Ask DST #201: The Sci-Fi!

We know you love Sci-Fi… and so do we! DST Chuck sets his targeting computer to your questions… get on it!

Brian H.
Hi Diamond Select, Can you give me the details of this ship: AFX Exclusive Star Trek 3 Klingon Bird of Prey Cloaked Electronic Starship by Diamond Select Toys? How many have been produced? How many will be produced? You should make the following Star Trek ships: Klingon Battle Cruiser K’tinga class (The Undiscovered Country) Klingon Attack Cruiser (The Next Generation) Romulan Warbird (The Next Generation) Romulan Warbird Valdore (Nemesis)

DST Chuck: Sorry Brian we don’t give out production numbers in general and not ever for something like that. We’re looking at how the BOP does to determine the market for “alien” ship and we’ll take it from there. The good news I suppose is we’re back in the ship making business so anything is possible.

Martin P.
I want to make a collection of all of the Enterprises and some other ships. I already have D, E, NX 01 mirror universe, Voyager and a Borg cube. I want another Borg cube (highly detailed), Enterprise Original Series, refit, B, C and NX 01, but I want them in high details like your Enterprise D and E that I got from you (they are amazing btw, excellent job). 
Do you know where I can find them?
Also I somehow to make your D and E have lights on the saucer section and on the neck, do you know how can I do that, can I do it in the first place, drill some small holes where the windows are painted and put some electric kit??? If you know a way I would really appreciate it. 
Also I like the option that you have on D for lights only, warp nacelles and deflector dish. Is there ANY way I can do that on your E model?
Thanks a lot and sorry for all of this questions.

DST Chuck: There have only been two license holders for Trek toys in “modern” times, Playmates and Art Asylum / DST so your best chance for any ship made in the past are secondary sources. If it’s an item DST has not made yet then hopefully we make you happy at some point in the future. As for customizing your ships I really would not be confident giving you instructions in case something went wrong BUT I know there are some YouTube videos out there that can help you – good luck!

Zachary B.
I absolutely love your Star Trek line! Just got the Enterprise-B which is amazing. Since you do such an outstanding job on the ships and props, please make a Star Trek III phaser, communicator and Tricorder. Even if you just make the phaser, it is highly sought after by collectors such as myself. What are the chances of this realistically happening? Thanks and keep up the great work!

DST Chuck: Zachary, I think the ships line has many places we can go but I do feel the role- play is much more limited, we are working on ideas for some more but I can’t say everything you and other fans are asking for is possible.

Sven P.
Hi Chuck, I have been a collector of your star trek lines since you first began producing them and I have to say that they are some of best figures produced ever!

But I don’t like your re-release Ship policy! I was wondering why you don’t release Ships that never made before? Like a Cardassian, Dominion, Romulan or Borg Ship. Also like the ENT C, Excellsior, Voyager, Grissom or Reliant! I also don’t understand why you cancel all the Action-Figures lines. And please stop irritating your fans with declare like: “The Fans don’t like the Release of that” or “There is no market for these ships or Figures” You will be surprised at, but Yes There is a market for it! We Fans!!! I am from Germany, in this country it is very much complicated or impossible to get your release! For us Fans in Germany is this frustrating to hear from you “There is no market for these ships or Figures”. I hope you will someday cooperate with TRU Eur. We must pay for ships like BoP or B over 80€ that is 106.89USD!!! We do not understand the meaning of negative attitude about the ships and action-figures release!

DST Chuck: While we do put a great deal of effort and expense into re-issuing a ship it’s not nearly the expense of say tooling an all new ship. I think fans would be shocked at the high expense and relatively low sales we have on Trek items, specially the ships. It takes many production runs to move a product into the profit column. So it’s not that re-issues take away your chance of getting a new ship , in fact they are required and help fund a full new release. It also gives us a chance whenever possible to go back and make improvements if we can. I do not think any of your quotes can be attributed to me or anyone on my team so I’ll assume it’s a liberal use of quotations.

What I can tell you as a fan of many things including toys all I ever wanted was folks to be honest with me and that is what I am with all our fans, some would say to a fault. You can disagree with what we do , and that’s your right of course. I’ve never lied to you guys and if something does not have enough orders to justify going forward I tell you that. We don’t blame our factory, the license or you the fans, it just is what it is… IF you want/ need more product in Germany let me assure you we’re happy for the sales; tell your retailer to tell his distributor to get on the job and call / email DST and demand your Trek!

Rob K.
Hi, folks. I love the Mego-style Star Trek figures you’ve created and the new landing party equipment as well. Please, PLEASE create a new Talosian like the one made in the ’70s. So many of us would like to have this little guy, and he’s prohibitively expensive on eBay (like $200).

Your consideration is much appreciated

DST Chuck: I have to be honest I don’t know where our retro cloth Trek line with go for the rest of 2013 and for 2014, nothing has been decided yet.

Don E.
Hi. I was wondering if there was an updated release date for the Klingon disruptor toy.

DST Chuck: Don, right now we are trying to get updates for ship dates onto the Art Asylum blog at least twice a month and they are the most accurate dates we can give. I can say I have a finished disruptor in my office so we’re getting super close.

Jeff W.
I was wondering after the Klingon Disruptor what will be the next Trek Tech Maybe the Star Trek III Starfleet Phaser or the Assault Phaser from Star Treks V/VI or maybe the Next Generation/DS9/Voyager hand Phaser and Tricorder from the later years?

DST Chuck: I don’t see us doing any of the rifles and not sure about Voyage or DS9 era stuff but aside from that we’re working on narrowing down the list of possibilities.

Mirko F.
Is there news for data and Klingon from retro figure line? Thanks!

DST Chuck: They are not currently on the release schedule. Sorry.

Glenn B.
Hey Chuck,Just wanted thank you guys for your hard work in these ships. Just got my all good things and B enterprises. Phenomenal work. I’m curious to know what exactly is next on development for Star Trek ships? Everyone continues to throw suggestions at you guys (good ones might I add) but I would like to hear DST’s ideas and plans. I know you probably will produce the Excelsior after the release of the Enterprise B. But I’m curious to hear what you guys have in mind after excelsior? Can you shed some light on those ideas!Thanks.

DST Chuck: Yes the most obvious being Excelsior is next but I can’t say what will be after that and I doubt DSTZach would want me to announce it on the blog… I would think we’d want to time it around a show or something.

Alexander T.
Hi Chuck, I have question regarding the Star Trek ships (I recently I bought the Enterprise-B, its totally awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the Excelsior and I’m keeping an eye out for the reissues of the Enterprise-D, Enterprise-E and the All Good Things Enterprise-D). I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I’ve noticed on Amazon that some sellers have an electronic USS Enterprise-A that was released some years ago – but it’s not listed on the DST product page. Was a version of the Enterprise-A ever released at all? And if it was, could it be reissued sometime in the future? Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for Star Trek and the Avengers lines. Thank you.

DST Chuck: I think the one you see is an old Art Asylum release, while the tooling is the same as the TWOK release we did, its not really in the spirit of the releases we have done in recent years. I would say yes 100% it’s a ship we have looked at updating and re-issuing so hopefully it’s something we can tackle soon.

Gary S.
Any plans to reissue Archer’s Enterprise?

DST Chuck: Not right now but I can’t say its been ruled out forever.

Omar V.
Any idea when the next batch of Star Trek products will be?  It seems that every year or so you have a good batch.  I really want an Enterprise C or Defiant.  A TNG Tricorder would be nice too. 

DST Chuck: Next batch- I think we’re still shipping and letting the dust settle from this “Batch” give my poor guys on the team and in the warehouse a few days to catch their breath.

John L.
I have all of the Trek AA/DST ships. After discussion with several friends, we think you should seriously consider the Klingon D7/K-Tanga ship for release. Outside of the Bird of Prey it is clearly the most recognizable Star Trek Universe ship.

DST Chuck: Ok thanks – time will tell but I don’t think we’ll go back to a Klingon ship again that fast.

Jeff W.
Do you guys have plans to do the USS Defiant and DS9 Rio Grande Runabout?

DST Chuck: We’ve talked many times about Defiant – I guess you could say she is on the short lsit.

Salem U.
Hi! It’s been awhile since I spent much money on toys, but your Star Trek ships were too good to pass up. The only minor complaints that I’ve had is that the stands are a little too flimsy, and that on some of the ships, and much more so on the Enterprise E, the plastic is too thin and the lighting shows through where it shouldn’t. That’s small stuff though.

I am really hoping that you’ll put out an Enterprise C, so collectors can have a full run of the Enterprises. Also, since you did such a beautiful job with the Klingon Bird of Prey, I would love it if you guys would put out a Klingon D7 ship (the kind from the original series) Thanks, and keep up the great work.

DST Chuck: Yes we are aware of the stands and we offer replacements for fans that stand have broken and we try to improve them with each production run, as for the light bleed its also an ongoing situation that we feel is improving. Hopefully you will be pleased with the ships we do next.

Jay R.
Hi there, first up I am from Malaysia and would like to say how awesome your Trek ships have turned out! I have the NX-01, TOS 1701HD, the 1701-A, the 1701-B (on the way), the 1701-D, and the 1701-E (first run). In short, all the Enterprises from AA/DST except for the refit 1701 (which I didn’t get because it’s the same mold as the -A anyway)… Planning to get the BoP with the landing gears. My question is, are there any hints for the ship after Excelsior? Any hints at all would be great, be it from which series, enemy or Federation, etc. I personally feel that DST should play safe with major ships such as the Voyager, Ent-C (being an Enterprise), Romulan Warbird (D’deridex).while a Defiant would be awesome, it’d stretch the model scale a lot seeing that your Trek ships have mostly been of larger classes so far. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

DST Chuck: I think I need to leave the hint department to DSTZach – I fear I already say too much sometimes in these things.

Tyler B.
I was wondering if we will ever see the U.S.S Kelvin or the new Enterprise from the recent movies? Or ever possibly the Scimitar from the movie Nemesis?

DST Chuck: We have no rights to produce products based on the new JJverse of movies – sorry.

Gregory F.
I was looking over photos from Toy Fair International 2013 and I notice a new product from your booth. The Enterprise-E, “First Contact”, could this be so and if it is what is the initial release date? I also what to congratulate you on making the best Star Trek merchandize in the world, and continue the great work. A thousand times Thank You.

DST Chuck: Yes you are correct we remodeled the Enterprise to more accurately reflect the look from Nemesis and First Contact. I believe First Contact will be out late summer.

Alex from TrekToy
Dear Chuck,

Zach suggested that I submit this to AskDST, so that’s what I’m doing.

I know this is a really crazy/out there idea, but would DST ever consider releasing a “Starship Replicas” line with a price point that one would associate with something dubbed a “Starship Replica?” I want to be clear that I’m not talking about replacing the current line of electronic starships, but rather adding an additional line of ships. For comparison purposes with the current line of electronic ships, let’s use the Enterprise–E as an example of what might be seen in this hypothetical line. (By the way, the reissued Enterprise–E is superb!)

This hypothetical “Starship Replica” line would obviously be incredibly expensive, and because it would essentially be a hybrid between a pre–built model kit and a traditional toy, it would be marketed more as the former than the latter. I’m thinking of something along the lines of a release that’s limited to somewhere between 1,701 and 5,000 pieces, with a price tag between $250–500 dollars, and aimed more at the type of fan who might have bought the 1:1 scale Captain’s Chair from DST than the standard ship collector. Is there a chance that DST would ever consider something like this?

Thank you in advance for your time, and for answering my question. (Also, please feel free to edit this question down as much as you need to.)

DST Chuck: (I did edit the details out) Sorry to give such a short answer to such a long question but we do not have the rights to create something like that and even if we wanted to CBS already has a company licensed to make high end replicas so something like that for DST would nto be possible.

Terry F.
Do you plan on reissuing the Enterprise B with corrected registry, as it currently reads USS Excelsior on both sides? One could live with it were it not mirrored backward on one side. Huge boo-boo.

DST Chuck: Yup HUGE mistake (though it is pretty small) very sorry about that, future runs will be correct.

David E.
Chuck! For your next ships are we going to be pressing the bridge dome hearing this: “He tasks me and I shall have him… I’ll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round perditions flame before I give him up!” or this: “PREPARE FOR RAMMING SPEED!” “Sir there’s another ship coming in… It’s the Enterprise!” or both!! Thrusters on full DST. More Q’s!

1) Come on Chuck, you know it, I know it, everyone else knows it… The Bird of Prey may just be you most awesomest ship to date so when are we going to marry that fact with the fact that you love Deep Space Nine, I love Deep Space Nine, Trekkies love Deep Space Nine, a lot of other people love Deep Space Nine and Klingons and General Martok, Chancellor Gowron and Worf… To get ourselves the ship featured in the Haynes Bird of Prey Technical Manual… The IKS Rotaran… Gotta be done!

2) Is the new ship from the 23rd century or the 24th Century or both? Or neither?

One last question/request…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the Picard Select figure and PLEASE keep this line episode specific! Picard vs Q depicted in their final scene together in All Good Things with Picard standing in front of a Judge Q bearing down on him from his throne would make much more sense than Picard in a non-episode specific scene. It seems weird and unfair that TOS gets two episode-specific dioramas and then TNG doesn’t. With Kirk and Spock I was hugely excited to see that this Select line could pick iconic scenes from episodes across Star Trek and depict them in your Select line. If this is to be the way you go with this line, by worrying that iconic scenes from other Star Trek episodes aren’t exciting enough then that’s a crying shame. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider Picard Select’s diorama to be taken from an actual episode rather than just a generic action pose. Get us excited by this line!! We love Star Trek for the stories and the characters, not the action, Picard vs Judge Q would be perfect for a Picard Select figure.

DST Chuck: We’re getting close to announcing the next ship but today is not that day.

I do have much DS9 love but if I were to abuse my position it would be for the Defiant.

Nice try.

Yes the TOS stuff is very specific but I don’t think we want to lock ourselves into something that rigidly so we took the “inspired” idea with Picard and with the Borg beign so key to Picard it made sense and would also make for a cool potential Borg companion piece down the road. Sorry you’re not digging it.

Arthur C.
I am wondering, why has there been no publicity from DST for the TWOK Enterprise? Mine arrives on March 11th, and I am surprised that there have been absolutely no pictures of the production version, or any pictures of the prototype out of the box for that matter. If I hadn’t pre-ordered it a year ago and got a lower price, I would have cancelled it because it is imperative to see this version of the ship BEFORE buying it, especially after the issue with the plastic. So, can you provide us with any pictures of it?

DST Chuck: DSTZach takes care of most of that for us and when we have a sample we can send to the NY office we send one off to him. I think the last video he did might have been the Disruptor? I do not think we have received a final sample of the TWOK to send him, but there is no insidious reason for us not to try and promote and sell a toys we’re making if that is what you are asking.

Dominik K.
I read and saw that the re-issue of the “All Good Things” version of the “Enterprise D” will come with a new improved painting. Are there any other changes and will there also be any adjustments and improvements for the standard “Enterprise D”?

DST Chuck: Both of those releases are in stores now.

Stephen M.
So, I read on Ask DST that you have a top three list for possible new ships. Don’t suppose you can disclose that to us? Personally my unsolicited vote would be to see the Reliant as well as the C. Please do keep up the great work and thanks for all the giddy fun I have watching house guests look sideways at me as I explain my ships are “collectables” not toys after which I pick them up and play with them.

DST Chuck: DSTZach is going to kill me for this but I will say the C is not on the list of three. That does not mean we will not get to her, and it does not even mean she will not be the release after our next ship, BUT it does mean she is not the release after the Excelsior.

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