Ask DST #205 – Let’s See the Sci-Fi!

Who has time for Sci-Fi questions? Because DST Chuck has the answers!

Tom P.
I have another question, if I may further call upon your time – this time regarding the recently released Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey electronic starship. I saw in early images that this model included landing gear, however I see that the final toy doesn’t. Is there likely to be a future release that includes landing gear?

DST Chuck: Yes there will be releases with and releases without landing gear.

David S.
I recently purchased you 1:15 scale version of KITT from Knight Rider-I LOVE IT!!! It’s cool. How did you do the detail work, and get the voice of William Daniels to boot? I do have a question-I put my money down for the USS Enterprise-E from Star Trek: Nemesis a few months ago, and, while you say it’s available now, the place I ordered it from says they won’t get it until June 2013. Why is there a discrepancy in the dates it will be available?

DST Chuck: The Nemesis version of the Enterprise E went on sale February 20th.

Arthur C.
Is there at least a tentative date scheduled for DST to announce the next starship? More importantly, will there be QC improvement?

DST Chuck: Which starship? We still need to ship the First Contact E and then I suppose the Excelsior. Since the Excelsior has not been solicited for orders we do not have a ship date. Our website will continue to post ship dates on all our products as often as possible. As for the quality of our toys we’re going to keep trying to do the best job we can, that’s all we can do.

Chris T.
Just wondering if/when you are releasing a high quality (your typical work) borg cube and romulan warbird. Also any chances of Voyager ship? What about a voyager ship with ablative armor (i know its a long shot but have to ask)?

DST Chuck: We’ve thought about a Borg cube for sure but the design has so much negative space we have not nailed down how we would do it, if we were to select that as one of our ships. I think if the Klingon does as well as we hope, the Warbird would be cool to do. I think Voyager is a long shot.

Evan C.
I’ve just purchased your Enterprise E and Enterprise D toys, and they are awesome. Seriously, well done. I’m trying to plan my future purchases and was hoping you could be of some assistance. Right now I’m looking at the Bird of Prey and Enterprise B. Currently, it seems to be that the Enterprise B is sold out everywhere. Do you have any timeframe of when more will be shipped? And I’ve read that there is a H.M.S. Bounty variant with landing gear coming out. Is there any truth to this, and if so do you know when it might come out? Also, can you give us an idea on when you might announce your next ship? (Weeks? Months? Years!?) I’m pulling for the Defiant, or Voyager, or D7 Battle Cruiser, or…. you know I’d probably be happy with anything.

What is the likelihood of you guys reissuing the NX-01? Also, have you seen images of the NX-01 refit? It looks so cool. I would understand if its not even on your guys’ radar, but its fun to dream.Thanks for your time and thank you for your excellent products.

DST Chuck: Right now none of the ships that we have made are “out of production”. We go back to our factory when we have enough built up demand. Right now we have no seen the demand for the NX-01 to warrant another production run, but it does not mean at some point we will not make more. Right now we have our factory making more of the Enterprise-B.

Art R.
Hey There LOVE your toy Enterprises! Great details, sounds, lights, etc. I have the Enterprise, NX, Enterprise, A, B, D, D+, E. So my question is when or are you going to develop the Enterprise C – Ambassador Class that was shown on TNG? I really hope you do, because my plan is to create a wall display similar to Jean-Luc’s Ready Room display from the Movie First Contact.

DST Chuck: Right now we have no plans to make the C, but we only plan one ship at a time.

Ricardo S.
I recently obtained the Nemesis Enterprise and the Wrath of Kahn (WOK) Enterprise and the paint job on both is just amazing! Compared to the original releases they are on another level. I have seen there is a new release of the Enterprise B coming up, will it be identical, or are there any updates to the paint like correcting the “Excelsior” labeling or getting rid of the “dirt”? If the color scheme and plastic used on the WOK Enterprise had been applied to the Enterprise B it would have been the most perfect rendition of that ship ever made, any chance the Excelsior will get a similar paint job as the WOK Enterprise? I think the dirt wash applied to the Enterprise B was a mistake, especially when none of the other Federation ships in the line up has it. I think the Vogayer and the Defiant would be great additions to the lineup, since they were “hero” ships.
v Keep ’em coming, this has been a great year so far!

DST Chuck: For the second wave of the Enterprise-B yes we will be correcting the “Excelsior” error. As far as I know there are no plans to remove the weathering. Sorry you do not like it.

Ray L.
Just recieved my “All Good Things…” Enterprise D. It’s nice except the nacelles are missing the reed stripes. Can u PLEASE fix that some how? How about possibly with decals? I belive you have done something similiar like the decals before; I would be satisied with that. I love my Klingon bird Of Prey!!! Also for future reference when u make ships like the BOP and Enterpise have one button for the SFX and a different one for the voices; that way we don’t have to sicale through to get thefx effects. Possibly press buton once for fire phasers, twice fo torpedo, thrice for multiple phaser torpedo,etc. One other thing please come out with Black, White and the pink genecticaly alterd tribbles. Black and White ones were in the shows,especially the DS9 episode. Hope more weapons are on they’re way!

DST Chuck: I do not think we have any plans to separate the voice and sound effects – sorry. We’d have to see how this run of Tribbles sells before we decided if we wanted to do more colors. As of now we have enough D in stock so an additional run is not planned at this time. If we do go back and make more we’ll of course look at anything we can correct or improve.

Joe A.
Do you have plans to release the starship Voyager?

DST Chuck: Not at this time.

Stephen T.
Will the upcoming rerelease of the Wrath of Khan Enterprise be made from the same almost translucent plastic that the first release was made from?

DST Chuck: At this time we have all the TWOK ships we need in stock so it’s a little soon to decide on another run but I do not think there has been talk of any substantial changes.

Sean W.
Hi I love your star trek ship lines are u planning to make the reliant ?

DST Chuck: Not at this time.

Thomas L.
Sorry to pick your brain again. I have a few questions for you this time around. First, I’ve seen several online retailers pitching the cutaway USS Enterprise which is being released later this year. There is one picture of it which shows the port side cutaway. Is there more revealed on the top of the saucer, showing other departments, and possibly the bridge? Also, for a suggested price of $130 will it light up, and/or have sound effects? None of the descriptions list if it will or not.

Finally, any update on the Excelsior build? Specifically, have you decided if it will be a Captain Styles (ST:III-ST:V)NX-2000, or a Captain Sulu (ST:VI) NCC-2000 release? Please keep up the AMAZING work the ships are awesome, I have 11 right now, and I will keep the collection going as long as you keep making them!

Thanks Chuck!

DST Chuck: The Dragon cut away Enterprise will not have lights or sound. I think our facebook page has tons of pictures on it you can check there. I would say the top of the saucer has about ¼ cut away.

Craig L.
This is my first time here so here goes. I have a few questions, and some comments regarding the Star Trek toys. First off I have to say you guys do a pretty awesome job. Color and details on the toy ships are pretty amazing. My 1st question, is the Enterprise B being discontinued? I bought the Enterprise B last week from a local retailer, and with my luck it had issues. It had this opened gap above the deflector at the base of the neck on one side. the other side was fine, but the gap made the ship look uneven, and lopsided. So I returned it and tried to replace it. The retailer said “no can do, this item has been discontinued” So I’ve been looking all over online, and I’m having a hard time locating the Enterprise B. Some online stores that have an Enterprise B either have like 1 left in stock and have it priced at $96 or more, which to me is crazy when in the past I’ve bought the first release of the Enterprise E way back when, direct from DST and it didn’t cost that much. Now which brings me to my 2nd question. Every time I’ve bought a Star Trek ship I’d have to send it back because of defects. Problems with production. They would be crooked, and always uneven. Like one nacelle would be higher then the other for example, or what happened to me recently with the Enterprise B the toy wasn’t put together right. I had to send the Enterprise E back 3 times, till finally I received one that was okay. When I saw the defect with the Enterprise B I started thinking “here we go again.” Now whenever I go online and see other customers who have purchased Trek toys and they show them online, they look amazing with no defects. I have to admit it is frustrating. I mean, am I the only customer who seems to keep running into this kind of problems with the Trek toys? It’s probably a silly thing to fret over, but I’ve got an eye for those kind of things. If something doesn’t look right, or line up correctly I can spot it, and it always sticks out like a sore thumb to me, and it bothers me. Now I don’t know about the Enterprise D, and the Enterprise D refit. I had no idea that you guys had finally released those a few years back, and so I missed out on those two. What is going on exactly? I’m reading online that the Nemesis Enterprise E had also been released, along with the Enterprise B, and the Klingon BOP to. Now I’m being told by a retailer that they’ve been discontinued, shortly after you guys released them.

I have question regarding the reissued Enterprise E. I am curious as to why was the company trademark printed so big and bold, and placed on both nacelle pylons? Normally I assumed trademarks weren’t printed so bold as these are on this toy.

DST Chuck: Welcome to the Q&A.
• NO the B has not been discontinued, it may be out of stock with some retailers but there are more in production.
• I have no idea what to tell you man, are you asking me if your unlucky? These are mass produced toys and while we do our best to make each one as perfect as we can, its just not realistic that each one can meet every fans expectations. Perhaps at a higher price point some of the process could be altered and production slowed to allow for less small defects but I think even then some fans will not be 100% pleased. If it upsets you that much perhaps you can purchase yours at a show or from a B&M retailer or maybe I hate to say it the DST line is not for you and you would be happier with one of the more expensive lines of replicas.
• The E has been re-issued as two versions the Nemesis (in stores) and First Contact (coming soon)
• YES we did go back in production on the Enterprise D and AGT Enterprise D.
• Yes we did produce the Klingon BOP and Enterprise B – both maybe out of stock at a retailer but they are not discontinued.

Nick G.
Are there any plans to expand the ST: The Motion Picture line beyond the Kirk/Spock two pack? Also, are there any plans to release security officers for either the action figure or retro cloth figure lines?

DST Chuck: I am sorry neither of those are planned at this time.

Tanya O.
You said in a previous Ask DST that the only ship that was off the table for a re-issue right now was the Enterprise from “Enterprise”. Does that apply to the Mirror, Mirror Enterprise and Battle-Damaged Enterprise as well? Many fans would like to own these rare versions, particularly the Mirror, Mirror Enterprise (which commands $170+ on the secondary market and is unobtainable for many fans). Is the issue with the NX-01 not being re-released that it’s thought it won’t sell well, or has the mold been lost/destroyed? Is there any hope at all of seeing Diamond Select release anything from “Enterprise” again?

DST Chuck: Correct; at this time we do not have plans to re-issue the NX-01 or any versions of the NX-01 but that could change at some point if our sales folks come to us with the idea that there is enough demand for more.

Steve H.
Do you have anymore information on when Excelsior might be released? Is it going to be this year at some point?

DST Chuck: I think it is still possible YES that the Excelsior would be out in 2013 but it would be later in the year more toward November.

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