Ask DST #218 – Miscellaneous Qs & As!

It’s an all-new, all-miscellaneous edition of Ask DST! It’s a mixed bag of questions from a mixed bag of fans! Read on!

Nick F.
One can only hope that the Munsters “Dragula” car is next in the Munsters 1/15 Scale Vehicle product line! Oh and I would love for it to be in Black and White also please. Thank you, and how about some The Munsters 12 inch figures and Ultimate Quarter Scale Figures done in Black and White? Do you guys think that maybe those are something that you could do?
Thanks so much for your time, Diamond Select Toys!

DSTChuck: Nick, we’d love to do the Dragula for sure – let’s just see how the Koach does before we jump down that road. I do not think we have plans for larger figures with this line but we always say “never say never.”

J. Moore
I saw this in your press release regarding the Batman 1966 tv show, “DST will also draw on the show’s many distinctive props and sets for new products in the line.” I know you probably can’t make any announcements right now, but is there any chance that we might see the Shakespeare bust with the movable head or the bat phone at some point?

DSTChuck: No, sorry to be clear we are not making props from the show, I think that referred to things like bottle openers and such. (Yes, it did — we will be revealing the first prop-inspired bottle opener soon! – DSTZach)

James W.
Here are a couple of questions that I was hoping you could take a look at?
1: Has DST given any thought to doing figures from Supernatural? I think it has been on long enough to show it has a big fan base.
2: How about some classic V figures?
3: When can we expect to see K.A.R.R. in the Knight Rider electronic line?
Thanks again

DSTChuck: Thanks for all the interest James.
1. No, sorry we are not looking at Supernatural right now.
2. More bad news, sorry, we are not looking at V.
3. We are at work on the KARR and SPM versions now so you should see something soon.

Arnold C.
I know you said there was no chance of Firefly/Serenity statues, but I was curious about the ship Serenity. I’d love a DST Serenity ship along the lines of what you’ve done with the Trek ships, with lights, sounds, etc. I know QMX does some Serenity ships, but they’re at a very different price range. I think DST could really capture a market with quality, reasonably priced Serenity ships. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Right now Firefly / Serenity is not in our plans but honestly its something that still comes up when we discuss what property we want to go after – so never say never.

Robert B.
just wondered if you had any plans for the buck rogers line yet ?

DSTChuck: We’re now at the stage where were puttering with a couple things so you might see more news soon.

Brian M.
I would love to see vehicles and figures from the classic television shows and movies from the 1980’s such as Airwolf, Dukes of Hazzard, and or Ghostbusters. I am hoping you will consider the Airwolf helicopter, the General Lee, and or the Ghostbusters hearse. What do you think?

DSTChuck: We are not allowed to do the Ecto-1, someone else has those rights tied up. For the General Lee we’d need to get rights to Dodge as well as the music to do it the way we want and I don’t think that will happen soon. Airwolf we have talked about, but our sales guys don’t think there is enough interest – but we’ll keep an eye on it.

James F.
I want t know what is going to be done about the Buck Rogers in the 25th century licensing that Diamond Select Toys acquired from Zica Toys? I recently purchased the only two figures that Zica produced, and quite frankly I don’t understand why they lost the license before they finished the line, they were amazingly detailed and accurate! In no way am I suggesting that Zica is a better toy company than Diamond, or Art Asylum. I’m just as thrilled about their toys too! I want the rest of the Buck Rogers line!

DSTChuck: No worries here, James – those figures are amazing, but they did not sell very well. We recently repacked them into smaller cases and lowered the price to see if that would help sales on the existing figures and they are still not moving. I do like the scale and would very much like to do something there but just not ready to jump on it.

David H.
Just a few more….
1.) Ultimate quarter scale of the 1986 version of “The Fly”?
2.) Ultimate quarter scale of the original “King Kong”?
3.) any chance of figures from the steven spielberg remake of “War of the Worlds”?
4.) Would Dst consider making a rod puppet of the queen alien?
5.) Ultimate quarter scale figures from the John Carpenter version of “The Thing”?

DSTChuck: David some great ideas there and some cool properties but I don’t have any good news for you.
1. No plans right now for anything from the Fly.
2. OMG no that would be WAY too big a figure LOL!
3. No sorry no plans for WoW
4. I’m not even sure how we could do a product like that.
5. Again sorry no plans.

Hi there,
 I have two questions for you guys,
1-Will there be any more new 6″ inch Expendables figures comming out?
2-Are you guys gonna make any Wolverine Orgins 6″ inch figures at all?
We were not satisfied with the Wolverine Origins figures that we found in our local store..and are looking for a better toy company who will make them look more like the moive,and with a better range of characters,like Gambit,Silver Fox,and a better Victor Creed(Sabor Tooth)….If I saw figures like that in my local store…I would grab them up as fast as they reach the store shelves…
Thank you for your time

DSTChuck: Jeremy – we have done all the figures from Expendables that we have the rights to. We had hoped for more, but it did not work out. Our rights to make product based on movies do not last forever, so sorry we will not be making any more movie Origin figures. (But we do have a The Wolverine figure on the way! – DSTZach)

Justin L.
Hello. Will Marvel Select be making Star Wars action figures? Maybe even from the upcoming movies?

DSTChuck: That would be fantastic, but I don’t think something like that is possible as long as Hasbro is doing all their cool stuff.

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