Ask DST #202 – Miscellaneous and Odds and Ends

Get into it with DSTChuck as he tackles your miscellaneous questions in Ask DST #202!

Frank M.
I have a suggestion for a new product that may interest you. My suggestion to you is a lost in space Jupiter 2 ship and a b9 robot from the original TV show. From the way you have made your outstanding Star Trek ships and your knight rider electronic 1:15 scale K.I.T.T vehicle I think you could pull it off easily and without fault. Thanks you for reading

DST Chuck: Frank, several of us here are LiS fans and I think if we can find some support at retail we’d like nothing more than to make a wide range of products.

Daniel R.
hi, I´m happy you continue making the cars of back to the future so more people can own em, but since I´ve already got all except the train from the last movie, since you haven´t made that one yet could you please make that one also would be happy to see figures of marty and doc like your select lines, you even make em like the high end of universal monsters, there´s so many thing the could be made into
thanks for beeing able to take up some of your time

DST Chuck: Sorry Daniel while we do have plans to make more BTTF products we have no plans to make the train. We also have no rights to action figures for that license, another company holds that license.

Elaine M.
Hi —     I just received my set of the first three figures from MAD MONSTER PARTY – Baron, Count, and Fang.  They’re wonderful!! Will you be making more of the characters??  My favorite would be Yetch!

DST Chuck: While we would LOVE to keep the line going, the support has not been there at retail, hopefully they see some life this Halloween and we can create a second wave.

Brandon W.
First off, I love your Mini Mates Figure Toys. I have the Munster’s Koach and I just got your regular KITT today from I absolutely love it and sorta hate it as well. You see I have a horrible time putting stickers on toys that come with them (I.E. G.I. Joe Vehicles), but I was able to get them all applied but one, it was sticker #4 on the Sticker Sheet. I bet it took me about 15-20 minutes to apply that one sticker alone and during that time, the sticky side was no longer sticky, so I had to use a tiny drop of Super Glue to apply that one sticker. I would be happy to pay $2-3 more on the price if there could be some way for you to apply those stickers at the factory. Thank you and I await your response.

DST Chuck: Sorry you had so much trouble Brandon and I will tell you whenever possible we do ship our toys as complete and display ready as possible. However as you guessed sometimes it becomes a cost issue and many times our toys have to be made with a certain price point in mind and that can cause situations like the stickers with the Koach.

Rafael R.
Dear people of Diamond Select:
I am a fan and collector of Jean-Claude Van Damme and my question its about the Van Damme “Jean Vilain” figure of The Expendables 2.
When it release? Best regards from Spain.

DST Chuck: Sorry but Mr. Van Damme did not sign merchandise rights when he signed on for the movie so it is not possible for us to produce a figure based on his character.

Dennis W.
Hello there at DST, If the ALIENS vehicles line will sell well, will there be more vehicles from ‘Alien’ and ‘Prometheus’? Specially the Derelict from ‘Alien’/ ‘ALIENS’ Special Edition respectively the Juggernaut from ‘Prometheus’ will be a best-seller! Other vehicles from ‘Alien’ might be the USCSS Nostromo and its shuttle the Narcissus. ‘Prometheus’ delivers the USCSS Prometheus itself (you can make color variants from the ship, there were some concepts when it was still called Magellan) and the RT01 transport vehicle.

DST Chuck: We do not have any rights to the movie Prometheus, so nothing is planned. As for which ships we will do from the earlier movies I don’t think anything is set in stone, we’re still working out the details.

You guys did a beautiful job of making “The Munsters”, action figures, the likenesses were excellent. My question is are there any plans to do a similar set featuring The Addams Family, the classic black and white television versions? Done as well as you did with the Munsters and with as much detail and likeness to the actors who played the characters on the TV. Show this would be an awesome set that I would love to have. If there are no current plans to do such a set, then consider this a fan request… Please… Make plans to do this set. They are easily as iconic if not more so than the Munsters, no quality figures of them have ever been produced, Barbie did a Gomez and Morticia, and a set of kinda goofy looking figures based on the short lived cartoon. That’s it. The series is classic and has many fans, so I have no doubt that I would certainly not be the only person who would buy them from you. At least think about it, rather than immediately dismiss my suggestion as toy companies usually do.

DST Chuck: Adams family for sure is one we have considered and I think its still possible, you never know.

Chris H.
With the release of Blood and Chrome. If this series takes off which it looks like it will. Will you produce the 1st Cylon War Galactica as well as Pegasus?

DST Chuck: Universal is not interested in licensing Blood and Chrome since it was a one off web series.

James W.
Hello. Quick question for you that I hope you can shed some light on. I recently picked up the Entertainment Earth exclusive Knight Rider with Michael Knight figure and noticed that the figure itself was changed quite a bit from the prototype shown. The shipping figures is much smaller than the proto shown. Small enough to not really fit with the car any more. It looks to me like the problem is with the legs that were used. The proto has pretty decent legs with swivel hip joints but the figure shipped with mine have old style “star wars” type legs that are smaller. These legs make the figure a lot shorter. Is there a reason for the change? Did I maybe get an odd figure? Thanks for taking a look at this. Sorry for the long post.

DST Chuck: James, there were some changes made to the figure but it was not “shrunk” and the ones we have here have no problem going in the car. Most times the first pictures you see are of a hand made prototype and some changes (many times for the better) do occur during production, sometimes for costing issues sometimes something is not reproducible, it can be a number of reasons. Hopefully even with the changes you are happy with your figure,car or vehicle.

Brian M.
I am a huge fan of your 1:15 scale vehicles you have put up for sale the past four or five years. I am sending images of vehicles (The General Lee, The Ectomobile, The Batmobile from the 1989 movie, and the Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch) that would make a positive impact with your collection, and or future collections. I hope you will agree.  If your marketing team is thinking about creating an aircraft toy that is the same scale (1:15) as your Back to the Future (Delorean), The Munsters (Munsters Koach), and or Knight Rider (KITT) toys, I am hoping that you will create a 1:15 scale Airwolf helicopter. The old Airwolf TV show was a hit in the 1980’s and is still loved and followed by fans this very day.

DST Chuck: Brian those are GREAT ideas and we’ve considered all of them at some point. Unfortunately, none of them are practical or possible for us at this time. Each of those vehicles holds a different unique challenge that we are not able to conquer at this time – but never say never.

Eric T.
Will there be a second wave of the Expendables 2, 7 inch action figures? They are awesome, and I’d like a Jason Statham figure, Jet Li too. Thank you, for any information.

DST Chuck: Eric I am sorry but at this time we have made all the figures that we are allowed to make – I suppose anything is possible in the future but it does not look good right now.

Kendrick J.
Hi. I have two questions. First on Knight Rider SPM Electronic Model. How’s that coming along? And in the future will they plan to release a Knight Rider Convertible? Remember in Season Four it also had the ability to transform into a convertible Along with Super Pursuit Mode. Thanks.

DST Chuck: SPM development is moving right along – I would think it would be in stores for holiday 2013. We do not have any plans to make a convertible version of KITT however – sorry.

Reddan C.
Any chance of seeing Skyrim or The Witcher 3 action figures?

DST Chuck: Sorry no plans at this time.

Belinda M.
Will a Cassie Hack statute ever be made? I would like to recommend her for your Femme Fatales line because she would be perfect!

DST Chuck: Never say never but we have no rights to that right now so we’d have to see down the road.

Gabriele A.
Hi Diamond Select Team, I am an Italian estimator of knight rider TV series and I hope you will release soon the other vehicle of this series: the “evil” KARR. I have yet KITT and I am very satisfact about this, now we want super pursuit mode KITT, and KARR with the same electronic gimmicks as regular KITT… Thanks for your other products like Marvel Select that I collect too. Sorry for my basic English. Greetings.

DST Chuck: Glad to have a fan over there! We do have plans for more Knight Rider products but I can’t say for such which ones and how many, we’re just now seeing how the sales on the first KITT car are going.

Nasos S.
Dear DST, First of all I would like to congratulate you for the incredible job you do! I love your Transformers line and I have a lot of bust/statues! But unfortunately not all. And here is my question: There are chance you may reissue a small percentage for all these beautiful TF products that have already gone out of stock, for us the younger generation who have we lost most of them? Also, is in your plans to continue this great line with new TF characters?Best Regards

DST Chuck: Man did we love getting a chance to work on Transformers, for some of the staff it was a life long dream. However that time has passed and we do not have any rights to Transformers anymore, maybe again at some point down the road but not anytime soon.

Is the mk2 cylon basestar in the books to be produced sometime in the future?  Or is it not in diamonds selects plans at the moment?

DST Chuck: Right now we have no plans for any BSG merchandise, sorry.

Chris S.
With the success of your new light & sound KITT from Knight Rider, any chance of another exclusive deco: KARR with Garth Knight action figure for Entertainment Earth?

DST Chuck: I think we’ll have to see how the retailer does with the current two pack before we can plan the next. However if they are interested … so are we.

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