Han Solo is Frozen in a Carbonite Bottle Opener!

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Is there anything better than Han Solo frozen in Carbonite? The quick-witted, ready-for-anything smuggler, frozen in a block of life-sustaining display material and doomed to be artwork for the rest of his days. Depending on your opinion of Han Solo, it’s either very funny or very sad, and now you can bring the funny/sad with you wherever you go!

This solid metal bottle opener is cast in the shape of Han Solo in his famous grey prison from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, with magnets on the back for refrigerator (or Star Destroyer) mounting. Measuring about 4 inches long, it comes in a collector box with a full-color wrap, which you can see here for the first time! Pre-order today — it will be in comic shops and specialty stores starting next week!

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