Ask DST #222: Sci-Fi Spectacular!

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Set phasers to interrogate! Diamond Select Toys director DSTChuck is answering fans’ sci-fi questions in this all-new Ask DST! Read on for the latest data on DST’s Star Trek and Star Wars products, straight from the source, and ask your own question on the homepage!

William D.
I absolutely love all the Trek Tek you guys have come out with. I think it would be nice if you guys made display stands, similar to Master Replicas, for the Trek Tek like the Phasers, Communicators, etc. It’s just a shame to have these items laying in a pile on a shelf. Any chance?

DSTChuck: William, I do not think that is something we have ever considered. I think adding it to the item at time of sale would increase the cost, BUT maybe we could come up with something to sell at shows or on the website.

Brandon S.
Any hope of getting a Doctor Crusher minimate or select figure. Favorite character next to Picard.

DSTChuck: I think if the line of Minimates continues, you have a much better chance of her being in that line than you do of seeing her in Select.

Jean M.
I just love your Star trek space seed diorama. 2 other nice diorama could be classic series sulu and checkov + bridge chair + helms (2 half helms that can be put together to form the helm) this would be perfect to go kirk and bridge chair.

DSTChuck: Hopefully we can keep the Select line going and get to all the great ideas out there.

Adam M.
The Hot Wheels Star Trek ships seem to be doing pretty well, and they’re great! Okay they don’t light up or make noises, unless you drop them, but still.
Any chances of a smaller, non-lights & sounds line to complement the larger ships?
On a sidenote, have you ever explored the possibility of doing large electronic Star Wars ships? Only a few have ever been made and they’re very rare these days, surely something like an Enterprise-D sized Imperial Star Destroyer would sell!

DSTChuck: Both cool ideas, but I think for now we’ll keep to the size we have going on.

Alexander T.
Hi guys.
To start off with, I recently bought the “Wrath of Khan” USS Enterprise and its amazing. It goes well with the original Art Asylum “Star Trek III” battle-damaged version of the USS Enterprise I bought years ago.
I’m not sure if anyone has asked this or not (if so, I’m sorry for repeating this), but is there specific a release date for the USS Excelsior yet? I’m hoping to get it as a birthday present (my birthday is September 26th).
Keep up the awesome work guys.

DSTChuck: I think we’re getting close to having a specific date for the Excelsior, but right now we really expect it in stores in 2013. We’ll keep you updated.

Kesh O.
hi just wondered what figures will be next in the star trek retro line , be good to see some more next gen characters and also some more female figures – what happend to chapel and vina ? up to now uhura is the only female figure in the line and despite the huge interest in fan favourites chapel an rand you stubbornly keep making excuses not to release the figures . bifbangpow have no problem with female retro figures and niether has classic tv toys so why do you keep making excuses not to release them ? there are some great custom female star trek figures on the mego website – as well as great pics of your chapel and vina figures . come on , dont keep us waiting any more !

DSTChuck: There are no more retro cloth Trek figures planned after the Picard series. That could change, but for now the line is not in active development.

Charles S.
Hi- Longtime fan of the original Trek series just wondering why when you put out 7 inch figures it’s only Kirk and Spock that get made anymore. Is it an economic issue? Thanks

DSTChuck: The Select line just started and Spock and Kirk are the most popular figures we do by a long shot. We want to lead off with the most popular characters to give the line the best chance to get traction. Picard is coming up next, and we’ll be announcing the next figure soon.

Shawn W.
I am sure that I am not the first person to ask this question, are you guys ever going to come out with a Mark X tricorder? Your toys are top notch and have a wonderful feel in the hand. There are company’s that make this item on eBay and the cost is over 1k , I would love to see this item come out so that we all could have a chance of Owning such a cool item as the Voyager Mark X tricorder .
Thank you for taking the time to hear me out!

DSTChuck: We’d love to be able to get a couple new role play items and a couple ships out per year and that’s our goal. We’ve not met that yet, but even if we did it would take a long time to get to every item fans would love to see. On the one hand it’s a good problem, and on the other it can be frustrating.

David E.
Real quick fire questions:
• Enterprise A! it’s coming and thats brilliant! Could you use a better plastic stock (ideally the same quality plastic as used for the B and Bird of Prey) for this ship and not the translucent rubbish plastic you’ve been using for the Wrath of Khan Enterprise…
• Select Picard… Can you please add better articulation!!! Whilst fans could accept the fact that Spock and Kirk had limited articulation, the fact you could swap parts added to the fun-factor with those. Picard has even less articulation and doesn’t seem to have that added luxury of being able to swap parts with another TNG figure and pretty much looks as though it’s that pose or nothing… At least could you add articulation to the arms (ball jointed shoulders, elbows). What we have here isn’t worth the $25.00 price tag it will come with to many when you’ve started with two great TOS figures featuring more for the same price…
• Before I begin I just want to ask that you really take this question/idea seriously because done well, and done right it would most certainly be the single most must-have Star Trek item out there…
The Idea is for Diamond Select Toys (either on your own or working with another company such as Qmx or Hasbro) to begin development on a BIG USS ENTERPRISE from TOS. In 2008 Hasbro launched their BIG MILLENNIUM FALCON to rapturous applause so isn’t it time there was an item put out there that was a must-have for the legions of Star Trek fans who can’t afford the artisan replicas from Qmx and to celebrate the importance of Star Trek.
it would be awesome to have such an item made to the same standard as the Big Millennium Falcon and I think such a unique and once in a lifetime product that it would be without a doubt the single most must-have Star Trek toy ever.
Studio scaled, highly detailed, 3ft long, featuring an array of play features hidden well within the sculpt of the ship. Lights and sounds taken from episodes of the original series.
By removing the top of the saucer section you would reveal the classic USS Enterprise bridge play set. Featuring lights, sounds and lenticular images of some of the most iconic ships the Enterprise ever came up against in the classic series that would slide into the view screen. 7 mini figures, 2 inches tall would come with the set as well, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Checkov and Scotty.
Basically take all the great features and great robust quality of the Hasbro Big Millennium Falcon and apply them to the USS Enterprise.
Whilst many fans have their favourite Star Trek ship, no one would argue as to the importance of the original to not just Star Trek but to the wider Science Fiction community. This wouldn’t just be something that would sit warming the shelves at Toys R Us, this would be something offered to the fans who have quite rightly so earned a product like the one I’m describing.
So, is this something that could be achieved either on your own or working with another company to bring the fans the greatest space ship on Earth?

DSTChuck: Hey David, I’ll take these on one at a time.
• The B and BoP were done at a different factory, so that is the reason the plastic is a little different. I have not seen such a dramatic difference where I would refer to the TWOK as “rubbish,” but we’ll keep that in mind.
• I’m glad you like the Kirk and Spock figures. I seem to recall there were many questions about how they would look and the level of detail and articulation given. Keep in mind all that has been seen so far on Picard is the handmade U.S. prototype. Hopefully, when were done with production it will be a figure you’re happy with.
• I think that’s a very cool item and one I’d like to have, but I fear the following for Trek is not the same as SW. The volume we sell on our ships is really pretty low compared to what a Hasbro does. We’d love to sell more, but there is just not the interest from retail buyers. Something like what you describe would have to sell a very high volume or be very expensive, and that’s just not something we’re ready to jump into at this time.

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