Ask DST #223: Marvel Select

The Mighty DSTChuck returns with more answers for your Marvel Select questions! From The Wolverine to Avengers 2, there sure are a lot of ’em!

Anthony T.
I’m a fan of your Marvel Minimates and Marvel Select Marvel Zombies lines. Now that the zombies have a new wave in Minimates, is there hope for their return in the Marvel Select line as well?
Some suggestions I have is: Iron Man, Wolverine, Magneto, Absorbing Man, Hank Pym, Black Panther, Deadpool

DSTChuck: If we did do more Zombie Minimates or Select figures it would just be limited to villains so no Woverine, Iron Man etc..

David P.
Hi first of all I’m a huge fan of most of your figures, the detail, the paint job is sometimes exquisite so this is a short list of figures that you may consider to add in your plans to make, some are of my personal preferences and some are chosen by asking my friends which figures they would like to see, thanks again from Costa Rica
2.World War Hulk
3.Carnage in the style of the new venom
7.Bishop and Cable

DSTChuck: I think of the ones on your list the Carnage is the most likely to happen.

Did you announce which figures if any your going to be doing from the Winter Soldier movie? I’m really hoping you do a Winter Soldier figure but for the most part there seems to be an emphasis on the heroes.

DSTChuck: No we have not given out our plans for the Select line for 2014 yet but I expect we’ll have something for New York Comic –Con. Work is underway on at least two new figures already. I don’t think we have a problem with doing Villains; we did villains for Avengers, and we did Loki in the Thor line and Lizard for ASM.

Joe M.
Hey, is there a possibility that we could see a Marvel Select Man-Thing? Man-Thing is a character that you guys could really flex your sculpting muscles with and he’s a great character that has a monster appeal that will probably interest more than just Marvel collectors. Not to mention he’s an important member of Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts, so I’m sure all sorts of Marvel figure collectors would want him. I hope you guys consider the big guy!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve had many request for Man Thing. It would make a cool larger figure, but I think he’s a long shot.

David H.
Hi! What are the odds od DST making a marvel select Igor, steve ditko spiderman, hulkbuster, ant man, and marvelman?

DSTChuck: Of those Hulk Buster has the best chance; in fact, we came very close to doing him once. I’d love to do it.

Brian A.
Hi DST & chuck just wondering are we going to get Loki again for Marvel Select with the new movie coming soon.
Plus any news on big scale figures that you have in mind? Would like to see more, love the work plus are we going to get more females figures?
Would you ever do a poll again… Thanks for reading

DSTChuck: I think if we could produce and sell more figures per year, we’d do another Loki, but with being limited in many ways on Select, I don’t think we’d do a second with so many cool first-timers still out there.

Christopher M.
1. Beast – 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Style
2. Rogue – Same as above. Based off the 90’s Cartoon
3. Phoenix – Green Yellow outfit Jean Grey
4. Cable/Bishop Don’t worry about displays with these 2. Just give them Tons of Weapons. Big Plasma Cannons and the like.
5. Angel – Not Arc Angel, I am talking about the Red and White Angel outfit.
6. Nova – Richard Rider
7. Doctor Strange
8. Black Bolt / Black Panther
9. Namor
10. Apocalypse – Make him pretty huge.
And last I would eventually like to see like a 3 foot tall Sentinel Select.
—Not really a question, but thats my wish list. hehe Make it so!
BTW Is it possible to buy just the iron man displays? I really really like the new ones you put out for Mark 42 and War Machine. I have all the older ones. It would be cool if you could buy just the display so our mini hall of armors all match and look spiffy.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have the rights to the cartoon stuff, and I can’t see making a 3 foot tall action figure. The Juggernaut and Hulk we do are already pretty much beyond reason (or what our package can hold)

Sebastien M.
Hi! I am a huge Marvel select collector and also a big fan of comic books, I am wondering if there is any “Superior Spider-Man” planned to be release on the toy line of Marvel select?
Thank you, and continue your good work!!

DSTChuck: All I can say is I do love me some Spidey products! Ever since my babysitter introduced me to Marvel Tales when I was 6.

Marcio C.
Hi, i just wanted to know when the Marvel Select Iron Patriot and Battle Damaged Iron Man will be released at the disney store? Thank you for your time, much appreciated.

DSTChuck: They should have the BD Iron Man and Iron Patriot now!

Lee B.
Hey Chuck so this is my 1st email for a Couple Month’s
Let me first start by saying you guys Nailed it at the start of The Year! I believe 2014 is going to The Biggest Yet! *Cough Cough* Spidey’s Year!
So with Superior Spider-Man being One of The Most Successful Comic Book’s on The Market and SpOck now being completely rid of Pete… Sporting The Bad-Ass new gear The New Costume would be Insane (Tentacle’s On Back Included please unlike Iron Spider we had few years back which was just a Re-paint!)
Also with Carnage getting sooooo… much love from Marvel over The last Three Year’s in terms of Mini Series’s etc. I think even People that aren’t fan’s of Carnage would welcome this move especially when you look at The Awesome Classic Venom that came out in January!
Another thing I noticed was Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider of Kaine Parker which well I won’t comment on the product but let’s be fair it won’t hold a candle compared to a Marvel Select Version will it now lol
So I just I’ll finish it off with Good Ol’ Eddie Brock aka Toxin or Broxin as us guys on The Venom Site like to dub him, Declan Shelvy’s Re-design is PERFECT!!! I expect BIG THING’s from Toxin. Also I think Eddie Brock Marvel Select’s are up there in terms of Sales with The best of them?

DSTChuck: Welcome back Lee – I thought you promised never to ask for anything again if you got a Flash Venom? Of your current wish list Carnage has the best chance but not sure it can happen in 2014, we’ll have to see. If it does, it will be later in the year.

Lucas D.
I know it is too soon but are you thinking about doing a couple Marvel Selects based off of Guardians of the Galaxy? If so, then how many of them? I know you can only do so many figures a year.
I guess this one is really not a question more of me just rambling about what the Guardians could consist of. I think it would be cool to see:
Star-Lord – With interchangeable heads (with helmet and without]
Then a couple others. I guess it would also be cool to see if one of the figures could have an accessory or base that could be Rocket Raccoon, since he is a smaller character.

DSTChuck: I can’t comment much on GoG, but the basic idea is we do two figures from a movie if we can. That did not work out for The Wolverine; but we HAD planned on a Silver Samurai; however, we were not able to get refrence in time.

Luis S.
I would like to see a figure of onslaught in marvel select… good god that would be amazing ,regards from Ecuador.

DSTChuck: We’ve had more than a few request for Onslaught, so it’s possible, but not in the plans right now.

Mark W.
I love your figures and designs…will you be doing an Avatar of Cyttorak (Colossus) figure in the Marvel Select line soon? I know Hasbro is coming out with one in their Marvel Universe line…

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time for another Colossus.

Joe S.
Just curious if anything Sentinel related has been considered for a future MS release? With Days of Future Past coming out next Summer, it would be nice timing for somebody like Nimrod. And although I’m not sure if he’ll be in the film or not, it’d be nice to see that wonderful MS treatment of larger scale characters for a comic-style, first appearance Nimrod. I’ve been hoping for one ever since ML started build-a-figures, but nadda.
But yeah, seeing as you guys knock the big figs outta the park and with Sentinels being the big bad for a major summer blockbuster…it might be good timing, and it would be fantastic…plus you’d be covering a film tie-in and with a comic look…so everybody would be happy, right? right?!?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have considered a Sentinel or Nimrod. But never say never.

C. Huck
Will the upcoming Thor figure from “Thor: The Dark World” have a variant with armored sleeves vs bare arms?

DSTChuck: There are no variants planned for the THOR figure.

Brendan F.
Hey guys, big fan of what you’ve been doing with Marvel Select figures this year – especially that Venom! Two questions:
1) Considering the success of Venom, what are the changes of, say, a Carnage with similar swap-out parts in the near future?
2) Several years ago we got a pretty neat Onslaught build-a-figure in Marvel Legends, but there have been no “Phase One” Onslaught figures since the 90’s. Considering how popular the upcoming Onslaught Minimate is looking, would you guys consider a Marvel Select figure with that same Magneto-esque original design?

DSTChuck: I think we’ve had a request for a Carnage once or twice. It’s not exactly the same as what we did for Venom, but yes, something along those lines.

Shahzeb S.
Any chances of re-issuing the following:
Moon Knight
Uatu The Watcher
Ultimate Hulk
Ultimate Venom
Cloak & Dagger
For giving us the new ones, would love to get:
Spider-Man Noir
New She-Venom

DSTChuck: Re-issues are always possible. I think the sales guys are looking over our list of suggestions for 2014 right now. I don’t think any of your new figure request are being considered right now for 2014, sorry.

Noah H.
Hi, I have a few of questions:
1) Do you have any plans on Marvel Select figures for Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
2) Do you know when we might see the Disney Store exclusive IM3 Marvel Select figures in stores? Or, have they been shipped out to them yet?
3) Do you have any other Marvel Select figures coming out for The Wolverine movie besides Wolverine, like the Silver Samurai?
Thank you

1) Maybe
2) Shipped to them already so should be VERY soon.
3) Nope sorry, we were only able to get the one done.

Justin L.
Hi, again. Will Black Widow have her movie action figure from the avengers 2, since she’s going to be a more important character according to Joss Whedon. She didn’t have a movie action figure from the first movie, so she should have one from the avengers 2 age of Ultron.

DSTChuck: Its possible, we have not ruled her out, but it’s a big movie.

Augusto B.
Hi , first , Marvel Select is amazing …but , When will we have a Rogue Marvel Select ? Rogue is one of the most popular X Men , and people really like her . After Gambit ,Jean , Phoenix ( not so cool ..the 70’s Phoenix is much more beautiful ) …I think we need a Rogue , think about it !

DSTChuck: Rogue has absolutely been one we’ve considered many times!

Aside from Silver Surfer, Thor/Jane Foster & Wolverine are there any other new figures scheduled for release before year end?

DSTChuck: Nope that’s it for 2013.

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