Iron Man 3 Minimates to Hit Stores May 8th! New Product Photos!

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The third Iron Man film is finally here, with a star-studded cast of characters and an array of awesome armors. But where can you find a toy line that will allow you to bring home all of the characters and armors in the movie? The Marvel Minimates line, naturally! And the first assortment hits comic shops May 8th!

If you’re looking to re-create the world of Iron Man 3, you can make 13 different characters and armors using the interchangeable two-inch mini-figure line. Comic shops will exclusively get War Machine with Maya Hansen and Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark with Aldrich Killian, as well as Iron Man Mark 42 with The Mandarin, and Iron Patriot (with Rhodey and Savin heads) with an Extremis Soldier. Toys “R” Us will also get Iron Man/Mandarin, and Iron Patriot /Extremis Soldier, plus their own exclusive two-packs: Suit Up Tony Stark with Heartbreaker Armor and Bones Armor with Silver Centurion Armor.

Look for the specialty assortment to hit comic shops and online retailers May 8th, and the Toys “R” Us assortment to hit stores and shortly afterwards! Check out new photos below, and reserve your set today!

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