Ask DST #200: Can you believe we’ve made it this far? Minimates!

200 times you’ve called… and 200 times DSTChuck has thrown himself into the breach, dear friends! Let’s get it on…with your Minimates questions!

Ben S.
Hi DST! Is there a chance that you will make a Marvel NOW! Cyclops Minimate soon?

DST Chuck: Sure its possible.

Henry W.
Hi. I was wondering if there is any update on the opportunity of buying multiples of those flat circular transparent base that we can plug the Minimates onto to stabilize them and keep them from tipping over. You do include them in some packs on occasions but it would be nice to include them in all Minimates pack from now on. I thought at some point there was to be a near future announcement on this. It would be nice to buy packs of these (i.e. 50 or 100) for a reasonably low price. Thanks.

DST Chuck: Henry I have to be honest, it is an ongoing topic with our development team and I would not be shocked if we go forward with something sooner rather than later.

Chris G.
Hi, just a couple of Minimate related questions. Concerning the Star Trek Legacy Minimates, how many figures are planned for this? Could we see the main characters (and enemies) from each series, including the oft neglected Voyager? What are the chances of Minimates based around the Stargate franchise? Has any thought been given to Minimates based on SG-1, Atlantis and Universe?

DST Chuck: Right now for Trek it’s just the one series for TRU and one for specialty – if they sell well we’d love to go forward with the line. With Stargate off the air and no other new media planned I’d doubt we’ll be going forward with Minimates anytime soon.

John L.
Will there ever be more “MAX” Elite Heroes Minimates? I just can’t find them anywhere… Also, if there is, any chance of getting some Minimates based on the TV show “Emergency”? AKA, Station 51’s Firefighters and paramedics, Johnny Gage and Roy Desoto? You did Knight Rider recently, so I’d love to see that route too!

DST Chuck: We’d love to do more MAX figures, TRU did well with the first series but they just did not have any space for it this year so hopefully 2013 or 2014 will work.

No Name
HI Art Asylum people. Well I was wondering, since the Minimate version of the enterprise (TOS) is coming out soon, are you guys planning on making other star trek Minimate vehicles? If the sales are good could you name which star trek ship would be next on your list? On another note, I was wondering if you were going to make some characters from series 50 that didn’t make the lineup. I think it would be cool to see the Black Knight and the “spikey” Thing. Hmm, Just had a thought, I know we just had a series of Fantastic Four Minimates, but would it be possible to do a first appearance FF box set (Kirby style) with “lumpy” Thing?

DST Chuck: I would not imagine the Trek Minimates line would go past Enterprise but you never say never. I don’t know if we’re going to target characters that did not pass the grade for series 50 but they are not eliminated from consideration because they did not get enough votes.

Ryan R.
I have a million questions to ask but this one will have to do for now. I live out in the suburbs and have to travel quite a way to find any comic shops and the nearest toys’r’us is half an hour away. These are the only places that I can get Minimates from a brick and mortar store. With Walmart and Game Stop carrying Minimates on their websites will we ever see them actually leak into the stores? Or are there any other stores that would be interested in carrying them? Perhaps Target or Barnes and Noble?

DST Chuck: Ryan, its up to the buyers for Target and Wal-Mart if they want the product, it’s not up to DST. Our sales crew pitches them every year on the line and to date they have not elected to carry the line.

M. Crumb
Any news on continuing either Universal Monsters or The Munsters Minimates? I ask because since The Mummy Minimates wound up being TRU exclusive, they sold out very well, so maybe the line would do better as a TRU-only exclusive? Some movies don’t need a four-pack, and would do well packed with other movie monsters (Lon Chaney Phantom, Mask of the Red Death, Ardeth Bey, Invisible Man, Metaluna Alien, Mole People, Ygor and Son of Frankenstein). Plus you could do more than 2 movies per wave IF you wanted to. And as for The Munsters, that Minimates Coach vehicle is a work of art, and I need more of the family to display with it!

DST Chuck: Right now we have no plans for more UM Minimates, sorry.

Jerrod S.
Love the job you’re doing and try and get as many different lines as possible. I was wondering if there’s any chance you would go after the doctor who series again??

DST Chuck: We’ve done some development for Underground in the past for Who, and they did not see enough interest to go forward and we spoke with BBC about a direct license and they did not seem interested so never say never but it does not look good.

Dontei W.
Hey,If Peter Pan Minimates do well in the Disney store, do you think DST will make Aladdin next as part of an anniversary or DVD promotion? There’s a massive amount of people on Facebook who are asking about it, hoping this concept materializes.Thanks

DST Chuck: That is 100% up to Disney, we’d love to get a chance to work on more of their classic properties.

Fernando F.
Please tell me that now that the Disney door is open you guys can do a rocketeer Minimate. Or select style figure. Something!!!!

DST Chuck: We are not pursuing the Rocketeer license at this time.

Jr. P.
I just picked up a Street Fighter X Tekken Poison vs Lili set. Once again, I see perfection in a block figure, but a rare misfire: Poison is missing her riding crop, her weapon in the game. It’s hard to see Rolento’s baton and Yoshimitsu’s sword make the cut, but not her weapon. I know Poison’s player two colors give us the character Roxy, and Hugo can be Andore in his Player two colors. Any chance her riding crop can sneak into this or another (read: any other) set somewhere?

DST Chuck: Sorry you are not happy with the two pack but we are not going forward with the Tekken VS line.

Guilherme G.
Hi, my name is Guilherme, from Brazil and I collect Marvel Minimates since the first series. Actually it´s one of the most complete series in the market, with tons of characters and accessories and option parts, things that you don´t see in other companies. I really love how you guys try to make each line based in a specific story arch or period of each team or character. We had so many X-Men line-ups made in Minimate form (and thank you so much for this!) but a few key characters are still missing… Any chances to see a Forge and Banshee Minimates??? They are some of the few x-men that never had a ´mate debut!

DST Chuck: Thanks for your support for all this time. We try and keep a running list of characters and teams that need to be finished or we have not gotten to yet. I know for sure Banshee is pretty high on that list.

Wes P.
Hey Guys!The Marvel Minimates line just can’t be stopped! When I look over the character selection that has been released so far, it amazes me! Each wave keeps getting better and better too! The Outback X-men wave and the latest Fantastic Four Wave are just perfect! The accessories are really top notch too. My question is, can we hope to see any of the following any time soon:
*Avengers- Mockingbird, Mantis, Swordsman, Black Knight, Sersi *Classic X-men- Marvel Girl (green dress), Banshee, Sunfire, Multiple Man
*X-Force- Sunspot, Siryn, Warpath
*90s X-Factor- Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, Strong Guy
*Inhumans- Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton A Phoenix Saga themed wave would be amazing too!!
We could have a much-needed update for Dark Phoenix and Classic Storm; Banshee could be thrown in too, as well as Hellfire Club, Starjammers, Lilandra, etc. Any of these guys on the horizon??? Thanks so much for the amazing product!

DST Chuck: Its kind of cool that after 50 series or figures there is still so much great stuff out there that can be done.

Brian M.
Love the Battle Beasts, but any chance of a general rerelease of the Alligator, in any deco? For the people who can’t get to the big conventions, or afford the crazy prices on the aftermarket?

DST Chuck: I think the look of the line has evolved since the Alligator so I don’t think that figure will see a wide release.

Shane S.
A question and a suggestion. Any plans for a Battle Beasts Minimates Collector case? They won’t fit in the regular Minimate Collector case. Suggestion: Man-Thing Minimate.

DST Chuck: I would think in general a line would need to go at least 4 series to warrant a collector case but don’t quote me as that being a hard rule.

Stevie T.
Hey guys! So the last few waves of marvel Minimates are just amazing just to let you know. But the real things I came to ask you guys are, are you gonna make any army builder single packs for iron man 3? And while we are on iron man 3 is there gonna be a Minimate of tony’s space armor? It is just amazing looking and Hasbro failed to make a good figure of it. I have hope in this because you guys haven’t announced the TRU exclusives for the movie. Thanks!

DST Chuck: I do not think right now we’re going to do more one packs but never say never.

Christopher K.
Any chance we’ll see some Maximus Carnage themed boxed sets, waves in the future? Demogoblin, Shreik, Doppleganger, updated Carnage, Carrion, Nightwatch, Dethlok?

DST Chuck: It’s not something we’re working on right now.

Matt S.
Heya!If we get a “Best of” Marvel Minimates series 3… Any chance of an Invisible Woman that’ll match the costume color/design of the “Best of” series 2 Mr. Fantastic? It’d sure be great to have her!

Also, thanks for the wonderful TRU series 15 Fantastic Four characters. They’re the BEST! Especially the new hands on the Thing! With the awesome Fantastic Four-centric releases in TRU 15, Series 48 and Best of 2… What do you guys think about re-visiting the Inhumans royal family? We’ve already got Black Bolt and Lockjaw and it’s been a few years since they were released. Do you think it’s time to get Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Maximus the Mad and an Alpha Primitive army builder? It was so wonderful last year to get a complete Alpha Flight group in the span of just a couple of months. I know I’m not the only one who’d love to see that happen this year with the Inhumans.Thanks!

DST Chuck: I can be honest and say at this point we have not thought about a best of 3. It’s possible but Best of will be a finite line at some point. I don’t think we’d theme a regular release series around the Inhumans but you never know.

Ralph L.
Hey, I was wondering how you guy think when you wanted to add to the Minimate world. When you try to expand it seems cool. I just got some awesome old DC Minimates. (Too bad you guys can’t make some to promote the Injustice: Gods Walk Among Us” video game. That would be so cool.) But have you ever through to try adding in some Jump, or Dark Horse Minimates? I think Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, Buso Renkin, Kenshin, that new Project Versus J, Hellboy, Big Guy and Rusty, AVP, or The Mask would all make some cool Minimates. Kingdom Hearts series would be good too. As it’s an umbrella of license of other Disney and Square Enix. I’d love seeing Stitch, Tron, Sora, or Neku into Minimates.

DST Chuck: Ralph, there are some cool ideas there but right now we’re not pursuing any of them, but that could change at any time.

Grune P.
Will there be more than 4 series of Thundercat Minimates or do I call it quits now???

DST Chuck: Not sure I can say right now but …

T. Odinson
Hark DST! I have come with my questions and queries! Please answer if you have the time.
1. A few Ask DST’s ago I asked about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. You replied:
We do not currently have the license for a GoG movie and have not read a script so I can’t really say.So I was wondering what exactly separates you’re normal Marvel License from Movie Licenses?
2. Though I have seen Marvel Wave 51 I was wondering what other characters from Marvel NOW! Could possibly show up? Any chance of getting the Young Avengers?
3. Your “Thru the Ages” Boxed Sets have really gotten some attention. After Hulk Thru The Ages what’s the next character you have planned for a Thru the Ages Boxed Set?
4. Lastly, I know this is a long sorry! Will you make more Marvel Minimates Best Of?

DST Chuck: When Marvel makes a movies it’s separate from the Marvel Universe itself so it has to be a separate license from Marvel.
I think there is more interest here in doing stuff based on Marvel NOW but I can’t say who or for sure at this point.
I don’t know if we’ve planned any beyond the Thru the ages sets you have seen but we’re kind of happy with those sets so I’d expect you will see more down the road.
We might go past Best of 2 but its not something I see going forward every year, IE Best of 3, Best of 4 , Best of 10…etc..

Franklin M.
With the very special 200th edition of Ask DST coming up, will there be anything special to celebrate? Like prizes for the lucky people who had their questions chosen?

DST Chuck: WOW 200… that’s pretty cool! Thanks for coming back each and every week, hope your still liking what we are doing 200 weeks from now!

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