Ask DST #212 – Minima… Ahhh, You Already Know

It’s that time! DST Chuck takes over and brings the answers to your Minimates questions!

Justin H.
Congrats on the Iron Man 3 Minimates! Now that the film has been released, and all secrets are revealed, is there any chance DST could release a supplemental box set or exclusive to fill in some of the holes? A ‘Final Battle Killian’ would be great, as would a new Pepper. Maybe round it out with a couple more armors (Igor, Gemini, etc). As you know, we never got that elusive Whiplash MK 2 from the second movie, and I would hate to see some key looks from IM3 to get missed while you still have the rights to produce product. Thanks for listening!

DST Chuck: I really wish we could but with the movie stuff you pretty much have to hit and run. I think it’s rare when we have been able to go back to a movie.

Brandon D.
Is there any chance of possibly seeing a Minimate Buffy line or something like that?

DST Chuck: I don’t think right now we have any plans to go back into the Buffy verse.

Kaipo K.
I know it’s a long shot, but PLEASE can we get more Iron Man 3 Minimates? The movie has been a staggering success and I think it would be amazing to get some more of the Iron Man armors to round out the Iron Legion.
Igor/Red Snapper
Shotgun/Starboost (Gemini)
Night Club (Stealth)

I’m also aware of the yet-to-be-revealed boxset and I have to say it is exciting.

DST Chuck: I think the movie stuff pretty much has to be one and done. By the time we did another wave it would come out SO long after the movie I’d worry about the success.

Kurt T.
HI, i just wonna get straight down to it. X-WOMEN! iv noticed that Rogue & Emma are due for release in the Legends series, but what about a modern Storm. it seams whenever i try and collect a set of X-Men all from the same era, you miss out key components (im talking minimates wise) we need a modern Rogue and maybe some uncanny x-force characters like the new Puck & Storm

DST Chuck: I think X-Men are always going to be something we look to when we plan out a MM series!

Scott P.
I just got the Strange Tales set and I have to say you’ve outdone yourself DST! I love the set. I was wondering if there could be a Strange Tales II box set sometime in the future? Perhaps with an updated Blue Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider and a Man-Thing so we could have the first Legion of Monsters team?

DST Chuck: I think for SURE doing a horror box set was overdue but I can’t say we have another one coming again anytime soon.

Benjamin H.
Now that Image Comic’s Angela is becoming a Marvel Comics character, are we going to see a Minimate figure based on her soon?

DST Chuck: That would be cool! We’ll have to check!

Flash A.
Any chance SilverHawks (attachable wings), Visionaries (hologram chests and staves), or TigerSharks get the Minimates treatment just like classic Thundercats? Thanks!

DST Chuck: None of those are planned, sorry.

Josh W.
Hey Chuck, first of all..kudos on all of the recent mate releases. Wave 48 and 49 have really been spectacular. I was curious as to what the chances are that we could see updated versions of nightcrawler, gambit, or carnage in minimate form within the year…? This is a personal question, but they are my most sought after. thanks!-

DST Chuck: It amazes me that we’ve done over 50 series, box sets , exclusives and still have so many characters we can do – isn’t it great! X-Men and Spidey are favorites of mine so you never know…

Matt M.
I am a longtime Minimate fan; buying for about 8 years, avidly collecting for 5. I was wondering if y’all had any plans for making any Young Avengers minimates. With Marvel NOW! going on right now it seems like a rather opportune moment to jump on another popular group of heroes that are also fan favorites. Any chance of double box sets like was done with Alpha Flight last year? Thanks!

DST Chuck: I don’t know about a box set but I think there is a good chance we’ll do something…

Hector D.
Will there a second wave for Battle Beasts?

DST Chuck: We are designing them now and are talking to IDW about the next comic as well as TRU about how the first series did for them.

Josephina J.
Could you get the rights to Farscape, Babylon 5, Blake’s 7, Lost in Space, Space 1999, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Underworld film series, True Blood, A Game of Thrones, Primeval tv, Being Humon (US), Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Zorro? A Digitgrade leg extension werewolf?

DST Chuck: One maybe two of those is happening.

Adventure Minimates, Is there a chance it will happen?

DST Chuck: Nothing in the works right now.

Patrick N.
can you make marvel now deadpool and a Scarlet spider (kaine) minimates?

DST Chuck: Maybe…

Armando F.
As a fairly new Minimate collector, which went from simple interest to all out collecting fervor, I did have a question. You admittedly get a lot of questions about the “Best Of” waves, but another question just shows another person excited and interested in another wave. While I know plans for it are usually “We won’t say yes or no, yet, but don’t count it out”, I feel like asking if we could have a more X-men focused Best Of wave? A lot of great past minimates who seem out of reach like Archangel, Gambit, Psylocke, etc, could use a little update and sent off to the hordes of collectors, along with helping newcomers get some of their favorite mutants without dealing with a secondary market. Just putting that out there for consideration.

DST Chuck: Welcome! I don’t know if we’ve ever considered a themed best of wave – I’d have to wonder about that. Maybe cool..

Bob J.
Will there be a re release of the hulkbuster iron man minimate because that is a fan favorite armor and is now really rare to get.

DST Chuck: We would never release EXACTLY the same two pack or exactly the same figure but that said another version of Hulkbuster is very possible at some point.

Gilly A.
are we getting an updated diamond Emma Frost any time soon? I love your Emma Frost design in AvX and I think it would look awesome in translucent plastic (same kind you used for Wave 9 Emma Frost).

DST Chuck: Emma is a character we have gone back to from time to time so anything is possible.

Rana J.
I am a minimates collector. Could you please acquire the license to manufacture minimates based on characters from Game of Thrones? Thank you!

DST Chuck: Sorry that is no longer on the table.

Jenni B.
Hi diamond select I have a new Minimates request. The request is Team Fortress 2 Minimates! I have a few ideas for sets. Here is what I have for sets. Team Fortress 2 Minimates series 1 box sets. Red team pack has Red Heavy, Red Engineer, Red Soldier, Red Sniper, Red Scout, Red Spy, Red Pyro, Red Demoman, and Red Medic! Yes a 9-pack! And it comes with ALOT of accessories Heavy’s minigun and shotgun, Engineer’s wrench, shotgun, pistol, and build and destroy remote, Soldier’s rocket launcher, shotgun, and shovel, Sniper’s sniper rifle, sub machine gun, and machete, Scout’s sliver baseball bat, scatter gun, and pistol, Spy’s butterfly knife, black revolver, electro-sapper, and disguise kit, Pyro’s flamethrower, shotgun, and fireaxe, Demoman’s stickybomb launcher, grenade launcher, and whiskey bottle, and Medic’s bonesaw, syringe gun, and medigun! Also comes with 9 clear stands for the Minimates to stand on! Same with the Blue team pack they come with the same characters, same accessories, and same clear stands. But they are blue versions of the figures. Series 2 are just all 6-packs. Red team packs are Sentry gun and Dispenser pack which includes Sentry gun Lvl 1, Sentry gun lvl 2, Sentry gun lvl 3, Dispenser lvl 1, Dispenser lvl 2, and Dispenser lvl 3 there are no accessories for this pack. Another pack for Red team is the teleporter pack which is actually a 2-pack which comes with 2 teleporters. Same with the Blue Sentry gun and Dispenser packs and Teleporter packs same thing just Blue versions. Series 3 is just one pack it is a Mann vs Machine pack which is a 10-pack and they are all just robots and they are all Blue there is Robot Heavy, Robot Engineer, Robot Soldier, Robot Sniper, Robot Scout, Robot Spy, Robot Pyro, Robot Demoman, Robot Medic, and a Sentry Buster! Accessories are only a few Heavy’s minigun, Engineer’s wrench, Soldier’s rocket launcher, Sniper’s sniper rifle, Scout’s sliver baseball bat, Spy’s butterfly knife, Pyro’s flamethr! ower, Demoman’s stickybomb launcher, Medic’s bonesaw, and 10 clear stands! Series 4 are vechicles there are only 4 sets which are Red team payload bomb cart, Blu team payload bomb cart, a giant Space Shuttle rocket, and a Mann vs Machine giant Blue tank! Series 5 is just a GIANT carrying case which is based off of the Giant Blue Truck/ tank that carrys the robots to their destination and can hold up to 28 Minimates and has room for the vehicles and Sentry guns, Dispensers, and Teleporters! So please make these PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! MAKE THESE! I want to have a little Team Fortress 2 collection! For more information about the characters, vehicles, and robots go to Team Fortress or Team Fortress 2 official wiki to know about what weapons they use or what the characters look like! Email me back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thank you!

DSTChuck: That is a VERY well thought out request but sorry to say nothing is planned at this time.

[No Name Given]
Hi Chuck I was wondering if you could make some more terminator Minimates! Starting with the Terminator from the first movie there isn’t a lot for the first one the only 2 I really ask for are is the first Sarah Conner and the T-800 in the punk’s clothing. That’s is all I ask for the first movie for the second movie I have only one set which is a vehicle set it is the air hunter kill you know those silver ships the fly in the air in the future war well that’s a vehicle I think you should add to the collection. For terminators 3 I thought there could be in the sets there is the t-850,teenage John., Katherine bruster, The T-x, t-shirts endoskeloton,battle damaged t-850,and the t-1. If you don’t know what the t-1 is it is the robots that have those 2 mounted miniguns on them when Skynet starts to take over the facility. Now Terminator.salvation I thought there could be John, Marcus, teenage kyle Reese, t-600,t-700,t-rip, and the Mortoterminator. And last but not least vehicles’ guess the Moto terminator could be a figure and a vehicle in one and the last set for my terminator request is the harvester the giant steel black robot that terrorizes the gas station. So that’s my request/ question I hope you decide to make these and send them to stores like wal-mart, target, and online stores like Amazon or others. But please respect my request and I’d like it if you really made these please make them. thank you

DSTChuck: Sorry we no longer have the rights to T2. I suppose if a new movie were to happen anything is possible.

[No Name Given]
Hi DST I have a request for back to the future Minimates. I was wondering if you could sell more of the parts 1 2 and 3 box sets and get them back in stock on in their shop. Cause I really want those 3 sets and I am dying to get them! So please do that PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! And I have just one more request since you guys got all the key characters in the 3 films you forgot 2 of them! So I got an idea for a set it is the only 2-pack in the series of figures and which the characters who come with it are Griff Tannen and Clara Clanton. Accessories are Griff’s red baseball bat and and a hand bag for Clara. And I have just 2 more sets there is a vehicle set it is the part 3 dalorean with Marty Mcfly. The delorean has the motors mounted on the top of the hood and it is all covered in sand and dirt. You probably know what it looks like. And for Marty he is wearing that colorful cowboy suit he is wearing. And now for the final part I thought there could be a collector carrying case! Which is the train time machine that doc makes at the ending of part 3. So yeah that is my request Please get those box sets back in stock on and see if you can make the sets I requested. thank you!

DSTChuck: I am sorry but we never do straight re-issues of Minimates. The last set we released sold only fair so I don’t think another one is planned at this time.

[No Name Given]
Hi Chuck just wondering if you can make and sell some new classic Battlestar Galactica Minimates sets. I’m not talking about the new syfy versions I’m talking about the original classic Battlestar Galactica. And maybe some classic miniflyers too like the classic viper vII and the classic cyclon raider. So yeah that’s another one of my requests please see if you can make these thank you!

Hi there again just wondering if you could make a TV series of walking dead Minimates. Maybe you could cause you made the comic series what about the TV series? Huh? So see if you could make the TV versions into Minimates. Thank you

DST Chuck: Right now we do not have rights to produce any products based on any of the BSG films or TV shows.

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