Ask DST #211 – Marvel Me!

Let’s talk Marvel with DST Chuck! Time to get your Marvel questions answered in Ask DST #211!

Emile F.
Hello! I think I have already said, but I repeat: congratulations for your work! I particularly appreciate your Marvel Select figures, I order from France. I had a personal request: A Astonishing Wolverine, with your new joints (like Venom) is for me a source of joy. And if you have the idea to Deathlok, do not deprive yourself. That’s it. Thank you for the small moments of happiness that I feel every receipt of order.

DST Chuck: Thanks so much for the support and the kind words. We’ve talked about Deathlok before but he’s not in the plans right now.

Ryan S.
Hi, I’m not sure if I can send an email suggesting figures but I’ve decided to give it a shot. Let me start off by saying great work on these figures. The sculpts and seriousness behind them make them worth collecting. I’ve been collecting Marvel Select figures well over a year now and I’m not a fan of all figures in the line but because of the great work I am tempted to get everyone. I would like to suggest a few figures that I’d like to see in the line. I’m not sure how you guys operate with new figures being revealed and how often, but I’d love for there to be an entire Civil War Collection line. Also if we can have more and more of the Spiderman villains especially
Doc Ock

Other Marvel Select Figures that I’d love to see
Punisher (remake)
Ghost Rider (black suit)
Human Torch

DST Chuck: Thanks for the support and suggestions (I did cut the list for this posting) since we are limited in how many SKU we can do each year I don’t think something like completing the CW set is possible but I think many of the figures you suggest would be under consideration as soon as 2014.

Rudolf V.
Hello! Greetings from Romania ! first i just want to say : I love your Marvel select figures . i am a huge X-Men fan. I just got the Gambit figure and i am wainting for the brown costume wolverine . Sadly they are really hard to find in my country , but i will keep trying. I wanted to ask you guys if you are going to make a Rogue or Scarlet Witch figure ? i really love the characters and i would love to see them as action figures made by you. so…any thoughts? keep up the good work PS: can’t wait for The wolverine figure this fall.

DST Chuck: I would say both of those are very possible, they have been discussed in the past!

Paul D. When can we see the second 2 Iron Man 3 Marvel Select figures, Iron Patriot and the mystery repaint? Also, what went into the decision to do a War Machine figure that doesn’t appear in the movie?

DST Chuck: I believe you will see them very soon , if not by the time you read this. We have to start our figures before a trailer is even ready for a movie and sometimes we are not even able to read a script. In the case of IM3 we were able to read a script and that script had War Machine in it so we went with it…maybe he will be shown in the SE BluRay?

Danilo F.
Hey what’s up! these re-releases of Ghost rider and Green goblin are great news I just wanted to ask a little question: I know you guys are releasing Iron Man in his movie looks along with War Machine, but there’s a chance you get to update the character in his comic look? the last iron man you guys did was the extremis armor and he looks really dated now since you’ve improved in your sculpting efforts by leaps and bounds… You guys released last year a classic looking Cap, Thor, Hawkeye and Widow is there a chance of Iron man getting this same treatment? It would be awesome to see Mark-II along Cap and the rest of the classic looking gang!

DST Chuck: We’ve done quite a few Iron Man figures and for sure we’d look to do more at some point.

Juan G.
Greetings from Mexico I just want to say that Marvel select is an awesome line I´ve been buying your large figures like Thanos, Juggy or The Watcher and they are great. Now my question is about some old figures like Mephisto that figures is awesome but its really expensive in the secondary market is there any chance to re reissue that particular figure. And how about a nice Terrax or Blastar in the line. Bring those cosmic characters

DST Chuck: We’ve not closed the door on any figures being re-released so its possible. Not sure we’ve had serious talks on either of those but anything is possible.

Shandon W.
Has DST given any thought to making an accessory pack? It may be a long shot but I think fans would def dig it for their displays. i.e. Casket of Ancient Winters, M’Kraan Crystal, the Ultimate Nullifier, Book of the Vishanti…even throw a Dr. Strange figure in there…and yes Chuck, I was one of those kids who snuck around Christmas time looking for my presents early.

DST Chuck: Shandon I am SO disappointed to hear you went peeking! I don’t even think a Select accessory pack would be allowed in our license but that’s a cool idea.

Drake W.
Hello. I’ve always wanted to ask if you guys could make a Marvel select hulkbuster iron man. I know you probably get messages like this a lot but please do give it some thought, especially since iron man 3 has been released. Oh and a side note. a Marvel Select movie green goblin would be great too you know from the Tobey Maguire movies but that’s just something I want. Thank you for taking your time to read this-Drake Webster

DST Chuck: We have absolutely considered the Hulkbuster – just not sure we can make the costing work. We no longer have the rights to the Maguire movies.

Hi DST, I was wondering if you’re going to make any product for Xmen DOFP. I would love to see a new Halle Berry Storm bust or statues. I’d really like to see a line of busts from the characters featured in the film. Similar to the complete set of Xmen Last Stand DST busts released a few years back. Any reply would be awesome thanks.

DST Chuck: We have just started talks with Marvel about the next round of movies so we’ll have to see what the future holds.

Randy M.
Quick question, will we ever see a Superior Spider-Man DST in the near future?

DST Chuck: Never rule out Spider-Man when DST is involved.

Jeff B.
I have to know/strongly request. MORE MARVEL ZOMBIES FIGURES! At the very least, we need Thor to round out the Avengers. Please?

DST Chuck: I am sorry but at this point we are not allowed to make more figures based on the Marvel Zombie line of comics.

Jacob G.
First off, i would like to say that i LOVE your products, especially your Marvel Select action figure line. I have been collecting all my favorites as well as some of my not so favorite characters that i couldn’t pass up because you made them look so amazing. I cant wait for your new products to add to my collection! Also, do you plan on making a Cable or Hope Summers figure (possibly a Cable w/ baby Hope on his chest.. which would be my dream come true). He is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. Mainly because my Wife and I are expecting and Cable has been inspiration for me. The way he truly cares for the child in the comics, even though he was not in the least prepared for the responsibility, and would die for her make me so excited to be a new father and have that love for a child. Anyway, Once again i would like to state that you guys truly are the greatest toy company in the known universe! Keep up the solid work.  

DST Chuck: Cable has come close to being made a few times in the past so I think it will happen at some point. Hope Summers is more of a maybe , we’ll have to see. Congrats on expanding your family!

Mark L.
Is DS making any more Rogue statues from x-men? PLEASE!!!! I would love something from the Evolution series, or her red and black suit (neither of these have been done yet), and of coures Savage Land (which I have seen the prototype for, but I don’t remember what company was making it). I have every Rogue statue, a couple custom ones, custome dolls, and am trying to get the money (when I get a bigger place) to order a life size.

DST Chuck: Sorry we no longer make resin statues for the Marvel Universe.

Lewis R.
Are you done with the danger room x-men and if not who is next on the list?

DST Chuck: The danger room figures are more something that just pops up so I can’t say for sure if we will make more or if we will not – it just kind of happens.

Jonathan A.
The Venom figure is awesome, the Marvel Select line is the best, and action figures with interchangeable heads, I love it. A figure of Miles Morales spider man would be great. Finally, what happened to the other figures The Expendables 2? Vilain , Church, Trench, Booker, and Yin Yang. I always think, if you do the figures of DC Comics universe, would be best, comics and movies, but that’s in a parallel universe ….THANKS….

DST Chuck: We do not have any rights to the DC Universe of comics and as for Expendables 2, we had hoped more of the actors would grant their likeness rights to merchandise but it just didn’t work out. Maybe Expendables 3!

Lucas D.
Is there a chance for a Phil Coulson figure? I know it is a long shot and it would not be everyone’s first choice of a Select figure, but I was just thinking about his popularity with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his upcoming role in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; which leads me to a second question. Do you have rights for the television show? I don’t know what characters will pop up but I was just wondering and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

DST Chuck: We do not have any rights to the new TV show and I doubt with the limited number of Select figures we can do with each movie we would pick Coulson. We did give him some Minimate love though.

Andrew M.
Hello, I just want to say the Marvel select line is AWESOME! Keep up the good work. I would like to suggest that you make a “Mysterio” and a “Shocker” figure from the amazing spider-man series they are my favorite villains and I am sure they will sell as they are very popular villains. I was told at the last toy show I went to that this line was ending is that rumor true? (I hope not) Are you planning on making a Marvel select figure of “Mysterio” and “Shocker” in the near future? I have bought most of your figures and I would really love to see the 2 best Spider-man villains on this toy line. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your time

DST Chuck: Spider-Man and Spidey related figures are always possible…I have no idea who would have told you MS is ending but that’s news to me. As long as Marvel would let us make these we’d be happy to make them.

Brendan F.
I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but – especially considering the recent interest in the Onslaught minimate – would it be a longshot to see an Onslaught figure in the Marvel Select line?

DST Chuck: I think it’s better than a long shot but it’s not short money.

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