Ask DST #208 – Boom Go the Minimates!

All aboard the Ask DST Train as DST Chuck rises up to deal with your Minimates questions! Have at it!

F. Mint
Have you ever considered a Stan Lee Minimate? So, with Shanna being released any day now, when are we getting our Ka-Zar & Zabu 2-pack?

DST Chuck: We did check to see if any of the characters Stan has played in the movies would be covered in our movies deals and they are not – so no plans for now.. I suppose that two pack could be cool but we have not considered it before now.

Brandon D.
Is there any chance of possibly seeing Minimates based on the Movie The Hunger Games? It’s a very popular movie and book series and Minimates based on the movie would totally sell extremely well.

DST Chuck: We had talked to that studio before when it was just a book and they were not interested and while it’s a great franchise , not sure its something we’d look at now that’s it’s a movie. Our plans for the property were much more underground.

Nick V.
Any chance of re releasing Glenn or Shane from Series 1? I wanted to complete my collection, but started late and now they sell for $50-$80 online. Maybe a “Best of” line down the road? I know a new Glenn is coming out soon, but I was wondering about the original outfit Glenn. Thanks

DST Chuck: There has been some talk of the best of but even with those we try and make small changes to the figures. While we’re do more Glen and Shane I am sure…just not the exact same ones that were part of series 1.

Dabid K.
I am EXTREMELY excited about the just-announced Thundercats Minimates set with Ben-Gali, Pumyra and Lynx-O! One disappointment though: No Snarfer, Snarf’s nephew! He’ll be the only member of the Thundercats not made as a Minimate now! Was this on purpose? Why’d you guys skip out on Snarfer, the last member of the legendary 80’s Thundercats? Might we get Snarfer somewhere else? =/

DST Chuck: To be totally honest with you I have no idea why that one in particular was one of the ones we did not do.

Adam S.
Hi Chuck, with the release of the Heavy SHIELD Agent army builder coming in Marvel Series 51, would it be possible to see similar “upgraded” versions of popular army builders in the future? Perhaps HYDRA or AIM?

DST Chuck: NO reason I can think of that it would not be “possible”

Matt K.
Hello Minimate makers! One question, will there be a dump set or a box set of the rest of the Iron Man armors for the Iron Man 3 minimates?

DST Chuck: No there will not be a dump, sorry.

Tim C.
Are there plans for a 3rd wave of Best of from Marvel Minimates? Haven’t heard any rumblings and am curious. Need an Invisible Woman to display with the Best of Reed. Odds of a First Appearance Wonder Man minimate someday?Any plans for Wrecking Crew or U-Foes sets? How about a couple of Masters of Evil sets?

DST Chuck: At this moment there are NOT plans but that does not mean we don’t start a third one in 2014. Odd of Wonder Man – slim, still no plans for Wrecking Crew plans for the other sets either.

Brandon D.
Any chance of maybe seeing an Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Minimate?

DST Chuck: We have never discussed that.

Tyler K.
This is my first time asking a question on here but any way due to the Thundercats line actually performing rather well has icon heroes expressed any interest in doing a MOTU line? Also since marvel mini-mates series 54 doesn’t have to do with a movie can you give us a little info on what we might be getting in it?

DST Chuck: Last time the issue of MOTU was discussed Mattel was not interested in granting a license. I think DSTZach has a system for when he starts to flow out info on our new releases so aside from hints I can sneak in here from time to time, I can’t help you.

Ross N.
Any chance we will see an updated version of Power Man and Iron Fist along with some of the other heroes for hire?

DST Chuck: It has been discussed so it could happen at some point but it’s not scheduled as of now.

John C.
Any chance for Game of throne minimates? please?

DST Chuck: We had looked at that for a time but Dark Horse came in and a acquired a good bit of categories so I don’t think we’re considering it anymore.

Jason G.
Hey guys I have a question, are you guys making Minimates for captain America 2, and minimates for the new wolverine movie

DST Chuck: Yes for the new Wolverine and I can’t say yes or no yet to CA2.

Matt K.
Hello Hello MM folks. I just saw on the sideshow toys website that there are some of the new iron man 3 armors coming out as their 1/6 scale figures. SO on seeing that, Would it be possible for a special 4 pack box set, different from the specials at toys are us, to make their way in minimate form soon?

DST Chuck: I don’t think we’re going to make anymore MM for IM3 but you never know.

Phillip F.
Dear Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys, Whatever happened to series 3 of the Lord of the Rings Minimates? I’ve seen pictures of the figures, and they didn’t look bad to me. Why weren’t they ever released? Is there a way I could get some? Thank You for your time.

DST Chuck: That was before we acquired the Minimate assets from Art Asylum and they did that line on their own. I have some idea but it’s not for me to say.

Alex T.
I love the ThunderCats minimates. I was so happy with the roster that was out as of series 3 (and the mumm-ra, jaga, grune, lion-o set we saw mock-ups for would just be icing on the cake). Now the Pumyra, Bangali, Lynxo, and Rataro set just blew my mind. Unfortunately, now my hopes are up for even MORE. I’ve always had a thing for a pretty obscure ThunderCat from the 80s comics.. that would be the bounty hunter Lynxana. Are comic-only characters even available to you? I would love to see her included. She has a great look and a cool backstory. Oh yeah, and one Berbil was great, but two seems incomplete.. please consider Berbil Belle! I have a million second-tier character suggestions but those two are my tops so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for all the great Mini-Mates!

DST Chuck: I think we’re done with Thundercats after this last box set but hopefully most fans will consider their collection pretty complete and glad you liked what we did; it was fun to work on and work with Icon Heroes.

Ryan R.
With the new Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag coming out later this year, and it either having characters in it or referencing characters from history and therefore the Calico Jack minimate line, such as Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham, and Charles Vane. Is their any chance of Art Asylum relaunching the Calico Jack line with loosely based characters from the game or perhaps licencing of the game? I would sure love to see some more pirates, and assassins would be a welcome bonus.

DST Chuck: We’d love to do more Calico Jack and there is still lots of story to tell, we’ll mention it to TRU next time we see them for sure. As far as Assassins Creed sorry we have no plans right now to go after that license.

Corey C.
I have arrived late on the scene with regards to collecting minimates, so I love the Marvel Best of waves that have been released. But being a huge Spider-man fan, I have to ask is there any chance of seeing Spidey villains such as Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, Electro etc. getting re-released in minimate form? These characters that have only seen 1 release can fetch a pretty expensive penny on the secondary market.

DST Chuck: Since you’re new I guess you don’t know this yet but with me Spider-Man and related characters are always in play! Never have too many I say.

Kevin S.
Hello Almighty Minimate Makers! Just wondering if we might someday soon see an original Sunfire and original Banshee two pack to “complete” the Giant Size X-Men era X-Men. I mean no disrespect, but this one feels like a “no brainer” to me. And please, please, please an original costume Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed). You did right by us X-Men Minimate collectors with the incredible New Mutants and Alpha Flight sets. We just need a few iconic characters that haven’t been made yet. The “Astonishing” Kitty just doesn’t look right with the team from the “Professor Xavier is a JERK” era. Thanks.

DST Chuck: Yup Sunfire and Banshee would make a ton of sense. As I recall back in the day Kitty changed costumes pretty often – it was a bit of a running joke but yes I get what you’re asking for.

Patricio T.
There are several Minimates vehicles available, including Back to the Future, Star Trek, and others. Have Marvel Minimates vehicles been considered? And, if so, are there plans of releasing Marvel vehicles? There are so many possibilities. I think fans would go crazy over a Minimate-compatible Fantasticar, Blackbird, Quinjet, Spider-Mobile, and so many more.

DST Chuck: Our license does not allow for vehicles but X-Men fans might want to check out the Max vehicle line.

Paul W.
Hey Couple of quick questions about your awesome marvel minimate line! I’ve noticed there seem to be more movie waves coming up this year than comic ones at the moment. I wondered if that meant less TRU exclusive comic waves too as they seem to tie in with the LCS waves lately (eg wave 48/TRU 15) or it there would still be TRU waves not linked to LCS ones so that we get a few more comic ‘mates out there? Also any chance of any new comic related thor characters this year with the second movie coming out? Thanks!

DST Chuck: TRU buys the Marvel movie lines as a separate SKU from the comic line so one has very little to do with the other. While we would not want to flood the market the movie waves have been a pretty consistent line.

Heroic Slacker
Dear Chuck, I am beyond excited for the two upcoming Marvel Now! waves (MM wave 51 and TRU wave 16), I was wondering if there were any plans to release the Uncanny X-Men in their current garbs? Cyclops, Emma, Magik and Magneto all have awesome redesigns and I believe they would translate well to Minimates. With Dazzler and the Stepford Cuckoos joining you have a pretty solid X-Wave. The four main Uncanny X-Men, Dazzler in her current X-Treme X-Men costume, Dazzler in her classic rollerskate disco costume, and the Stepford Cuckoos as army builders.

DST Chuck: There are not plans to right now but I would say there are not plans NOT to so we’ll see.

Joshua H.
Hi again Chuck. As always, thanks for taking the time to answer these. First off, let me get the obligatory request for Squirrel Girl as a Minimate out of the way. Have you noticed that exposure of her has been increasing more and more? She’s in Marvel’s new on-line SHS games and will also be one of 26 playable characters, she’s been in the last few years worth of Avengers comics and is in a new Marvel encyclopedia geared toward kids. I even saw a cosplayer as her at C2E2 this year. If there was ever a time to make an SG Minimate, I think this year is the year. You could easily pair her up with just about any big name villian (since she’s pretty much defeated them all). I’d give up asking, but now that we’ve seen a Flash Thompson Venom in Minimate and Marvel Select form I’m banking on the squeaky wheel getting the grease. The othe reason I was writing was to ask if there’s a limit to how many different Minimate sets or lines DST can handle in a certain time frame. Do you as a company or do the factories you use have a certain capacity for what can be designed and made in a year? If so, does that affect how many licenses you hold or does that mean that giving extra attention to one license means you give less that year to another. Just curious and I hope that makes sense. Thansk again!

DST Chuck: My pleasure. Squirrel who?? Of course our designers have a capactity on how much work they can do and any factory has a capacity in both machine and human time but neither has stopped us from making something. Our HK is very good at working with our factory and our designers are crazy dedicated and loyal. If it’s something they want to work on they seem to find the time to make it happen. We do want to pay attention to how much we are taxing them as well as collectors but every year we seem to push it a little further.

Matt S.
With Captain America 2 movie-mates a near certainty, could we get a little love for the comic book version of one of the supporting characters?Namely Sam Wilson, the Falcon? And in his classic, most-famous Kirby-costume of all? Then you could have a modern Falcon in there too, one as the variant and one as the regular figure for all us Mad, Marvel Misfits? Thanks a heap!

DST Chuck: In the past a release of a new Marvel movie has meant more comic product from that property but it’s not a guarantee.

Sean R.
Any chance we’re getting a white costume Elektra, or first appearance Daredevil this year? I have a lot riding on this information..

DST Chuck: Not in 2013 I am afraid.

Clark A.
Since DST has the license to make Batman ’66 merchandise can we expect to see any minimates of the dynamic duo?

DST Chuck: No we do not have MM planed at this time for the Batman TV line. Sorry.

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