Ask DST #217: Sci-Fi Transmissions!

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It’s an all-new Ask DST with DST Director DSTChuck, and this time it’s a science-fiction extravaganza! Set phasers to interrogate!

James N.
Will there be an exclusive US.S. Excelsior from Star Trek III complete with ST III sounds plus Captain Styles’ voice and accurate blue with yellow dot deflector dish?

DSTChuck: I honestly do not think we have planned out any variants yet for the Excelsior.

Eric W.
“Kronos One” From Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country… w/Light Up Nacelles !?
(Based on the Modified K’TINGA class) used on screen.PLLLEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!????
Look for: Kronos One ILM Modified K’TINGA class Studio Model

DSTChuck: We’ll have to see. Work on the ship after the redone A and Excelsior is just starting soon.

David R.
Very good job on the Enterprise B. I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. Now, please please please please produce the Enterprise C!

DSTChuck: Right now no plans for the C, but we’ll see what the future holds.

Chris S.
Awesome news on the Minimates Enterprise and the package shots look great! Is there support enough for these vehicles to offer variants with a Spock or Commander Decker figure instead of Kirk? Ship variants as seen in Doomsday Machine, Tholian Web, etc….

DSTChuck: Oh I don’t know, we’ll have to see what the future holds.

Robert T.
I’m interested in and hope to see on sale from Diamond Select the following: 
Star Trek Enterprise 1701 from the movie “Star Trek – Into Darkness”
Voyager Star Ship, Intrepid Class from the TV series “Voyager”
I think you guys (Gals) at Diamond Select do a great job in designing Graphics, Lights/Sounds work.  Keep it up… I already purchase a couple of models and will continue.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the love…we try! As of now and for the near future we have no rights to the latest two movies. As for the rest, time will tell.

Layne R.
I just saw an image of your comic con exclusive non electronic cloaked bird of prey and it looks amazing. My question is that since this bird of prey DOES include the landing gear is it the only version that will include the landing gear or will there be a painted version that matches your first released “General Chang” bird of prey?

DSTChuck: We do have a main line release planned for the BOP that will have landing gear.

James H.
Hi Chuck,
I have read loads of these Q&A’s people telling you what ships and figures they would like released next and as much as I would love to know what is coming next in the Star Trek Ship Line. I know your answer will be something like you’ll have to wait and see (And I will) so instead of me telling you how great you guys are which by now you know you are, and telling you what I would like I’m going to ask you what YOU! would like to see what ships and figures you would bring out if you had total control
Thank you all for you hard work

DSTChuck: Yea sorry the Q&A is not generally going to be the place I can confirm a new release or break news- DSTZach keeps a tight rein on me with that. As for my favorite – for sure DS9 Defiant, second place maybe the Borg cube.

I love star trek and I have most of diamond select ships but to make my collection better. So my question is are there any plans to produce the Enterprise-C, The U.S.S. Prometheus, the U.S.S Defiant, and The U.S.S. Voyager. As a fan of your products I would love to see the ships from the Star Trek shows to come to life.

DSTChuck: None of those are for sure on the list for next, but all of them will be considered every time we plan our next ship until they are done.

James W.
Hey Chuck. I have a couple quick questions for you.
1: Have you guys considered releasing the TOS Phaser 1 by itself or maybe packed with a communicator?
2: Any hints on the select figure after Picard?

DSTChuck: 1. I do not think we have something like that planned. 2. Honestly I have not figured out which figure is after Picard but we’ll have to come up with something soon.

David A.
I am just wondering if you are bringing out a Diamond Select Klingon Vor’Cha Attack Cruiser or any other Klingon Ships in the near future

DSTChuck: I think we’re still gauging how the BOP will do for retailers before we settle on another alien ship. That’s not 100% going to be our determining factor, but it’s part of it.

Timothy W.
I really love the star trek collectibles that you all have released thus far and I own several. I wanted to ask specifically about possible future trek tek replicas. Myself and other collectors of your products that I have talked to would love to see new items such as the ST3 phaser, the ST 5 assault phaser, the cage laser maybe even an old series klingon disruptor, other tricorder and communicator props. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated and as always I look forward to your next product release! Thanks for hearing me out!

DSTChuck: I do not think for sure we’ve locked down the next role-play item so we won’t show it at NYCC but I think you might see something at Toy Fair…

Neil S.
Hello Director,
I’ve enjoyed your Star Trek products for years now; they’re incredible, and I only wish they’d been around when I was a kid. :)
So my question to you is this: is there any chance that we’ll see the Salt Vampire, the Kruge/Maltz combo, or the Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand figures that briefly were advertised but pulled due to low orders? Were any produced that might be available? Also, are there any plans to produce more figures from the TOS films?
Regards, and thanks for the awesome products!

DSTChuck: Sorry, but none of those figures are back on the schedule at this time.

Will M.
I really like the Star Trek Select figures of Khan/Kirk and Spock/Horta. How about continuing this series with TOS bridge stations/figures and start with Spock and Uhura and their stations?

DSTChuck: Honestly not sure which character is next, but I am sure the minute I do a TOS figure the fans of the other series will be upset – it’s a can’t-please-everyone line.

Lawrence G.
Why doesn’t anyone make the Akira Class Starship? This is a very popular ship and we have so many repeats of the same ships that have come before. And how about the USS Titan, Capt. Riker’s Ship?

DSTChuck: I do not know about anyone except DST, but I can say we have not done it yet because we think other ships will be more popular and will sell better. Deciding to do a ship for DST is a huge decision – the cost is very high, and they need to sell a very big number to just break even so we have to be very careful.

Thomas L.
Hey Chuck,
I just want to check and see if everything is still on track for the Excelsior release this fall. You recall, there was a several year period between the first look at the Enterprise-B and the Bird-of-Prey and its official release last Fall. Also, what happens next to the starship line following the Excelsior? I know the Enterprise-C keeps getting shot down in addition to the Voyager and the Reliant, so it begs the question, where does the line go from here? I keep saying this, but your details in the final product make it worth the wait!

DSTChuck: The Excelsior is at the factory and we’re making progress. I am sure DSTZach will show something as soon as we get anything decent back that can be filmed or shot. We’re just now starting work on the next ship so we’ll have an announcement coming.

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