Ask DST #206 – Varied and Sundry Questions and Answers!

DST Chuck takes on all the miscellaneous questions you can throw at him in Ask DST #206!

Matt H.
Dear people of diamond select toys,
Two days ago I purchased your Back to the Future II Marty Mcfly cap.  I have never been more completely satisfied with a movie replica purchase ever!! I am blown away by the amazing quality of this product, you people really know what your doing and I commend you on your excellent work!!  Last year around this time I pre ordered a bttf hoverboard from, which didn’t arrive until about a week after Christmas!  And I was so upset with the product they finally made that I sent 2 emails of which I only received cookie cutter replies offering no solution but a replacement for something that they just did a terrible job designing.  Anyway, being the huge bttf fan that I am.  I hope that you guys might look into making a hoverboard for the fans!  You obviously know what people want, and can do the magic to make it work!  I’d really love to see what you guys could do. Thanks again for giving me something I’ve wanted for 24 years.

DST Chuck: Matt I am sorry you had a bad experience. DST will not be able to make a hover board. We have tried in the past many times, but in the movie the board has a Mattel logo and since they are a competing toy company no arrangement was possible. Hopefully you have checked out our Flux Capacitor and will also be interested in our Mr. Fusion when it gets into stores.

Jeff S.
I just started collecting these amazing bust of g1 transformers….. I was wondering why production stop on this statues stopped…. I feel your company should strive to finish making all the robots from g1 series…. you should see the prices these bust are going for now on ebay…like for instance there a lot more autobot cars like….Mirage, Sideswide, Sunstreak, Hound, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack and Hoist….you could make and the rest of the dinobots and on the decepticon side… the triple changers astrotrain, and blitzwing..Reflector the 3 camera bots…the 3 insecticons….kickback bombshell and shrapnel…all 6 of the constructicons separately would be awesome bust….You guys only made 2 bust for the mini series bumblebee and cliffjumper… I would also see a lot more them made like powerglide, warpath and seaspray just to name a few minis I hope you take sometime out of your day to think of this….. thank your for you time

DST Chuck: Jeff, a bunch of us in the office are HUGE Transformer fans but try as we might we were not able to find enough demand to continue this line. I still think its some of the coolest stuff we have done.

No Name
Good Morning,
I recently purchased the Knight Rider vehicle with Michael Knight figure. It is a dream come true. I would like to propose a suggestion for a future item. Since a child I have always wanted a Wonder Woman Invisible plane, that holds a Wonder Woman action figure. I figure that can be put in and taken out. Not sure what variation of costume she should have. Maybe something that resemble the cartoon animation of the opening credit of the Wonder Woman show staring Lynda Carter or the costume from the Kenner Super Powers, but whaterver it is I would be glad to have a toy Invisible Jet. Mego toys did one in the late 1970’s. I never go that as I was just being born. Thanks for listening.

DST Chuck: SORRY we do not have any rights to the DC universe – they are held by Mattel and DC Collectibles.

Mark R.
Hi, my name is mark. I have a question. Well kind of a request. Could you please look into making a dragon man and bi-beast figure. They would be most appreciated, not just by me but everyone else around the world. Please. Thank you and kind regards.

DST Chuck: Hey Mark! Sorry man, we can’t help you out!

Brian M.
You have been coming out with a lot of cool 1:15 scale vehicles such as the Back to th Future (Delorean) vehicle, and the Kinght Rider (KITT) vehicle. I would love to see you guys come up with a 1:15 scale Airwolf. That Helicopter is very popular among collectors, and it would make a big profit with sales, especially around Christmas. There are already a variety of 1:15 scale helicopters made by action figure manufactures. I hope you will consider this idea.

DST Chuck: We’ve had more than a couple request for that vehicle and I’d LOVE to do it, but nothing planned right now, sorry.

Giuliano Z.
Please, release The Vampire Diaries figures, like BTVS and Angel figures!!

DST Chuck: Sorry, we have no plans at this time to go after the Vampire Diaries license.

David H.
Hi! I have a few really unique ideas and was wondering if they would be practical for DST to pull off.
1: 1/15th scale ecto-1 car with lights and sounds.
2: considering you’ve aquired the Aliens license: a new line of ultimate quarter scale aliens figures ie. blue and brown alien warriors and possibly a few marines and two bishop figures:non- battle damaged and torn in half(for reusablity) LOL. a 9 -10 inch tall power loader with an idealized ripley (for likeness issues)
3: a proton pack prop replica
4: I believe ILM still owns the original moulds for the BTTF ride 1/5 model. You could easily schedule an appointment with them and ask to make a casting of the body. Due to costs you could produce a BMF styled Delorean if you will and not produce an interior(no opening doors) and make a fully accurate outer- detailed car with a very simple Led function which could switch on and off, then sell it as “prop replica”.
5: an ultimate quarter scale ghost rider based on the movie
6:an ulitimate quarter scale “pretzel man” t-1000 as he appeared in the final scene.
7: Have you ever looked at “Small sOLDIERS” and “the Mask” ?
thanks for your time and patience. If you’re still here go grab a soda and relax.

DST Chuck: David, let’s see: 1.Sorry, right now Mattel holds all the rights to the Ecto1 from Ghostbusters.
2. While something large for Aliens would be cool, since the line was cloth figures I can’t see it working for the aliens.
3. I have to be honest, now that Mattel has done the trap I am not sure how the pack would sell and it would have to be very expensive.
4. I don’t think there would be enough demand to warrant a product like that.
5. Sorry we do not have the rights to produce Marvel figures of that size.
6. See above. 7. Sorry no we have not.

John R.
You guys are doing metal bottle openers in cool designs, Captain America’s shield , Silver Surfer etc. The gorilla helmet from Planet of the Apes would be PERFECT FOR THIS!!!!

DST Chuck: We have done POTA products in the past, so anything is possible I suppose.

Brian M.
Why don’t you do some figures and ships from space 1999? I know on eBay those items from space 1999 do quite well, but i am sure anything you make would be superior to most of what is on eBay!

DST Chuck: I have seen some 1999 stuff do pretty well, so you never know.

Gary S.
Two suggestions. I would love to see you guys make copies of The 66 TV Series Green Hornet Black Beauty. Also would love to see a copy of the George Pal Movie Version of the Time Machine.

DST Chuck: I think most of the Green Hornet stuff got tied up when they did that new movie so you never know, but not right now.

David M.
Any idea when the next series of Expendables action figures will be released? I love the first series and I hope it will be continued soon. Thank you!

DST Chuck: Sorry, none of the other actors ended up allowing merchandise to be made, so we have no more planned.

Hi there, I just saw a report, on a toy news site, showing the Universal Monsters for 2013. I just have a couple of questions.

First, I know every year since you started the Universal monsters line there is a set that comes out to specialty shops. They usually have a detailed and bigger bases. But you also release a set usually to TOYS R US. Those usually have much smaller display bases. Are the 2013 universal monsters also going to get a Toys R Us release, like prior years? Second, the past years have had 3 figures per series. Is there a 3rd figure this series? or are we only getting dr Jekyll/mr Hyde and the hunchback?

DST Chuck: Yes, as of now TRU has told us they are happy to continue carrying the line. There will again be a monster exclusive to TRU – this year it is a Mole Person.

Ashley P.
Any chance of any new Transformers product soon?

DST Chuck: Sorry, no.

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