope of seeing Exodus, Blackheart, Genesis, Cable or Stryfe? Thanks!

DST Chuck: Sometimes there are more subtle changes to the packaging but yes we always change the year date so you could find the original release if you wanted. We do not re-release any of the case variants though.

Ian B.
I really enjoy your marvel select series the product is very nice and a great display piece. I was just writing because have collected all but one of you figures and variants. The one it seams that is impossible to come by is the Cyclops x factor variant figure. It seams to not exist and I thought finding mephesto was hard. I was just wondering if you would consider re issuing the figure due to its extreme rarity and the fact that Cyclops is a front runner of the X-men series. I also wanted to give you a bit of input on who would make some nice additions to your Marvel select family. The obvious absentees in my mind are the Silver surfer, the Beast, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible woman (with clear variant) and The Human Torch (human form Variant) some other cool ideas of mine include Forge, Rouge, Kitty Piride and Lockheed, Prof Charles Xavier, Cable, and Luke Cage hope to see some of these faces on your shelf one day…. Oh and if you want to make a truly large heavy figure throw in the blob he would go well in you oversized theme! 

DST Chuck: Ian, I am sorry but we have no plans to re-issue any of our past variants. Glad you’re liking the line and good luck with your hunting. Many of the figures you suggest have been considered by us so you never know!

Raneet B.
I am a big fan of your marvel selection and have been purchasing figures from this series as they come out (currently looking forward to getting Rhino). Just wondering if there are any plans for a Terrax figure in the near future? I think this would be an awesome figure!

DST Chuck: No plans for Terrax in 2013 but beyond that never say never.

Judd O.
Hey Chuck, can we expect more spidy this 2014(scarlet spider, toxin, carnage) that all!

DST Chuck: Judd 2014 is Spider-Man movie year so I am sure one way or another the old web head will get some love from DST.

Elias I.
I’m a huge fan of your Marvel Select series.  I own 10 action figures from this series, and plan to continue future purchases.  I am currently working on collecting the X-Men action figures, but have not purchased Cyclops, Jean Grey, or Storm because I would like the variant from the 90’s.  I know you currently do not have a 90’s variant of these characters, and I was wondering if there are any future plans to release these variants.  I currently have Wolverine (yellow suit variant), Gambit and Colossus, and I am planning to purchase nightcrawler. Thank you for taking time out to read this!

DST Chuck: Re-Released figures seem to be the topic of the week! Nightcrawler just went on the boat from our factory so should not be much longer.

Anthony H.
Can you produce some 90’s x-men for us select heads? I’m talking about classics like rogue with the big hair, beast, archangel, and a cyclops that doesn’t look like scuba Steve. I’ve been collecting for 2 years now and have over 38 pieces, but there are still some in the vaults that I have been waiting for you to produce.

DST Chuck: No shortage of great figures out there that we could do.

Barry J.
Hi, I saw the pics that were posted of the new iron man and war machine from the toy fair and had a quick question that you hopefully can answer for me. I noticed on the tag that the ship date says “Sold Out!”. Does that mean that just the initial run of the figures are sold out and more will be available later or that it’s a very limited run and they’ll be extremely scarce?? Thanks in advance for any and all information you can send my way!

DST Chuck: Barry, I guess the market place needs to determine how rare and in demand something is. As for Iron Man 3 – yes they will be limited to one production time due to the timing of the movie and the short production window we have this year with everything else we have planned.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck, Well this is my 1st email for like a month, So I’m slacking in this department lol… Well Glad to say I picked up Rhino today. Love The Spidey Franchise. Now as you guy’s know there’s been a fair amount of us starting up operations/code names lol for the figure’s we’ve made our most wanted! Glad to say I like where it’s going, So with 2013 line up being mapped out yet (we fan’s) don’t seem to know who’s coming aside from the stuff announced ages ago plus movie stuff, please consider doing more Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusive’s we badly need Carnage, Scarlet Spider “Kaine” Toxin “Eddie Brock” Spider-Man (Black Suit) and of course Nova we’d be thrilled with 3/4 but all five can you say #NERDGASISM lol keep up the amazing job dude.

DST Chuck: I missed you too Lee. Hopefully the buyers that shop at Disney stores will turn out for what we did last year and we can continue the exclusive line.

Jeffrey V.
Hi I love your marvel selects and have just started collecting, I have 5 so far and planning to add alot more. I was wondering if you have any plans for some of the cooler characters like from X-Men: Beast, Professor X, Omega Red, Apocalypse, Sinister, and Nimrod just to name a few and some of better villians from Spiderman: Scorpion, Electro, Vulture, Shocker, and Kingpin

DST Chuck: Right now none of those are under consideration but you never know!

David G.
Dear DST, Are there any plans for a Marvel Select ‘Miles Morales -ultimate spider-man’ action figure? I’ve been collecting for years and would love to add this figure to my collection. many thanks.

DST Chuck: Not right now but its for sure something we would consider down the road.

Nathan M.
Will you be releasing a new carnage figure?

DST Chuck: No plans right now to go back and make a different one but it certainly has not been ruled out.

Daniel S.
With Marvel NOW doing very well, and Avengers Arena getting double printings and selling well, has any thought been given to any of the headliners from that title? X-23 and Darkhawk especially, are very popular characters with fanbases and a nice history in the comics. with X-23 you get the obvious mutant connection. Darkhawk gives you a very awesome looking character with a strong solo run and is a former Avenger. Any chance we see a figure of them anytime soon?

DST Chuck: We look at new editorial all the time for potential new ideas, usually we start with a Minimate two pack or series but Select is always possible.

Adam P.
Dear Diamond Select Toy Company  I really enjoy this collectables, Epically the Spiderman Figures.  Can I please make a request, I would love to see Scorpion from Spiderman.  You guys put so much detail in these toys that I would love to look forward to see scorpion. 

DST Chuck: For sure we look at the Spidey family when were selecting a figure so you should never rule them out.

Camron H.
Are you make a better updated Deadpool? Like more to scale, smaller? Also will you make carnage?

DST Chuck: I do not think we have any plans to make a new Deadpool, we’re pretty happy with the one we have right now – sorry it’s not working for you.

Andrew H.
How much talk has been given to Angel. That would be sick figure. Instead of a base you could do a huge wingspan. Also the variants would be sick. Like a Archangel Disney store exclusive or a X-force archangel exclusive somewhere else. I would buy one of every one you guys made.

DST Chuck: Angel has absolutely not been ruled out, he’s absolutely been considered a few times.

Eric E.
Greetings to the Marvel Select Team! I’m not sure of the proper channels, if there are any, to submit ideas/ requests, so here I am. I’m not a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. sort of guy. I prefer letters or emails when possible. I’m one of the “Old Guard” comic enthusiasts with more than adequate disposable income, thus I collect pretty much whatever interests me. One of my favorite Marvel Select figures stares at me from across my desk: Captain Marvel. It is my understanding that Jean St. Jean sculpted him. Did a very fine job I might add. Another favorite character of that era (1975) is Adam Warlock. I would love a companion figure for the good captain, sculpted by Mr. St. Jean. A lunar-type surface would make a logical base. Other (St. Jean-sculpted) characters of that year I’d love to own would be Luke Cage: Power Man and Brother Voodoo. While these characters came later, they’ve long been on my wish list also: Ghost Rider 2099 (GR2099 #11, March 1995) with a translucent flame (similar to Black Lantern Firestorm and Brightest Day Firestorm below)
The original NecroMantra (1995) So there she is. Another humble request from an appreciative Marvel Select fan.

DST Chuck: I hear you Eric – not a big social media guy myself but it’s great for getting information out to lots of people at the same time and hearing what they think about your products. Glad you like your Captain Marvel figure and while Jean has done more than his share of Select figures he did not sculpt that one. Right now no plans to take on any of the figures on your wish list but we’re going on 10 years of this line so never say never.

Jr P.
I have been harvesting the Jim Lee X-Men [Minimates] you have been generous in creating for us. From the blue and gold teams, I appear to be missing Colossus, Banshee, and Forge. How soon can we expect them? I saw the Colossus in the Australian X-Men set, and he seems to be a circular X belt away from Jim Lee status. Any idea how soon we can expect these three essential mutants?

DST Chuck: Would love to do more X-Men from that time period, when I was a fan and Jim took on X-Men it blew all our minds around the comic shop (long live the Bullpen) so I’ll have to see what we can do about adding to the team.

Richard G.
Hello, do you have any plans to re-release the Ultimate Venom Marvel Select?

DST Chuck: That figure might not have been one of our best efforts but if we see more demand we’d be open to making another run – if the factory can find the tooling.

David C.
Hey DST Chuck!First off, I want to say how awesome the recent releases have been! From Rhino, Venom (both the Brock and Flash versions), Lizard and I can’t wait till the Silver Surfer full reveal and the Iron Man 3 releases (along with the Trek goodness you showed at Toy Fair). Secondly, I was looking at the list of characters to be in the next set of Marvel films coming in 2014 (as I know the toy line is set for 2013) and that led me to wonder how will Marvel Select handle this “issue” of characters? I call it an issue because of how there was a fan outcry due to the lack of Avenger film characters in the 2012 line (i.e. no Black Widow, Nick Fury, Iron Man Mark VII, Captain America new suit, or Hill/Coulson). I understand the way the Marvel Select line functions as far as character selection but I was wondering if Diamond would consider doing a line devoted to the Marvel films? In 2014 Marvel has some awesome films lined for theatrical release: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. In those films are many characters including the title heroes that will be in new suits but also great characters that would look awesome in figure form (Sharon Carter, Crossbones, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Arnim Zola, the Guardians, Electro, Rhino, Magneto, Prof. X, Beast, … just to name a few). Is a sub line something that could happen? The reason I ask is that I love your line of figures and your quality is top notch and I would love to give you my money over companies like Hot Toys and Hasbro when it comes to the movie rendition of the characters. I hope there is a chance for this to happen and that it could sell beside the comic line.

DST Chuck: David glad you like the direction the line is taking. We’d love to do more Select figures and the movie stuff while getting refrence can be difficult really is a blast, but we really need to limit how many releases we do each year. I appreciate your pledge but honestly Hot Toys makes some amazing stuff!

Bryan B.
With all of the re-issues coming out, are there any plans to re-issue the Marvel Select Ulitmate Venom figure any time soon? Or if it was already re-issued, when did that happen?!

DST Chuck: We have no plans right now to make more Ultimate Venom but we do keep an eye on fan demand when we’re working up a list with sales. I do not honestly recall how many runs we made of that figure.

James H.
Hello to whom it may concern, 
I’m QUITE sure you get inundated with suggestions on future figures but I guess I too must pile on!
Because of the success of your Incredible Hulk/Red Hulk figures (not to mention your other large figures: Thing, Abomination, Juggernaut) and because they line up well with the Marvel Legends line (considering how big they are in the comics, they scale up well with the figures) you have to bring us Skaar. He’s just as big as the Hulks (in fact he’s listed as taller) so he’s the logical choice…at least I think so.Anyway, that’s my suggestion and in any case, you people do great work. Your Rhino (another big figure) looks fantastic.
Thanks for listening.

DST Chuck: The big figures are very cool and even with cutting out the base they are very expensive to produce .Because of this we really need to pick our spots and can only do so many.

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