Ask DST #213 – The Return of the Sci-Fi!

Oh… it’s that time! Time for DST Chuck to beam in and answer your Sci-Fi questions! Get on it!

David D.
Greatest ships ever! Any plans to make an Enterprise NCC-1701C?

DST Chuck: Right now C is not on the table but it has not been ruled out.

Jim W.
Just kind of curious, would you ever consider making, and releasing, a model of the USS Titan, based on the design used for the book covers? I’ve been reading the books, and I’m really loving them. Took a while for the ship design to grow on me, but I’m really liking it too. Would be great to have a representation of it in my collection, which I doubt any other company will ever do, and really, what could be better than a DST USS Titan?

DST Chuck: Honestly I am not even sure if our grant of rights covers things that have only existed in the books.

Joe M.
Can we ever expect to see a Voyager, Defiant, or DS9 out of the Starship Legends line? If not, why? There’s only one Enterprise left for DST to make and they’ve already branched out from the Enterprise name with the Excelsior. There are huge followings of both DS9 and Voyager, so there is plenty of demand for these ships.

DST Chuck: I doubt we would ever do the DS9 station, it would just be too big, but I don’t think anyone has “ruled out” the others.

Ray W.
Well, you’ve done it now. Your Klingon Bird of Prey is so amazing, you’ve now opened the floodgates for other Klingon warships. First and foremost, you HAVE to make a TMP K’Tinga D7, and then a Qo’nos One repaint. A TOS D7 would be great, along with a Romulan D7 repaint from The Enterprise Incident. The Next Gen Klingon ships would be great, but I think the D7/K’Tinga are the most recognizable. Have you thought about the D7? Also, are you going to reissue the 1701-A? I always thought the plastic quality/build of the 1701-A along with the pearlescent paint job seen on the recent reissue of the 1701 refit would make a fantastic near screen-accurate 1701-A.

DST Chuck: As long as the BOP does as well as we hope, there could be more “alien” ships. A 1701-A re-issue would be possible, but it would need extensive changes because the A was made before DST became involved.

Hi DST! Thanks for reviving your 7″ Star Trek line. I just moved and my Next Gen crew is one of the first things I unpacked. Just saw that Picard is the next figure to be released in the Select line. May I please request Tasha Yar be next? Her standing up to Armus has never been captured in any line, and since she is a glaring hole in your Next Gen line-up, it would be great to see that iconic scene get your iconic scene treatment. I know the line is new and you probably don’t want to test the waters too quickly, but I think she would hardly be a test choice – she would show that you guys are going to do secondary characters, and would be the first I would actually purchase. I’ve already got the main characters covered. Except Tasha. Thanks for the figures!

DST Chuck: Glad you like them, I hope you like the finished product. I do have to say, though, that the Select line is not the place to look if you’re looking for obscure characters or characters that would finish sets or crews. That said, if the line sells well we’d love to go on forever, and the new format allows for some cool designs and characters. It would be great if we could use Marvel as a template.

I was disappointed in 2009 when Playmates released toys based on the new Star Trek movie. Frankly, with a few exceptions, they were pretty awful. They also sold poorly to the point where Wave 2 was cancelled. I have their 2009 Enterprise displayed with my Art Asylum Enterprises NX to E…. and it just does not look nearly as nice as the rest. Now, Into Darkness has been released and there are no action figures or accessories. Is there any chance that in the future you will acquire that part of the Star Trek license and possibly release figures to scale with and on the same level as your previous waves of Star Trek figures? (Even if they are only released to specialty stores and not mass market locations like Toys R Us.)

DST Chuck: Right now we have no rights to the new movies and for the time being they are not interested in having us work on it. If they change their mind we’re ready to jump! Though I have to tell you its VERY hard to make money on a product that does not sell to any chain outlets, very hard and risky but not impossible.

Michael M.
I wanted to complement you on all the great Star Trek props and figures you have made so far! I really like what you have done with the reproduction Megos! I had a question have you ever considered making the props used in Star Trek III (phaser tricorder communicator)? They are some of the best of the Trek props and I’m sure they would be very popular and profitable.

DST Chuck: Yes they have been considered.

Eric W.
My mother & I both agree this would be absolutely hilarious for the U.S.S. Excelsior! Could you or would you be willing to have George Takei say “Ohh Myyyyy” in the Try Me mode or as an Easter Egg feature or something? I’m Serious…. No Joke!

DST Chuck: IF we ever did or it ever happened you would NEVER get me to admit it.

Jon T.
Hello! I grew up in the 90’s not really appreciating Star Trek as a show, but loving the ships- and the toys derived from them. A Playmates Enterprise D and Klingon Vor’cha, still in a closet somewhere, are two enduring and beloved playthings from those years. I sometimes relent to nostalgia and go digging around for them, just to look at and appreciate what’s left of them. In recent years I learned what a great thing I’d missed in the Star Trek television series- I was a fan of the movies at that age at least, even the ones later learned to be critical flops-and the nostalgia engine went into full swing browsing all the merchandise from that era. I despaired of ever regathering a bit of that stuff to satisfy it, with Playmates and Galoob and so on struggling or gone entirely. I’m too old and encumbered with dignity to play, but everyone should swoosh a toy starship sometime. And then I found out about the ships created by Diamond Select. Not only do you fellows make remarkably detailed things, they’re fairly priced and fully produced; the customer need not let their ineptitude with painting get in the way of displaying them. I’ll be ordering the Bird of Prey in a few hours on Amazon, and budget willing an Enterprise D as well. Anyway, the point of the email is really just to ask this question- are you done with Star Trek ships, reissues and repaints disregarded? Would it be too much to hope for the iconic Romulan D’deridex Warbird to be finally given a proper treatment by a company like Diamond Select? Even if the answer is no, thank you from a new fan! It’s great to see these ship designs live on beyond old model kits.

DST Chuck: Welcome to the Asylum! YES we are still hard at work on new Trek stuff – the truth is we have never stopped. We’ve been involved with Trek for over 10 years. Ideally, I’d want to get two new ships out a year, the definition of two being liberal – if we ever re-did the A, I would consider that to be a new release. If the BOP does well, that would open our eyes to doing more “aliens” down the road.

Stephen E.
First off, I love the Star Trek Ships your company makes. I am excited about hearing the Excelsior is being released soon, but is there any plan on making the USS Enterprise-C, or the Enterprise from the new movies, or Enterprise NX-01 from the tv show ‘Enterprise’, or releasing any of the previous ships with alternate paintjobs to represent from the Mirror Mirror universe (NCC-1701 or NX-01)? I own a comic and collectible store in Lexington, Ky called HEROES REALM, and although I collect these ships myself, I have had several people also ask these questions. Thanks for your time!

DST Chuck: All in due time my friend – please direct your customers to the ASK DST Blog archive on the website, lots of questions are covered there. Only bad news I can give you is we have no rights to the new movies and not sure if that will change anytime soon.

Jack R.
Will you ever produce the startrek combat phaser where the top slid back and fuel cell was inserted in the bottom of the handle? Love your items and I am 67 years old. Thanks

DST Chuck: Never say never, but that is not on the list at this time.

Chris S.
Congrats on announcing the Excelsior as part of your ships of the line series – any chance we will see an exclusive version of the Excelsior sporting the “NX-2000” registry number and featuring the voice of Captain Styles as seen in Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock?

DST Chuck: Multiple versions of the Excelsior would make sense, we’ll have to see how demand is.

David L.
Hello.. I would like to ask what’s next for a Star Trek Role Play toy ? If I could make a suggestion–how about the Phaser from Star Trek III ? (never made as a toy before)…OR Phaser Rifle from First Contact (recommend it as a laser tag game) OR a TNG Tricorder… Please give us hope that there will be more Star Trek Role Play Toys coming soon. Thank you

DST Chuck: I can tell you the next role=play is in the works. I am not sure if it will be ready to show at SDCC, but I’d hope so.

Jeremy A.
Will you guys have plans to make a Data figure? or Into Darkness figures? I really want a John Harrison figure more power to all of you awesome guys

DST Chuck: Nothing from the new movie – sorry. As for Data, yes, that is a character that would be considered for Select.

Will N.
Will DST release a Jem’Hadar soldier as a ST select figure? Perhaps Weyoun or Gul Dukat? Will DST also release Dominion ships (Jem’Hadar battle cruiser or fighter) as part of its Starship Legends line? What about the USS Defiant? Give us DS9 fans some love! Thanks for all the amazing work that you guys do!

DST Chuck: I don’t see doing a Select army builder anytime soon, but DS9 is my favorite Trek so if its ever possible or makes sense I push for DS9.

I have recently purchased and received one of your Enterprise E Nemesis version ships, and it is very well made, great detail and nice electronics. That got me to wondering, with all that you have made Star Trek related, will you/do you think you would make any TNG era Phaser or Tricorder replicas like you’ve done with the TOS era ones?

DST Chuck: You never know!

Wayne M.
I was hoping that you would consider a re-release of the enterprise nx-o1 mirror universe ship. I would also like to add a few suggestions if I may. 1) The entire warp engine lights up blue, not just the end section. 2) The green and red light blink on and off, as opposed to it being simply painted on. Finally is there any chance of some hull lighting, such as some windows etc. Thank you very much.

DST Chuck: For the most part, we go with the direction our sales department gives us where re-makes are concerned. IF we ever re-made it, we’d have to look into the changes that could be made based on cost, battery power, tooling etc…

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