Ask DST #210 – Spring Cleaning!

DST Chuck takes a broom to the house and cleans out your miscellaneous questions. Let’s get some answers!

Jeff W.
I just received the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Diamond Select Toys Knight Rider Kitt with Figure It is Really Great. Any chance You will be making the knight rider semi truck to scale for the car to go into?

DST Chuck: There is no way we would make the truck – sorry!

Shawn G.
First off i just wanted to comment star wars banks are incredible! i really enjoy the quality sculpt and great final product! I’m sure you’re going to keep this line going for awhile but i just wanted to put in a request for a 1/4 gonk bank to go with my jawa bank. he’s just a big box so I’m sure he would make a excellent choice for a bank your lineup. thanks for you’re time, and i look forward to your future projects!

DST Chuck: Interesting choice! I think with a universe to work from like SW, we could go on forever- or as long as fans like what we’re doing.

Calvin C.
How long will the K.I.T.T toys be around to buy from your company as I am a collector and would like to purchase a few at a time?

DST Chuck: Hard to say really but DST has a pretty good history of keeping stuff like this in stock or going back and making more as demand dictates… you know though, they say he who hesitates is lost.

Sophie G.
when is the next series of mad monster party coming out? also when is the next series of the munsters coming out? thanks!

DST Chuck: We have not had the support we hoped to have for series 1 of Mad Monster Party so there will be no series 2 in 2013 but we’re holding out hope for 2014! New Munsters arrive this fall!

Dennis W.
Hello, I really love your Alice: Madness Returns figures. Will there be more figures coming after the Royal Alice figure, or weren’t the sales strong enough? Please make them happen! Greetings from Germany

DST Chuck: We have asked the producer if there were any more variants that made sense and neither of us has really come up with anything so I honestly can’t say, but it looks bad..

Freddie C.
I just read that you have been granted the 1966 Batman license!!!!!! That’s exciting, I can’t WAIT to see what you guys turn out, I know it’s going to be great. I see a list of characters that you guys will be producing but Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl is missing from the list. Is she off the table? Is she being saved for a later announcement since she joined the show in the last season? I can’t consider any Batman TV series collection complete without her. Please tell me it’s not true that we won’t be getting any Batgirl related merchandise. Thanks for your time!

DST Chuck: Freddie, Warner Bros. has given a list of actors and actresses that we can produce product for and it’s a somewhat fluid list so we’ll see. Honestly there is so much great stuff I have no idea how we will get to all of it. Wish we could have done MM or retro cloth!

Steve P.
I have a couple of your 1:15 scale BTTF Deloreans. Lights!! Sounds!!! Awesome!! So along those lines that has not been produced for the larger collector market at even close to an affordable price- How about making the Blade Runner Spinner? Have you all asked about the license? Is it available?

DST Chuck: I would love to do Blade Runner!

Maelstrom J.
Hi Chuck, In your last question session someone who clearly has taste suggested you produce a replica of the time machine from the George Pal version featuring rod taylor back in the sixties. i didnt notice a response to that part of his question but I have to say I AGREE !! Id’ love it having always wanted a decent ‘affordable replica… I’d suggest packing it with a Morlock….. I realise a spinning ‘dish’ and flashing lights are too much too ask but basically – any chance ??

Also any chances of you taking up the reins on figures based on the sixties sci fi show The Outer Limits. No ones produced a decent run of all of the monsters from the show ..again any chance ?

DST Chuck: Both cool ideas but I don’t think we’ll be doing either any time soon – sorry. We do have something cool cooking on a old Sci-Fi TV show but sorry , it’s not Outer Limits.

David H.
Hi! I have a few awesome questions…. 1: when can fans expect to pre-order the 24″ stay puft figure? and please go into more details about the item.
2: can fans expect a model ship of the Sulaco for the aliens electronic vehicle line? If so could DST make the ship roughly 20″ long? I hate getting vehicles that are only 12 – 15 ” long. I think it’s possible due to the fact that the ship is fairly flat.

DST Chuck We’re still nailing down the sculpt for the massive StayPuft but work is well underway! Sorry, no plans for Sulaco right now… but for sure we’re going to look into some vehicles from that franchise.

Glyn D.
how about doing a blakes 7 liborater starship the classic 1977 , 1980 show not the new reboot.

DST Chuck: Sorry no plans.

Daniel L.
If I may, I think these would be great models:
– The time machine train from the Back to the Future III.
– The time machine from the 1960 movie
– The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Finally, have you ever thought of doing a time machine series depicting the various time machines used in film and television? Hope to see some of the above in the future.

DST Chuck: I’d love to do the Nautilus from the old Disney movie…

Lloyd D.
With the quality of all the stuff you produce, is there any chance of have action figures produce on the 80’s thundercats cos it would be great to have the whole team with decent articulation and sculpts, and hopefully some of the less well know characters.

DST Chuck: Sorry no plans for anything else from Thundercats at this time.

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