The Time is Now for Marvel Minimates Series 51 Packaging Shots!

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When will then be Now? Soon! We’ve already shown you Marvel Minimates’ Toys “R” Us Series 16 in packaging, with the biggest heroes of Marvel Now, but now there’s even more Now! Specialty Series 51, coming exclusively to comic shops and specialty stores next month, will feature seven more Marvel Now characters, and we’ve got packaged shots! Superior Spider-Man comes packed with the new Nova, Sam Alexander; Shanna the She-Devil comes with a Reaper from the Savage Land; Nick Fury Jr. comes with a Heavy SHIELD Agent, and the rare variant of the series is Maria Hill with her own Heavy SHIELD Agent! Sure, the Reaper is also in TRU Series 16, but Fury Jr. comes with extra parts to make Commander Steve Rogers! That’s still seven new Now characters! Check out the packaged shots below, and pre-order from your local comic shop!

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