Ask DST #219 – Make Mine Marvel!

Questions! In the Mighty Marvel Manner! Diamond Select Toys Director DSTChuck weaves a web of inquiries about your friendly neighborhood Marvel superheroes. Answers, assemble!

Emile F.
For the team in charge of figurines MARVEL SELECT (please excuse my English Approximate):
Thank you to you for the great work on your models. Scale is the quality of this sculpture and painting is often impeccable. Above all, the price is reasonable, and our time is important. I collect Marvel Select several years. I also put my picture collection on your Facebook page.
I wanted to tell you personally that I will dream to have figurines of Iron Fist and Deadlock in Marvel Select. If one day you’re stuck for inspiration, tell yourself that by creating these two figures, you’d at least one happy …
Similarly, a classic Wolverine with your new joints would not be denied, as the current looks dull next to Colossus and Nightcrawler. Thank you for reading to the end! Thank you for the work done.

DSTChuck: Thanks so much for the kind words. Happy to have you collecting Select. Right now we do not have plans for Iron First or Deathlok, but you never know.

Myles W.
Hi there great work on the selects, especially the big ones! I missed your marvel askdst and I was just curious if there’s ever been any talk of making a Sauron figure from X-men or a Sasquatch figure with hulk proportions you guys would knock either of those out of the park I’m sure. Thanks for listening

DSTChuck: All the past ASK blogs are archived on the Art Asylum site so you can check them out anytime. I am sure Sauron has been discussed but I don’t think Sasquatch has been. Right now neither are in the plans, but you never know.

I have to say that Venom (classic, not agent) is a very cool figure of a character I was only partially interested in. I hope he was considered a success. I’d like to see more character choices utilizing this method of extra heads and parts. Sandman, Absorbing Man, Mr. Fantastic, SuperSkrull and Iceman would all be great examples of continuing this method. I hope you have given some of those guys some consideration for 2014. I figure Sandman has the best shot since he’s a Spidey villain and we all know your love for all things Spidey! Also, I know you guys love Iron Man and have given us a few, but we need more comic armors and we need his armored villains as well.

DSTChuck: TC, yes most fans seem to like the Venom figure we did and for sure it’s something we’d like to be able to do again. All the characters you listed would be great for the same format.

Shandon W.
So its been about a year now that I’ve been collecting Marvel Selects and I’ve amassed over 40 and I appreciate you responding to my previous questions. It’s awesome DST is releasing two older selects a year. So is it too early to request Mephisto for next year? More X-Men villains would be great too! Omega Red w/ tentacles similar to the Nightcrawler tail, Silver Samurai, Cyber or a Wendigo comparable in size to Juggernaut or Rhino. The Gentle Giant studios are amazing for the big guys! Finally, a Mandarin select would be great! There is a great variety of IM figures but no villians to counter them.
Thanks Chuck!

DSTChuck: Shandon, glad to have you onboard. We’re always looking at our back library and polling sales to see which older figures there is still interest in. We’re always looking at the X-men for inspiration and you’re right, the crew and GG has been doing a great job.

Gavin G.
Hello DST, I was wondering if you guys are going to make Minimates from these huge Marvel events like Age of Ultron and Infinity?

DSTChuck: Gavin, for sure we have a track record of making Minimates from current editorial events but for now nothing is planned for Ultron & Infinity. But it has not been ruled out.

Jamie E.
Hello Diamond Select! I have comments!
Firstly I’d like to say that you guys are awesome. You produce a lot of cool and tempting stuff, and I’ve recently started collecting your Marvel Select figures. Overall this is a great line – great quality, great accessories and very reasonably priced.
The only disappointment I have about this line is the wildly variable quality of the paint applications from one character to another. Some characters look like they’re lovingly painted by a dedicated professional with a whole bag of precision tools, while others look like the paint has been slapped on by an angry monkey with a wire brush.
The problem is most obvious when comparing Hulk and Red Hulk – the body sculpt is exactly the same, but where Red Hulk has soft and subtle shading, Hulk just has green paint slapped messily over a black base coat. The Thing has the same problem.
I have not found one copy of either of these figures that will look good standing next to the rest of the line on my shelf – which is a real shame because they’re 2 of my favorite characters. I’m just wondering whether there’s a reason for it, or whether you’re even aware of it? Are they older figures and the production methods have been improved since then? Any plans to re-release these characters with better paint apps?
Thanks for reading.

DSTChuck: Welcome to the gang! I will be sure to let the angry monkeys know you are not pleased with their work. Perhaps they were having a bad week, hard to say. Honestly, I am very sorry you have some figures we made that you are not happy with. We honestly take a great deal of time making sure the figures are as tight as possible, as does our HK QC team.

Cooper M.
Hey there! Long time fan of DST, especially the Marvel Select line! I just wanted to ask if you guys will be able to make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures? Your TASM 1 figures were a hit, especially the Spidey one! But think about how AWESOME it’d be to see the new TASM 2 suit in figure form! It’d be the DEFINITIVE Spidey figure! Also, the Jamie Foxx Electro I’m sure would be a hit, even Giamatti Rhino. I’d pick up tons of each, haha. Just wondering!

DSTChuck: We are still in talks with Sony and Marvel about ASM2, but for sure we’d love to be able to work on the products from this movie. We’re all huge Spidey fans at the office, especially me.

Mike D.
As a huge fan of your work I was wondering if you guys were going to come out with more disneystore exclusives specifically aimed at teams like you did with the classic avengers for example ;the rest of the FF or, the Defenders with Dr. strange , Valkyrie, Namor or, more classic avengers like Ms. Marvel ( i have seen her in every incarnation except marvel select -minimates don’t count !) Black Panther, And my personal favorite the VISION !

DSTChuck: We just recently sat down with the folks from Disney store and we’re working through what they might want next year and what we’d be able to do for them. I’m not sure if they are looking to go in a team direction or not though.

Hi Chuck,
Great to see a new Marvel Zombies Minimates set coming out. Do you think the Marvel Zombies will ever get the Marvel Select treatment again? The three that came out are going for some hefty prices now and I would love to see additional characters like Zombie Iron Man, Magneto, Wolverine, Hank Pym, The Vulture and others made. Any chance of this happening?

DSTChuck: Right now not sure how much Marvel is going to allow us to do, but for sure I know the heroes are off the table.

Chris H.
my 3 burning questions
1. will you guys do neil gaiman’s angela that would be epic
2. you guys once said it be pricey to do hulkbuster, Onslaught & apocalypse have you ever thought of doing a kickstarer or making them higher prices to cover tooling dollars its working good for dcc and theirs are 100$
3. please do a 8 or 9 inch galactus (remember he can change his height)

DSTChuck: Let me see what I can do about your burning questions.
1. We’re still checking with Marvel to see what the situation will be with Angela.
2. I don’t think we’d look to Kickstarter to fund an action figure. I do think those figures would be expensive, but if there is a way to do them, we’ll come up with it.
3. I think it would be cool to do a Galactus but not sure how feasible he would be at 9” for us but we did do the Watcher in the past.

Mike M.
I was wondering if you’re going to produce a Marvel Select Diamond Series action figure of the X-Men character The Beast? I am a collector of the more big, muscled up characters (hulk, juggernaut, rhino, etc.) and the beast is one I’d like to have modeled in your series, the best in my opinion.
The icon series is a great looking beast but is 12 inches tall and too big in comparison to my marvel select hulk figure.

DSTChuck: Mike, we’ve had more than a few requests for the Beast and for sure it’s one we have considered and will continue to consider – hope is not lost.

Dabid K.
We all know you guys love Spider-Man, and I was wondering if any serious consideration had been put into a Marvel Select Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales figure? Hasbro made mediocre Miles Morales figures in the Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe lines as repaints of older Peter Parker, and it didn’t really work. Miles really requires his own sculpt to shine. Is Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man something that DST would consider covering as a Marvel Select figure, or is he not considered to be a big enough name with the Ultimate universe not being quite as prominent as it used to be?

DSTChuck: Miles is not in our plans at this moment, but for sure he has been considered and as you say we do love our Spider-Man stuff.

Justin L.
Hai. Will Black Widow and Captain America have action figures from the upcoming Captain America movie?

DSTChuck: We’re still talking to Marvel about their upcoming slate of movies. If it all works out for sure we’d love to do a new Cap figure. Not sure who we would do for a second figure, though.

Dortha H.
I’m just wondering when in the world is the Marvel Select The Wolverine 2 Movie action figure coming out and hitting store shelves and being released???? I’m soo ready for it!
Thanks! :)

DSTChuck: I am happy to tell you that the figure is on the way from China at this very moment. He should be in stores around middle August.

Christina E.
You guys should make Kraven the hunter, he is long over due for a figure being made, Carnage too.

DSTChuck: I think of those two Carnage is more likely, we’d love to give him a treatment similar to what we did with Venom. Neither are in the plans right now, but we have not set our 2014 line plan in stone yet.

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