Ask DST #209 – Sci-Fi? Sci-Fi!

Time to take your Sci-Fi medicine! Dr. DST Chuck has a fever… and the only prescription is more Ask DST! Adam M. Hi,I just saw the first picture of your ‘First Contact’ variant of the Enterprise-E and had a question – is this ship screen-accurate, or is it only the paint job that’s screen-accurate? The description states that it “features an all-new, film-accurate paint scheme”, the problem being that the extra bits like the phasers on the warp nacelle struts weren’t added until ‘Nemesis’, meaning the ship itself wouldn’t be screen accurate. Second question I was wondering – would you consider exclusive mini-runs of variants for your ships, such as say the Ent-E repainted as the USS Sovereign, or the TOS Enterprise as the Defiant, Excalibur, Constellation etc?

DST Chuck: The changes to the E are limited to paint. There are no new tooled parts. I do not think we have any plans for small run variants. The cost for just the tampo would be prohibitive.

Tim S.
Hello, I have to tell you that I received my AGT Enterprise repaint, Nemisis Enterprise, and WOK Enterprise reissue and once again I am amazed at the quality. I personally really don’t care about voices but the sound effects and the lights are what I like. My only complaint if any is the E and WOK E don’t have the functionality to have the lights on all the time. If you ever reissue them in the future please add. But still love them and they are great so thank you. Two questions, Are you going to reissue a battle damaged WOK enterprise? and question 2 Since you have flooded us with ships (very grateful for)and I have a pretty good idea of which ship is coming after the Excelsior, is it possible to do 2 or 3 ships at a time like you did with the Enterprise B and the BOP? So along with the ship you are working on now you can also do say The Enterprise C or the motion picture Klingon Battle Crusier, or both. Thank you again for the awesome work.

DST Chuck: That was a feature we came up with later in the process than when the E was started back by Art Asylum. We did look into adding it but it was not possible. Our target is two ships per season and I think we’d still like to be able to achieve that but aside from re-issues or repaints I think two is a good number.

Joe G.
I have a question. Will you be making figures or minimates for the Star Trek into Darkness movie? Thanks

DST Chuck: Sorry we have no rights to the new movies.

Hello. I was wondering and hoping that there would be a chance for some star trek ships that have not been made yet by your company. I came across a video and a screenshot of an Enterprise titled “Enterprise Re-imagined”. I would love to see this version of an Enterprise made if possible. Also, how about a U.S.S. Reliant in the future? Here’s a Youtube link to the video of the Enterprise Re-imagined. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

DST Chuck: The next ship we have planned is the Excelsior and past that we’re not ready to say.

Wes C.
Was wondering if you will be coming out with the Original Series Disruptor pistol and Klingon communicator or the pistol grip Tricorder from Wrath Of Khan. Thanks.

DST Chuck: We’ve just started to work up our next role-play item and I can say it is not one of those, sorry.

Steve S.
hi there 
just a email to say wow , just purchased klingon bird of prey and khan enterprise great models , will be getting the D class enterprise TNG  next …as soon as i find one in uk or usa … any way my question is ,are you making a voyager model?
many thanks

DST Chuck: Right now Voyager is not planned, but that does not mean it won’t be at some point.

John D.
Would you be planning on making more Star Trek role playing toys like the TNG/DS9 type Three-3 phaser rifle, and more TNG/DS9 type two-2 phasers of both the first one and the 2th one and the type one-1 little phaser? Please let me know.

DST Chuck: We have one more role-play right now in development.

Joshua W.
Could you please, please, please, please, please, please, please do a D’deridex-class Romulan Warbird for the Starship Legends series? And the Valdore, but D’deridex first!

DST Chuck: Sorry, not planned right now.

Scott M.
Think about making a Cage Laser, a Cage Communicator, and The WHMHGB Phaser Rifle. Thanks.

DST Chuck: Right now none of those are planned – sorry.

Sebastian H.
Guten Tag from Germany! I love, what your doing, Marvel, Star Trek, all of it is just amazing. But I have two questions which are burning on my chest:

1. Last time you said, the Voyager as a new ship would be long shot. My question is: Why? I believe many people would die for a Voyager or even the Defiant or Deep Space Nine, but instead we get the Enterprise B, which was only on screen for a few minutes. Why not the major ships of the other Star Trek shows? The Playmates Versions of the Defiant and the Voyager are just to expensive with 200 Euros, which are 240 Dollars, you got two or even three potential top sellers there and you’re ignoring them.

2. The Picard of the Star Trek Select line is the best action figure of him, I’ve ever seen. Who’s next? Which will be the next Star Trek Select figures? I want to make room on my shelves for them, because they are already bought.

Thank you und auf Wiedersehen!

DST Chuck: Here goes:
1. Honestly with so many great ships to work from , I am sure we will disappoint a good deal of the fan base every time we select a ship, role-play or action figure. The Trek fans are very passionate about that they like and want to collect.

2. We have not started to develop the third figure in the line but I think we will do so soon.

Raymond C.
Hi There, I just bought the last star trek next generation enterprise ncc-1701-d to add to my collection and I have them all that you released to date, great job, love them. My question is are there plans to do perhaps a Voyager, Defiant from DS9 and the remake enterprise NCC-1701 from the Startrek 2009 movie? would love to see you guys do that one for sure. thanks, Ray

DST Chuck: Ray, thanks so much for the support. Hopefully you will be happy with the next ships we do even if they are not among your favorites.

Rob B.
it’s great to see star trek action figures and minimates being produced again but i have one request , you did a full wrath of khan crew and next gen crew – we even had nurse ogawa but you never finished the classic crew and a lot of collectors are still waiting for the chapel and rand figures . please do not reply and tell me that there is no interest for these figures , you have commented on here yourself that therte has been a lot of interest in chapel and rand , not only are they fan favourite characters but a lot of people want the chance to complete their crew – you would never have put them forward as figures if you did’nt think there was interest in them . i’m not asking for you to include them in your select line and i’m not asking for new figures from scratch – youve already made the figures up and i remember one of the first things someone asked you when you announced you were producing star trek figures again was if you were going to release the chapel and rand wave of figures . i know the line was not supported by the retailers but a lot of collectors have supported your line since it started and want the chance of a complete crew . the interest is there , the figures are there – is it really so much to ask for you to finally release the rest of the crew , you will make a lot of collectors very happy !

DST Chuck: Right now we have no plans to go back and make more figures from past lines, sorry.

Eric W.
I’ve seen the First Contact Verison of the Enterprise-E & I’m inpressed. I do have a couple questions. Will this one have a lights on Feature? Also… Will you be changing up the Sound FX chip to use all sounds & Voice commands from ST: First Contact to make this version unique to that Star Trek Film?

DST Chuck: The First Contact does not have different voice effects, and none of the versions of the E will have a lights stay on feature, sorry.

OK so now I own 4 of your wonderful Star Trek ships, including the newest three the ALL GOOD THINGS Enterprise D-the re-release Enterprise E and the wicked K’Vort Class Klingon Bird Of Prey. I know you have requests for all kinds of ships. But it would seem to be good marketing if you release a NOREXAN Class Romulan Warbird, the IRW VALDORR as it would tie in with the Enterprise E from Nemesis. You could package it with 2 detachable 16 inch wing sections and would be a huge toy the same scale as the Enterprise, say 34-36 inch span! You would sell many of these trust me! Also would like to see Breen and Dominion vessels. Eveybody would love to own a BIG Romulan vessel…cheers! Let me know if I am alone in a field about this. Thanks

DST Chuck: Sounds cool and I am sure you’re not alone, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Russ M.
Are you looking to re-release the Enterprise B? I want a ambassador Enterprise C. Need the USS Defiant, Romulan Warbird. Good work on these models. Just wondering what kind of future ships you are working on.

DST Chuck: There is already a new run of the B heading to stores. As for new ships, you guys keep buying them and we’ll keep making new ones.

Will M.
When will you re-issue the 2nd pilot TOS Enterprise? I especially liked the green-tint coloring on the saucer section. I want a TOS D-7 Klingon Battlecruiser ship and also a classic TOS Klingon phaser. How about it?

DST Chuck: I do not think at this time we have plans to release more of the older TOS ships, for now just the HD is staying in production but that can change.

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