Ask DST #203- The Mighty Marvel Manner

Marvel questions? Marvel answers… this time in Ask DST #203 with DST Chuck!

Alan M.
Hi: I know its a little early to think about 2014 but are we going to see a marvel select amazing spiderman 2 movie figure since the new costume is completely different? Also what are the chances of getting more spidey villains like mysterio or electro? Thanks DST!! and btw venom is insane!! love it!

DST Chuck: Alan all I can say is at this moment we do not have the rights to make product based on ASM2.

Camron H.
Any plans for a MS Carnage, that would be amazing! Plz answer! Also, you should make or adjust a new deadpool, the old one is even out of scale with other MS figures!

DST Chuck: Right now we do not have any plans to re-make Deadpool, since we have not planned out 2014 I can’t say for sure about a Carnage figure but he is on our list of potential characters.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck, Did I Miss The last Marvel Select Q&A? Know bunch of us Emailed You, Anyhow here goes, Gotta be said that The Classic Venom Marvel Select is One of The GREATEST ACTION FIGURE’S EVER!!! Worth Every Penny!!! So Chuck by now you know were running a bunch of operations to get our beloved Characters!!! With The HUGE SUCCESS That is Classic Venom surely It’s time to start rooting for a Classic Carnage he would knock it out the park hand’s down!!! Think we all have a vision in mind when it comes to Carnage. #CarnageRules

After being a Venom Fans since I can remember and putting Eddie Brock down to the main reason I got into Comic Books, I am LOVING The New Toxin feel Eddie Brock is in a good place and here to stay!!! Check The Stats the guy SELLS FIGURES! Would be something very Special! This is The start of something amazing mark my words…

Gotta be said I love Kaine as Scarlet Spider really disappointed to see The Legends line has him first!!! But let’s be fair hes really popular and I know you guys get alot of questions asking for him plus you love you’re Spidey Character’s I believe Chuck. Also Chuck We Will See Some More Disney Exclusive’s This Year Again? Hey Chuck any chance we’ll see A New “Back In Black” Spider-Man?

Would also be AWESOME to see the like’s of Nova, Scorpion, Kraven The Hunter, Morbius, The Vulture, Electro, Beast, Iceman, Psylcoke, Mysterio, Havok The Hobgoblin, Rogue & Shadowcat?

DST Chuck: Lee, I think its well known that I answer every question that is sent to me. As for a “bunch” of you, I will say if the question is the same we do not run it ten times, this is a Q&A so no reason to answer the same question multiple times and I can assure you “ballot stuffing” will not help get a certain figure made. Glad you like the Venom figure. While Carnage would be possible next year I don’t think so for Toxin but you never know. I’m a huge Spidey fan so anyone from the Spidey family is always very possible. As for Disney, yes we have some stuff planned for 2013 but they are not ready for us to say anything yet. I’m not sure there was a “question” in there but I did my best.

David M.
If you are planning to make any more Spider-Man figures, could you possibly make a Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, since you made one for Andrew Garfield?

DST Chuck: Sorry David we do not have the rights to make product based on any of the Spider-Man movies that have passed and we have made all the figures we plan to make for the ASM movie.

Mate K.
Hey DST!!! First of all thank you for my nice little collection its gonna look awesome if finally I buy my glass display cabinet…and my “re-realease” question is: are you planning to rerealease the Marvel Zombie figures (Col.America,Spidey,Hulk) or I need to buy them on eBay for the price of gold? Keep up the good work!!!

DST Chuck: Good luck on your showcase, you should post some pictures on our Facebook page when you are done! Hate to bring you bad news but we have no plans to ever go back and make more of the Select Zombie figures. I hope by posting this I did not just cost you more money…

Bryan B.
Hey Diamond Selecters! 2 questions for you today: 1. Due to the upcoming run of Marvel movies, and your allowance of, I think 12 figures a year, doesn’t that limit the characters you can make from the comic world vs movie world? 2. I have LOTS of suggestions of figures I’d like to see you make, but rather than have you say something like “those have all been considered,” could you just tell us which figures you’re planning on? I’m probably gonna buy them all anyways, so…whaddyasay? Keep up the great work!

DST Chuck: Bryan, as much are we are restricted to a number of releases we are also restricted in practical means. We could never have done every figure of significance from the Avengers movie for example. It would have taken us an entire year to get to them. For the most part we have seen say three movies a year from Marvel and we try to do two figures for each movie; I could see us doing less like we are for Wolverine but I doubt we’d do more than two from any one movie. So that would allow for a mix of classic MU and the movies.

Kalon S.
Hi Chuck, I am wondering if you would ever entertain the thought of creating a Marvel Select Figure of Silver Surfer, Hercules, Odin, Black Bolt, Gladiator, and Wonderman. I would immediately purchase and love to see any of these listed figures and feel lots of other fans would as well. Please let me know if there is any chance you could with of course Marvel’s Ok any of these figures? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

DST Chuck: I think we have already announced Silver Surfer, if we have not before now I guess I just did…hope you like it!

Justice B.
Hello! Loving what’s coming down the pike with the Wolverine and IM3 figures. I assume you also have plans in place for Thor 2. However, I was wondering if you had plans to do:
1) X-Men:Days of the Future Past?
2) Guardians of the Galaxy (PLEASE include Drax the Destroyer!)
3) Also, do you have any plans to rerelease the Thor Movie Loki?

DST Chuck: I can handle #1 and #2 with the same reply: Our plans for 2014 are still not set yet. I think if Loki looks the same in Thor 2 that he did in Thor 1 it’s possible, but based on the fact that Avengers already had a different look for him I doubt we will be able to re-release that figure.

Joshua M.
I’ve heard that you guys are making an extended Box Set of Iron Man 3 Minimates. Any change you can give us some hints or details about the box set right now, or will we have to wait until closer to the movie? P.S. Hoping for the “Heartbreaker” and “Silver Centurion” armors from the lastest trailer. Make them please!

DST Chuck: When we are able to show movie related products is very much in the hands of the studio. They are very helpful getting us reference that no other company would need (because of the depth of the Minimates line) so we have to respect their wishes not to promote until they tell us its OK.

David M.
Hello. I was hoping you could tell me if there will be any variants of the new Marvel Select figures that are coming soon (Iron Man 3, War Machine, Nightcrawler, Movie Wolverine, and Ghost Rider). Thanks so much!

DST Chuck: None of those have in case variants if that is what you are asking.

Eric E.
Chuck- Thanks for addressing my question regarding a Jean St. Jean figure of the iconic 1975 Adam Warlock, however my Captain Mar-vell figure has covered himself in sackcloth and ashes and weeps continuously. We both hope that the day comes before too long when Adam will stand boldly by Mar-vell’s side. In the meantime, I need to buy more Kleenex. Maybe my amply-endowed Power Girl fig would cheer him up…

DST Chuck: Eric not sure the question here…are you asking me to send you a box of Kleenex or a therapist for your action figure (or you I guess)?? Please clarify.

Emile F.
Hello, One day, I saw a picture of air resulting figure on the Sabertooth web. Immédiatement seduced, I got hold of. Since then, I have the pleasure of collecting figurines marvel select. Nightcrawler and Storm will soon be mine.Diamond Select toy thank you for the excellent work of sculpture and painting. Especially, thank you for your products to its range of my budget. If one day you decide to perform the action figure Deadlok, know that you will make a man happy.a modern version of Wolverine costume is welcome, and, why not, a captain america contemporary. Thank you, and congratulations to all your team Emile

Sorry, i am not speak English, because i’m French

DST Chuck: Emile not apology needed your English is just fine and some (ok most) would say your question is more coherent than most of my answers. I do also think Deathlock is a cool character and would make a great Select figure. Nothing is planned right now but I can’t say he has been ruled out. As for Wolverine, while many would say we’ve done enough Wolverines – I say you can never have too many Spider-Man or Wolverines in a toy line! I do not know if we will do a new Cap anytime soon, we’ve done a few already and with the movie next year we’re hopefully we’ll be doing figures based on that.

Anthony T.
What are the chances of seeing a Spider-Man Madame Web, Hammerhead, Kingpin, Tombstone, X-Men’s Gladiator, or any other characters that we normally do not see too much of for the Marvel Select line? How do you select a character and/or do retailers have a final say on the character selection process?

DST Chuck: The chances of seeing anything related to Spider-Man is always decent but your wish list might be a bit of a long shot.

Chris V.
Heya Chuck! First of i would like to thank DST for being such a great toyline! I am glad of what you did to the new Wolverine figure, i cant wait to get him. Anyways here are a few things i’d like to ask. Are there any plans on increasing the number of figures a year(Not counting Disney Exc)? Will there be more comic versions than movie versions of Marvel Selects? And have you considered doing an MS Daken, Blob, Havok, Iceman and etc. I heard that Angel and Beast have been considered alot i hope they will be made soon! So far i like what you guys have been doing and adding to you Marvel Selects (i.e extra hands, headsculpts, better articulation while still retaining an awesome sculpt.) I hope you would distrubute headscuplts to all the coming figures in the future consistently, I really appreciate you guys adding extra headsculpts and hands. And that would be all, thanks DST! I hope you continue doing a great job!

DST Chuck: Chris I think we have a good balance right now with the total number of Marvel figures we do and how they are balanced with movies and MU, so I don’t see a change for the time being. As for accessories I think we try and use our best judgment on accessories (like hands and heads) or a diorama base or even a second figure. Hopefully fans agree with our choices more times than not. Of the ones you list I think Ice Man, Beast and Angel are the most realistic.

Marcio C.
I may be wrong or not but is the Marvel Select Line releasing Beast, Rogue, Iceman, Angel And Charles Xavier? Please respond as soon as you can. I know you guys are busy. Thank You for your time.

DST Chuck: While those are all great choices I have to say none of them are confirmed right now.

Mikey H.
Hello!! Im just wondering but I have 3 questions for you! when will the Iron Man 3 Movie Iron man action figure will be released ?? and when the Iron Man 3 Movie War Machine will ne released ?? and when the The Wolverine Movie action figure will be released ?? Thanks!!

DST Chuck: Our hope is always to get the movie figures out in time for the movie release in theaters. We do have to rely on the studios to get our reference in time to make that happen and that is a difficult balance. All three of the figures you ask about are at the factory and are proceeding at various stages.

Richard G.
Do you guys have plans to do the Destroyer any time in the near, (or distant,) future?

DST Chuck: No plans in 2013 for sure and I think it’s a distant hope for 2014.. could be a cool figure but so many others out there we’d like to get to.

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