Ask DST #225: The Future of Sci-Fi!

It’s an all-sci-fi Ask DST Q&A with the director of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck! Read on for questions about Star Trek, Star Trek and… well, Star Trek! Maybe after New York Comic-Con, people will have more questions about Aliens…

Alfonso D.
Hi there,
I’m a longtime customer of Diamond Select thru my local comics stores and online; in particular I’ve purchased just about all of your electronic Star Trek toys.
I was wondering if you’ve ever given any consideration to releasing an electronic version of the Klingon D7 battlecruiser from the original series. The D7 was the first Klingon ship to ever be featured on any version of Trek and its basic design was used over and over again for decades, right on thru the movies featuring the original cast and even in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
I’m sure the many Trek fans who purchase collectables from Diamond Select would jump at the chance to have a nice, electronic version of this classic ship and I hope you’ll give consideration to this request.
Thanks very much for your time and attention.

DSTChuck: I think now that the BoP is out we’re not going to put another Klingon ship out so soon, but if the BoP keeps selling we’ll consider that for the future.

Eric W.
When can we expect More Pics & Vids of the U.S.S. Excelsior… Pleeeaaaaase !?

DSTChuck: I am sure when the factory gets something cool we’ll send it on over to Zach to film and shoot.

Justin H.
Hello I Just Wondering I Saw A Picture of USS Enterprise-A At SDCC It Is Awesome Can You Tell Me When This Ship Is Coming Out And Are Going To See New Sound FX From Star Trek 4-6 And New Repainted Or The Same Mold From TWOK Enterprise.

DSTChuck: Yes it will have all new deco and all new sounds. The tooling will not change, but pretty much everything else will.

Tristan G.
I have the USS Enterprise E from Star Trek Nemesis as well as the Original series Enterprise. Both are stunning and I love them to pieces. I was wondering whether you are very going to release the USS Voyager from Star Trek Voyager. That ship was on air for seven years and I believe it takes priority over ships like the Enterprise C which was only shown in one episode of The Next Generation. Voyager was a great show and had some brilliant props and ships eg. The Borg Cube, Type 2 phasers (Boomerang) and the Mark X Tricorder. I would love to see you guys make these and I’m sure that fans would be greatly appreciative. I hope to see more Star Trek stuff from you guys in the future because lets face it your great!!!! Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: I do not think the Voyager as a ship has been ruled out, in fact I think it might be in the top 5 or so. As for the other role-play from Voyager, I would doubt it, sorry.

Sue S.
hi , i’m a huge fan of star trek and love your figures however I feel I must speak up for the female characters who are rather lacking in your classic star trek line . there are only 3 female members of the classic crew and i find it very frustrating that you have only produced uhura as a figure and left nurse chapel and janice rand out . are you stuck in the dark ages of action figure collecting in the 70’s and 80’s when the female characters were left out of lines ! yet again i have just read your last star trek blog and seen requests for these fan fav’s as i have many times before and yet you still wont release them so i have a suggestion for your up coming select line – i assume dr mccoy and uhura are ‘important ‘ enough to be included so how about mccoy in his medical tunic with nurse chapel with a sick bay diarama and uhura at her station with janice rand . and as for your retro line – it is a disgrace that the entire line only includes 1 female figure – lets finally release nurse chapel and vina and follow it with janice rand , dr crusher and troi – no more excuses , other companies are releasing female retro figures so they can why cant you ? please do not reply with more excuses give us what we want and complete our crew -bring on the girls !

DSTChuck: Unfortunatly it’s not a male / female thing it’s more a situation that we’re not producing the 6” scale standard figure line. For action figures we are going in the direction of the Select line, which are single figure releases. Hopefully you like the new 7 of 9 PVC statue.

Robert P.
Dear Chuck and the DST crew,
I really enjoy the now defunct run of fully articulated Art Asylum/Diamond Select Star Trek Figures. I’ve been building my Next Generation collection for the last couple years. Unfortunately, I was late to the party therefore missed out on my chance to get a TV series version of Data. From my time spent searching online I’ve come to discover that he must have been as hard to find on store shelves as a golden ticket in your chocolate bar. Very rare indeed! I know you guys have opted to move away from fully articulated Trek toys (not counting those incredible new legacy Minimates) but is there way you guys would be interested in revisiting those hard to find characters like Data, or even Sisko and Chekov? You know Trek’s 50th is coming up soon to boot! Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

DSTChuck: I think for now the “standard” figure line is not active but it’s not like we could not go back and change our mind, just no plans to right now.

Bernie M.
I purchased the USS Enterprise NCC-170B. I am very happy with it. The design and everything is great! Any chance of a USS Defiant from DS9? How about the Prometheus or an Akira class? And one more how about Enterprise C?
Thank you

DSTChuck: I think of those the best chance might be the Defiant. Glad you like the B.

Craig L.
I have just recently viewed the Q&A regarding the Star Trek ships, and other figures. Now I read one of your replies that caught my attention, and now I’m curious. Your reply to one of the questions was,
“We’ll have to see. Work on the ship after the redone A and Excelsior is just starting soon.”
Where you said “the redone A.” Now were you by any chance referring to the Enterprise A? Well can’t wait to buy my next DST Star Trek ship.

DSTChuck: YES we showed the new A at Comic-Con. It’s something we’ve really wanted to do for some time.

David E.
DSTZach told me to ask you if you’ll ever do a USS Enterprise D mini-mate ship? Since it’s a far better ship than the TOS Enterprise ;) Also, How possible is it for you to collaborate with Playmates (similar to what you did with Mego) to re-release their toys from the ’90s?
With the 50th Anniversary coming fast, is there a chance that DST, to celebrate this huge milestone, would be able to produce in limited numbers the items that were never made during Art Asylum’s and DST’s line such as the Deluxe Broken Bow Mayweather, Salt Vampire, Chapel, Rand, Ferengi Borg Assimilation figure and the Star Trek Nemesis figures that were never made all presented in a 50th Anniversary case?

DSTChuck: Hmm… DSTZach told you to ask? I’ll have to speak to him about that. Sorry, for now there are no plans for more ships in the Minimates line but it’s not something that is ruled out and if we did another one it would be probably be the D. I doubt Playmates is interested in talking to us about that, but just for the record I have asked. I doubt the items that were designed but never came out will be resurrected any time soon. There is pretty much no chance you will see the Borg assimilation stuff, the Broken Bow stuff or the Nemesis stuff. Sorry.

Brian G.
My son and I really like your merchandise, especially the Star Trek line.  I’m sure you look at suggestions for future products, so here’s mine.  I like to see you make the Star Trek III The Search for Spock science Tricorder. 

DSTChuck: Consider your request logged.

Daniel M.
I hoping you will produce a D7 battle cruiser, it kind a been left behind. I think it would sell like hot cakes. Suggestion it be a commemorative for Kane

DSTChuck: One ship at a time…

Alexander T.
Hi Chuck.
To start off, I’m very happy to see the shipping date for the Excelsior (I’ve already asked for it as a birthday present), I’m very happy that a new version of the Enterprise-A will be out next year and I’m really impressed with “The Wrath of Khan” Enterprise I bought a few weeks ago.
I know you get asked this a lot, but if this new line of TOS and TNG action figures is successful, do you think we could potentially see some products that weren’t made last time? I’d really like to see movie versions of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, The Doctor, Janice Rand (as a lieutenant commander) and Commander Christine Chapel. I’d also like to see the rest of the Voyager crew, Admiral Alynna Nechayev, Admiral William Ross and Hugh – along with some more great Trek villains.
Keep up the amazingly awesome work guys and as always, thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions. My best wishes to everyone and looking forward to getting the Excelsior.

DSTChuck: Glad you like the items you have purchased so far and hopefully we keep getting better. I really do not think the Select line is the place for you to find less popular characters. We’re going to keep going as long as fan support is there, but it’s a one at a time process, maybe 4 new releases in a year or so would be a fair target.

M. Bleeker
Hello I am a long time fan of your works especially the Star TRek replicas. i wanted to ask you if you have any plans to produce more like the Assault Phaser from Star Trek the Undiscovered Country or (since you made the Klingon disruptor) the Romulan, Bajoran or cardassian disruptors or maybe the TNG/Movie type 2 Phasers
And if (one of hese) if they would be cheaper than the Klingon because 60 $ for a toy is quite much and retail prices are even higher
I would really appreciate it if you would answer me.
Best regards

DSTChuck: I think all of those would be a long shot, and as for the price I doubt we’d be able to make a role-play like we do for less than a $60.00 retail. It’s just the price we need to get with the cost and sales expectations we have.

A. Chester
Hello again, Chuck! I was wondering, have you considered offering the “HMS BOUNTY” graphic as a sticker or waterslide decal for the upcoming Klingon Bird of Prey with (FINALLY!) landing gear? It looks nice in the preview pictures, but perhaps doing that would go over well with consumers that would like having a choice? Just an idea…

DSTChuck: We do have plans to release the BOP with the “HMS Bounty” on it, and that version will have landing gear, so we have no plans to offer just a sticker. Sorry.

David R.
I’m a huge fan of your Starships line, and I was completely psyched to see you guys are re-releasing the Enterprise-A. As an owner of the original 1701-A release, and the 2007 TWOK Refit, my hope is that this re-release will be more in-line with your recent releases in terms of features. Number 1 on that list would be a lights-on feature like the E-D and E-B have (with less light bleed/translucent plastic being #2). Pretty please DST, can do whatever it takes to include this feature on the new Enterprise-A? Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Yes the plan is to update the A with the lights, sounds and deco that we have been doing with our ship releases. I don’t know if we have heard exactly how much we’ll be able to do, but we’re going to update all we can.

Tukai S.
Hello I bought the Klingon bird of prey and Nemesis Enterprise. I would really like to see a Defiant. It’s my favorite ship from Star Trek. Please tell me that is in the works. There are not any nice ones in the market and you all are the best. There are quite a few DS9 fans and this is the iconic ship for us. Thanks

DSTChuck: Defiant is my favorite ship as well.

Bill P.
Have you planned or going to plan on releasing any of the Star Trek: Voyager figures?

DSTChuck: There are no plans for any re-released figures at this point.

Ken S.
Is there a possibility that we could see a Refitted 1701 in the same slate grey plastic that we will see the Enterprise A in? The initial test shots of the TWOK Enterprise were done in slate grey and they looked really, really sharp. The pearlescent paint was a good idea in theory, but I personally feel that the solid color of the grey would yield a much more gratifying result. I understand that it would require DST to further sink money into the project, but I would be a much more satisfied customer with this product.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have any changes like that in mind but I suppose that is something we can consider. I’ll have to check with the development guys.

Andrew L.
Any news when the next Trek Tek will be announced? Will we see an announcement this year?

DSTChuck: We were hoping we would have something to show at NYCC this weekend, but I do not think that will be the case.

Jimmy T.
Hi, Are you guys ever going to make a high end metal version of the Star Trek Phaser II? I’ve been wanting one for the longest time and the Master Replica ones are impossible to find. Just a thought for your consideration.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Jimmy, our license does not allow high-end replicas.

Jeff W.
Just saw pictures of the Art Asylum ST IV Bird of Prey looks good. I was wondering will we be able to use the Landing gear on the ST VI Bird of Prey will they be interchangeable

DSTChuck: The Bounty will actually come with two interchangeable battery covers, one with landing gear and one without, so you can display it the way it appeared in different scenes from Star Trek IV. If you want to use one of those landing gears on the one of your other Bird of Prey ships, it should fit.

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