Ask DST #221 – Monsters and Miscellany!

It’s a monstrously miscellaneous installment of Ask DST, with questions ranging from Universal Monsters to The Munsters, and from Knight Rider to Batman to Aliens! We’re all over the place!

Maelstrom J.
Hi Chuck,
Another whirlpool of quizzes from the Maelstrom here…
Ok I know we’ve asked about Doctor Who but come on chuck you’ve seen the ‘who’ figures on the market they’re not that good and don’t touch the real who payload, the classic, space craft and monsters…your ‘trek’ ships are excellent so how about some of the stuff from the classic Who era…and decent replicas of the classic TARDIS control consoles with working components are long long over due…. And how about a full range of cybermen figures…no-one has yet produced a decent replica of every variation of classic cyberman… not to mention the yeti, sontarans etc etc etc… some weaponry and gadgetry from the ‘classics’ might be nifty too….
Come on Chuck its a no brainer there’s masses of Who stuff for the right company. Youve done it with trek ( although one or two aliens and robots from TOS Trek are noticeable by their absence ;) ) So why not the Doctors adventures….??????
Can you tell us yet what kind of stuff we can be expecting based on the classic Adam West Batman series??
Same Bat Time…Same Bat Channel.

DSTChuck: For Dr. Who, all I can say is we have not been able to reach a deal yet with the BBC. The anchor of the Batman TV line will be resin statues and busts, but we do have some other categories planned for a big roll out in 2014.

Chris S.
Hi, my wife just bought for me as a gift your totally awesome Knight Rider car and man I wish I had this when I was a kid. My son and I both love it! My question is this is there any possibly of making the Air Wolf Helicopter just like KITT with all the lights and sounds? That would be even better.

DSTChuck: That’s very cool. I don’t know how many times in the office we say the same thing- wouldn’t it be great if these were done back in the day…. We’ve looked at Airwolf – I loved that show – but so far the same guys don’t think there is enough support. But we’ll keep asking.

Bernie M.
I have been collecting the Minimate vehicles for a while. I really enjoy them. I heard that you making the Aliens line. Any chance of a Minimate APC and DROPSHIP? How about full sized ones?
Also with your Star Trek line any chance of making the Deep Space Nine USS Defiant?
Thank you.

DSTChuck: I think for sure we’re going to look at both types of vehicles for the Aliens franchise. Defiant would be on the short list of potential ships to consider each time, yes.

Andy T.
Hey, guys! Three questions for you today…

First – I’m sorry to say it, but the Universal Select “Phantom of the Opera” figure really turned me away from what had been up until then my favorite new figure range in years. It had just been my most anticipated figure, and when it came without a removable mask I just sort of gave up on the line. Even had I bought both of the variants, it still wouldn’t have given me what I was hoping for. I don’t mean this as a criticism; it’s just how it worked out.

I see now, though, that you’re re-releasing some of the older figures with new bases! Would you consider re-visiting the Phantom? The mask would require new tooling, of course, but less so than a complete new base. It would be the opportunity to create and own the only collectible of its kind for, no doubt a long time to come. To be clear, I’m suggesting a mask (and separate hat, ideally) that can be attached to or removed from the figure’s face, essentially an accessory, much like the hockey masks on the various Jason Voorhees figures over the years. What do you think?

Second- Will there be any opportunity for customers to purchase the Munsters staircase on its own, or will it only be made available as a build-a-figure?

And finally – The burning question: is there any further word on the possibility of Addams Family figures? I cannot describe how spectacular that would be.

1. Sorry you are disappointed with the Phantom figure. We went to great lengths on that figure, as we do all of them, including going as far as getting approvals from the Chaney estate. We are not re-releasing any figures with new bases, but maybe you are thinking about the Son of Frankenstein figure and the new Creature? Those are all new sculpts, not just new bases. I think for now, though, there are no plans for a new Phantom figure, but you never know.
2. No, sorry, fans will not be able to buy just the staircase, you will need to buy all four figures from Series 3 to build the stairs.
3. Yes we have looked at and considered The Addams Family, nothing to report at this time though.

Adam K.
I love what you guys have done with the Universal Monsters line, and while I’m sad that the Minimates are no more, I am glad to see that there are still figures being released.
At San Diego Comi-Con there was a photo released of a Van Helsing figure with the other monsters. Is this actually Part of the Universal line or something different? Is it being released this fall with the other ones, or next year? Finally (and most importantly) If this IS part of the Universal Monsters line, why opt for a completely original figure that isn’t really a Universal Monsters figure? Why not a Werewolf of London figure, or an Even Mask of the red death figure. Are you guys running out of monsters? I hope not because I love the line.

I noticed that there hasn’t been much news at all for the Universal Monsters line in terms of Next year.
Are there plans for the Action Figures and Retro Figures beyond this year?
What about the Banks? Will the banks continue as well?
There just seems to be a lack of anything to look forward to next year with our beloved monsters and I hope that things aren’t fizzling out already for them. You guys have done such an awesome job with everything, I’d hate to see the figures and retro figures go out the way of the Minimates.

DSTChuck: Adam, we have been showing the monsters line a year ahead, so you can look forward to the Mole Person, Jekyll/Hyde and Hunchback for Halloween 2013. For Halloween 2014, we plan on Creature and Son of Frankenstein, as well as the Van Helsing figure you have seen pictures of. While it is an original creation, we feel it really fits in the mythos and works well with the line – it’s our thinking that something like that is past due. For 2015, to be honest we have not decided yet. I think we are done with retro figures in this line, and I’m not sure which banks we’ll do after Wolfman and Bride, but we’ll see. Glad you like the line, hopefully we’ll have lots more for you over the next couple years.

Jaymes S.
Any chance for a Death’s Head Minimate or Marvel Select figure?

DSTChuck: We’d have to see how the new comics do before we even think about it.

Richard G.

Hi there! My queries concern Universal Monsters. The two lines in question being the plastic action figures with bases and the retro cloth “Mego” figures. I am aware that this Halloween season a new wave of each is being released (Hunchback-Hyde-Mole Person for figures, Phantom and Mutant for retro.}

I said all that to ask this: Is the retro cloth line ending with Phantom and Mutant? Usually at SDCC or Toy fair a new wave is announced in addition to the wave that is forthcoming. Yet no wave 5 for retro was previewed. So I am curious if wave four is the swan song. With regards to the action figures: I see we are now getting into varying versions of characters already produced with Son of Frankenstein and Revenge of the Creature. Is this to be the final wave of those, being as we are now getting into characters that have already been done in prior waves—just as variant versions with improved tooling from the sequels? 2 Big questions I know—but after so many lines getting the axe in this economy—I am a little fearful the monsters may be next. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Richard, I think we’re done with retro, and I’m not sure where monsters will go after Son and Revenge, but it is not the economy or the line getting axed, it would be more a matter of us thinking we’ve done all the characters in that realm that we think can support an action figure line. The line has done pretty well for us, but more than that, it’s been amazing for all of us that loved these movies so much to be able to make products based on them.

Jerry C.
since you guys are tight with universal studios. ever think about figures and statiettes of “tremors”, or the return of ” darkman” or the “blues brothers” or something with ” jaws” (been trying to get the macfarlane jaws attacks quinn’s boat but if you guys have something else like say the jaws sinks the gyro copter from jaws 2 would be nice). thanks

DSTChuck: Jerry, I do not think we’ve talked to Universal about any of those properties, sorry.

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