Ask DST #207 – Marvel Time!

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DST Chuck jumps up and gives your Marvel questions the business in Ask DST #207!

Alan M.
Hi: what are the possibilities on getting a gwen stacy or mary jane watson marvel select figure?? And no dead gwen from carnage does not count lol

DST Chuck: Alan, while I would never rule out a Spidey family figure I think it would be a long shot for us to do one of those.

Matt S.
Hey Diamond Select, I just wanted to make a figure request (it probably wont be made, but it’s worth a try) The Original Ghost Rider, Carter Slade (called the Phantom Rider these days) has never been a figure, except for a custom figure (which is brilliant) If a custom can look this good, imagine how amazing your version of the Hero of the Old West would turn out. You guy’s should have a facebook voting poll of the Phantom Rider along with figures you are planning to make and see who has the most votes. Seriously, there are fans of the charcter out their who would buy him in a heartbeat, I being one. Please think about this for the fans. Here is a biography of the charcter for those who are unfamilliar Thanks guys, I hope to hear back from you.

DST Chuck: Never say never, but I think that would be a long shot.

Melissa M.
I had asked diamond select on facebook if they knew of any time or any plans for that matter to do a hulk buster ironman to rival that of yalls hulk toys and they told me to ask y’all if y’all knew anything about a hulk buster coming out any time soon i am dieing for one lol

DST Chuck: That figure has been talked about YES but not sure when/if it would happen.

Sam H.
I was just wondering how you choose which characters to re-release and is there any we can expect to see again soon? Also, I know you get movie rights to make certain characters, will you be going down the same route with video games? I ask because the Deadpool game looks sweet and I expect there to be more coming. Also, are you ever tempted to issue two characters in the same box in order to keep some people happy? I mean to do a classic team like Luke Cage and Iron Fist together like you did with Cloak and Dagger

DST Chuck: Re-makes are 100% based on demand, when a figure sells out and if there is still demand then our sales department comes to us and gives us their projection and we see if that works for a re-run. We do not have any video game rights, sorry. Sure we could do C&D or Power Man and Iron Fist or Cap & Falcon – we’ve done stuff like that in the past.

Peter J.
Hey Chuck, With Marvel going toward cosmic stuff in Phase 2\Phase 3, wouldn’t this be a good time to re-issue the Watcher figure? Also, is there any chance to see Beta Ray Bill soonish (up to 2015.)? Friend’s Marvel Select Thor needs some ass-whooping and I can’t think about a better candidate to deliver it. Can’t wait for your Silver Surfer figure. Cheers

DST Chuck: The first time we offered Watcher it really did not do well – now, that was a while ago so maybe things have changed, but as of now it’s not being considered. We have not ruled out Bill, but your guess of 2015 might be a good time to start thinking about it. (Nothing against the character, though.)

Justin T.
Hello Chuck… I have been craving some heavy hitting badies in the Marvel Select line, and I just want to thank you for giving us Venom and Rhino. I was wondering if we could possibly see a few X-men Villians. Namely… APOCALYPSE or Mr. Sinister!! Thanks.

DST Chuck: Second only to Spider-Man in my heart is some classic X-Men, so you never know.

Jose D.
Are there any plans to re-release the Disney Exclusive Hawkeye or are there any plans to release a new Hawkeye? Also what’s the deal with Disney only carrying like 4 Marvel Select figures? Are you working with Disney on something new? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

DST Chuck: If Disney has sold out of Hawkeye and they want to order more, we’d be happy to sell them more of him or any other figure.

Rigoberto Z.
Hello my name is Rigo and I’ve purchasing your figures for about 2 years now and I love the sculpture and size of them.  Marvel legends is good but too small.  I like figures that I can pose like statues rather than playing around with them.  I did not fill a business reply card because I don’t open the figures.  They look so good on my wall.  My only compliant is that I started collecting too late and could not get some of your older figures that are not listed on amazon or anywhere else. I notice that some figures are getting re re-lease and was wondering if more are coming soon. I would like to see Ghost Rider and Blade among some of my favorite.  Thank you.  

DST Chuck: Ringo – welcome to the family! YES we constantly look at what the demand is for our older figures and consider making more. Ghost Rider will return soon.

Sam N.
hi i love the ms venom but he would of been soo much better if he had anckle rockers and a better abb and knee articulation, are you going to make a marvel select sandman and if so would it have anckle rockers they stand so much better and are alot better to pose

DST Chuck: Right now Sandman is not in the planning, but never say never.

Jeff W.
1. Any chance of getting a Select Planet Hulk figure!? Would be amazing! need more Hulks for my collection!
2. A Marvel Select A-Bomb (Rick Jones)?
3. Select Vision!?
Please and thanks!

DST Chuck: We do love to do Hulks, but even we have to admit we’ve done quite a few, so maybe not just now. Vision has been considered.

Tim C.
Hi Chuck.
1) Any chance of getting a Marvel Select classic Iron Man any time soon to display with the classic versions of Hawkeye, Cap and Thor? This seems like a no brainer and I’m surprised he hasn’t been done yet.
2) Also, I’ve heard time and again that we would be getting more F4 figures but so far nothing. Any chance of more F4 in 2014? Reed would be a nice candidate for multiple adds on pieces similar to the current Venom figure.
3) Also, any chance of a Thing reissue but with new lower legs (bare legs/feet) to give him a more classic look?
4) What is DST’s stance on reuse of bodies/parts? The upcoming Silver Surfer looks to be a wonderful blank base body that could be reused for multiple characters with a little paint, new head and some accessories (Torch, Vision, Iceman, Black Panther come to mind). Thanks for your time.

DST Chuck: 1) We’ve done a good bit of Iron Man figures and I think there has been more than one classic look – so which one are you thinking?
2) I would consider Silver Surfer part of the FF family but if you’re looking for a member of the 4 – not sure when we will get to the remaining three. Just being honest.
3) I think overall we’re pretty happy with the Thing figure we released so I don’t see a different one coming anytime soon. Sorry.
4) For Select figures we VERY rarely re-use parts, it’s not a hard and fast rule but it’s not a direction we look at. As for fans – they can make any customs they want but we would not issue a blank body or anything like that. I know I have seen many customs made from our Cpt. Marvel body.

Steve G.
First off, I am writing to say that I am a fan of the all products you put out and the quality and craftsmanship of the work. I am in particular an adult collector on the Marvel Select line of action figures. I was hoping to ask some questions in regards to that specific line.  

One thing I think that has been fantastic over the last few years is how you have been able to create figure waves based on the Marvel movies that have come out. Overall, I feel most of the figures are a very good representation of the characters on screen. I was wondering how you determine which figures from the movie(s) you will produce in the Marvel Select line? I understand the primary characters such as Iron Man, Thor, etc. but was curious what determines the secondary characters?

In keeping with the movie line figures, it appears that at most two or possibly three figures may be produced per movie. Has there ever been a thought about making more figures per movie or is it too cost prohibitive? I just feel as a collector it is tough because in the movies there are so many fantastic secondary characters. For example, in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World movie there is Jane Foster, Malekith, Algrim/Kurse, Dark Elves, Odin, Loki (already done), Heimdall, etc. I myself would love to have any of those on that list that does not currently have a recent movie figure. Is there any option for expansion in the sets or at least possibly limited production figures that can be online exclusives?

  In relation to the above, Marvel’s The Avengers was an extremely popular and high grossing film. I was impressed with the Select figures chosen for that movie as they were of high quality and were no re-releases from the lead up movies (other than iron man mark VI). Because this was such a hugely popular movie has there been any discussion about rounding out and doing figures for the missing Avengers characters such as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and possibly a Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) or Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg)? I think those figures would sell well especially with all the collectors and completionists out there.

  Lastly, I was curious how it gets determined which Marvel characters gets put into action figure form each year (aside from the movie lines)? I would assume a lot is on character popularity but I know the Marvel Select line tries to provide some unique characters as well. There has been a share of Wolverine’s, Iron Man’s, Hulk’s, Spider Man’s, Thor’s, etc. I would love to see some more “less popular/mainstream” characters coming down the road. For example, I love that you are doing a Silver Surfer later this year. Is there any chance for there to be future production on some less mainstream characters such as Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, etc.? Again, I wasn’t sure if this may be due in part to financial reasons (lack of sales), and if so, any options to create limited run/edition exclusives? 

My apologies on the extent of questions and the lengthy email. I am just a passionate collector and fan of your Marvel Select line of figures who has been extremely impressed with how far that line has come over the years.

  I would love to receive any response and feedback from my questions and look forward to continued great products from the Marvel Select line and Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles overall.

DST Chuck: Steve glad you dig what we’re doing, thanks a lot! Let me see what I can do about your questions.
• For the movies it’s pretty tricky we’d love to do many for each movie but it’s not realistic. So we try our best, for Avengers we tried to do figures that we had not done before SO Cpt. America had been done and even though it was a new look we thought it best to do Hawkeye. Stuff like that BUT for Iron Man while there were tons we could have done we decided to stay with Iron Man and War Machine. For Thor we ARE doing a character we have not done before so it’s more just a feeling than a plan.
• For a line like Select there is just not enough time to do that many from a movie and it would take months for us to issue them all and doing so would pretty much eliminate the MU figures from the line.
• Avengers is a line that could have had many figures but we have no plans to go back and make anymore – maybe for Avengers 2?
• Yes for sure there are fans out there that want less known characters and as you say we’ve done our share. However the Select line is not going to become the home of the obscure character. While we understand a line needs some breadth it has to remain profitable for us as and the retailers that carry it, and as the only line of Marvel figures exclusive to specialty stores, quite a few retailers depend on the line and the sales it brings. It’s always going to be a balance and we just do our best.

Justin A.
Hey, Marvel Select is amazing but I would like to know do you guys have any plans to do a Tony Moore style Deadpool or his costume based on the new game? Thanks

DST Chuck: I think for the time being we’re pretty happy with the Deadpool figure we have, but you never know.

Isaac C.
Hey DST, I just wanted to write this email to thank you all for all the hard work and detail you put into your action figures, specifically the Marvel Select ones. I am an avid Hulk collector, in which case I collect his comics, trades, glasses, statues, art and most importantly his action figures. Here recently I was looking through my collection to determine the items that just really stick out and I came to a pretty quick decision that the Marvel Selects are hard to beat. The attention to detail and work is just phenomenal and I would definitely have to say they are my favorite.

The main reason I am emailing is to make a suggestion and I know it is not likely that it will be answered or even given a thought, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I love all the Hulk Marvel Selects that you guys have done, especially the ones that apply directly to the comics themselves. The last two that you guys developed I believe came directly from Marc Silvestri’s depiction in the Vol. 4 series of the Incredible Hulk (“Unleashed” and “Barbarian” Hulk). These two Hulk action figures are absolutely my favorite out of all my action figures. Pulling these designs directly from the comics and books just adds so many dimensions to these toys that it allows for a larger group, young and old, casual and hardcore comic readers, to really enjoy and appreciate each and every minute of hard work you guys put into them.

With that said, in my opinion, the greatest story arc that I have ever read about the Hulk would have to be Planet Hulk by Greg Pak and it would be so amazing to see this Hulk depicted as a Marvel Select toy. With the wide spread of Hulk fans the Avengers movie created and the already huge fan base of this specific story arc, there is no doubt in my mind that the Planet Hulk Marvel Select action figure would be worth your hard work and efforts.

Suggestion: “Planet Hulk” Marvel Select Action Figure. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

DST Chuck: Thanks for the love and happy our Hulk figures are such an important part of your collection. You should know though that I answer EVERY question sent to ASKDST, so while you might not like the reply and it might seem vague, every fan and every question is important. We do like to sometimes pull right from the comics but we also want our designers and sculptors to have some freedom to express their ideas and their art, so hopefully most of our figures strike that proper balance. We’ve done quite a few Hulks so we are not working on any more right now, BUT I’d say Planet Hulk is pretty cool as would a huge Maestro figure, or a Kirby Hulk or…

Brendan F.
Hey guys – loved the Phoenix Killer Iron Man. Any chance that you would re-issue the 2010 Hulkbuster Minimate in the future, or be making any similar Hulkbuster-esque Iron Men anytime soon?

DST Chuck: That Hulk Buster Iron Man continues to haunt me – yes if I can find a way to get another version or such out I will.

Shandon W.
I was browsing some retailers online inventory for the Marvel Select line and found some noticeable pre-orders. Is there any truth or is it just pure speculation that there will be a Thor TDW Thor figure and Jane Foster figure?

DST Chuck: Were you one of those kids that snuck around trying to find their Christmas presents early? YES both are confirmed…

Anthony T.
The Iron Man 3 Marvel Select line looks promising. Any chances of seeing more armors released such as the Red Snapper Mark XXXV (35)?

DST Chuck: NO, sorry – those are the only two armors we have planned for IM3 at this time.

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