Chicago’s C2E2 2013 Was the Meeting Place for Minimates Fans!

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At last weekend’s C2E2, Minimates fans descended like a swarm to participate in the Marvel Minimates 10th anniversary! Diamond Select Toys had ten years worth of Minimates on display in the Minimates museum, along with the popular Build-A-Minimate station, free pins and free posters. The Minimates panel was also a success, with nearly 100 people in attendance and a ton of cool reveals, including new Marvel, Lost in Space, Battle Beasts, Walking Dead and Aliens Minimates! There was even a small gathering of fans from the Minimate Multiverse message boards after the panel! Check out pictures from the exhibit below, as well as pics of the Build-A-Minimate booth’s crazy creations!

The Exhibit: Build-A-Minimate:

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