Ask DST #226: Something For Everybody!

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It’s the most miscellaneous of Ask DSTs, with questions from a variety of readers about a variety of topics! Read on, and be prepared to change tack on a frequent basis!

David H.

Hi! I have just a few quick questions.
1.) what are the odds of getting minimates and 1/15th electronic vehicles from bladerunner?
2.) would DST consider making an ultimate quarter scale of Turbo Man from “Jingle All the Way”?
3.) How about an ultimate quarter scale Deadpool from his appearance in his new game?
4.) a 1/15th electronic 1989 batmobile?
5.) an ultimate quarter scale figure of the creature from the black lagoon from monster squad sculpted by jean st. jean?
6.) is there any chance of DST making a time train from bttf part 3 that could be a standalone item that’s not meant to be in scale with the cars? What about a much larger DST delorean for that matter? Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to have a “BMF” styled delorean to open on Christmas morning? what would fans have to do in order to recieve BTTF items of this nature? There has to be a way…… right? Please make a “BMF” styled delorean a reality….or I’ll cry. “BMF” refers to the large -scale star wars vehicle Hasbro made years ago.
7.) okay… last one….grabs water…. what about a large scale rubber t-rex from jurassic park. Theoretically you could make one without the Jurassic park license considering that dinosaurs aren’t copyrighted.
8.) okay The REAL last one why not make a 20 inch rubber puppet with accurate sculpting of bruce the shark from “Jaws”?

DSTChuck: Hey David, I’ll do the best I can.
1. Pretty low, Blade Runner is not merchandised at this time.
2. No plans, sorry.
3. We tried to solicit a Deadpool ¼ figure and pre orders were not very good.
4. We have no rights to a electronic Batmobile.
5. We tried a ¼ scale Frankenstein and the orders were not good enough to go forward so I doubt it.
6. I do not think anything like that or a train is possible. Sorry.
7. We have no plans for anything JP or dinosaur at this time.
8. Sorry, we’ve never done anything like that, and I don’t think we have plans to at this time.

Jerry C.
Since you guys are tight with universal studios. ever think about figures and statuettes of “tremors”, or the return of ” darkman” or the “blues brothers” or something with “jaws” (been trying to get the MacFarlane jaws attacks quinn’s boat but if you guys have something else like say the jaws sinks the gyro copter from jaws 2 would be nice). Thanks

DSTChuck: Of those properties, the only one we’ve talked about is Blues Brothers, and that did not go forward, so I don’t think it’s in the plans soon, and neither is Jaws right now.

I saw pics of a new Creature from the Black Lagoon, a new version of Frankenstein’s Monster and what I suspect is a figure of Van Helsing at SDCC. When will these be released? Also, with the Creature and Frankenstein’s monster getting the new lower body articulation, will we see new versions of Wolfman, Dracula and Mummy as well?

DSTChuck: The UM line comes out each year for Halloween, the ones you are asking about will be in stores Halloween 2014. No plans for the others you mentioned.

Kushmeer F.
Greetings DST Chuck! I used to write all the time about your Battlestar Galactica figures. When the line went kaput, I didn’t have much to say. Decided to ask though, since the line is gone, can you show us or tell us any or all the figures that “didn’t make it”? Prototypes? potential wave lineups? Is there any chance at all we can get that Baltar, Roslin, or Cain? You mentioned to me once that Tory was considered, is there a pic of any of these figures that never made it past prototype? My nostalgia is eating me alive!

DSTChuck: I think most of what was developed was shown at various shows. Right now there are no plans to go back and make anymore BSG toys – sorry.

Kyle R.
Hi there!
As a big fan of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, I’m very excited for the Minimates and the Femme Fatales Atom Eve. Is there any chance of a Select series of action figures? The same characters as the Minimates would be great, but I’d be happy just to have Invincible.

DSTChuck: I think right now we are going to see how the Minimates and statue do, but you never know!

Darren D.
Hi there,
Just read the latest Q+A and woah, i didn’t know you guys had the Buck Rogers license, drooooool!!
I hope the poor sales of the ZICA stuff isn’t putting you off, I myself am a huge fan (honestly, I own many of the original costumes, the Buck and Wilma starfighter suits even, I’m proud to say) yet I didn’t buy the ZICA toys because I’m a little tired of the MEGO thing, much as I love my nostalgia (born in ’72) I just like a little more realism now I’m (semi) grown up!
So if you were to put out Buck figures like the classic trek you’re doing I’d be all over em. And even more so, 3 3/4 inch figures with a starfighter. (see also, classic Galactica Viper but I think we’ve been here before!) I also noted the response to the Airwolf question. I’d kill for a 1/18 scale airwolf with little Jan and Ernie to pilot it!
See also, the A-team, Miami Vice, just tick all my 80’s boxes darnit! Seriously, why do we have Dexter toys and not the A-team fer chrissake, that is mental!! (I know it’s not your fault!) Imagine little A-team guys, a little aquamaniac exclusive Hannibal, he’d be adorable!
Anyhow, enough wishful thinking, keep up the good work, just do more of it, stuff that I want!!

DSTChuck: Hey Darren, I was a huge fan of the Buck Rogers TV show so I have not given up yet. BUT I also loved Air Wolf and the retailers did not agree… Man you love your ’80s TV…

Nathan S.
So far I loved your busts and statues from the marvel line, I would like to know what other héroes do you have in store to make, also I really prefer not the classics, for example I have mephisto and morbius, would love to see other minor characters done by your staff, they are really excellent, of course other major characters that I have, like hulk are magnificent. Would love to see Nova, villains, and others in classic garments as you do. My other question is what you have in plans for the femme fatales line, also excellent, and I have a few of those too, waiting now for the new Lady Death, would love to see reprised Raven Hex that I couldnt pick at in time. And theres tons of ladies to be portrayed, news on this? keep up the good work you are doing!

DSTChuck: No plans for more Marvel resin at this time, sorry. But we’re always thinking about the next Femme Fatale, we’ll keep you posted on who’s coming up.

Have you ever considered doing 3 3/4″ retro style action figures for some of your licenses? Several companies have had success with the smaller format and limited articulation figures, for example the Outer Space Men by the Four Horseman, Super 7’s Re-Action Alien figures, and Zica with their Six Million Dollar Man line. I think with the sculpting capabilities of your company, that fans would be eager to add them to their collection. For example, how about 3 3/4″ Buck Rogers, Universal Monsters that would make fans of the old Remco figures cry for joy, or even original Star Trek figures to put the old Mego ones to shame.

DSTChuck: I know there are a good number of collectors out there for that scale but its not really something we are developing. We did do the Michael figure for KITT, so never say never but we’re not working on anything at this time.

Alexander T.
Hi Chuck
To start off with, thanks for the release date for the Excelsior (I’ve been asking the people I know for that as a birthday present) and I’m looking forward to getting the action figures of Thor and Jane Foster, the Klingion Bird of Prey HMS Bounty next month. And I’m already looking forward to getting the new version of the Enterprise-A next year.
I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but if this new Star Trek product line (the one with Kirk, Spock and Picard) is successful could we possibly see some products that weren’t released in the original product lines from a few years ago? I’d really like to see movie versions of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, The Doctor, Janice Rand (as a lieutenant commander) and Dr Christine Chapel. I’d also like to see Commander Shelby (from “Best of Both Worlds”), Captain John Harriman and Demora Sulu from “Generations”, the rest of the Voyager crew (though to be honest I’m not fussed on Chakotay & Kes), Captain Edward Jellico and Admirals Alynna Nechayev and Owen Paris.
I also have a question for the Marvel line. If these new products of Thor and Jane Foster do well (and with the upcoming release of the SHIELD TV series), could we some pieces of other Marvel movie characters like Black Widow, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson and Pepper Potts.
Keep up the amazing work and as always, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my questions. I really appreciate it. Best regards to everyone

DSTChuck: Thanks for all the support. I don’t think Select is the place fans should look for more “obscure” characters. Janeway would not be a secondary character though so she’s a good possibility. Some of the others would be less likely. The issue with the Select line is we only do a limited number of characters per year so we try not to do more than a couple from each movie.

Justin L.
Hi (This is for my SW question and to your reply: DST makes better looking figures and much larger figures. Hasbro is only to play with. DST are more for collectors. It would be amazing to see a line of Star Wars from DST.) And now for the actual question, for the walking dead. MacFarlane has been making figures of the walking dead, but would DST make other action figures that MacFarlene missed? Again, DST makes amazing action figures. Like, DST and DCC are my favorites.. But anyways, would there be a chance for TWD figures?

DSTChuck: While we would love to make Select figures for Star Wars and Walking Dead, it’s not possible at this time with the deals the properties have with TMP and Hasbro, but if that ever changes we’ll be ready!

Jonathan V.
I had an idea for a new set of products for your ‘Halo’ line. Given the outstanding success of your ‘Star Trek’ ships ( which I have a few myself), it would be a huge hit with gamers and ‘Halo’ fans alike if you also produced the ships of the ‘Halo’ universe. No company has ever done replicas of these ships. Of the many choices of different vessels you could produce, their are several that would be big ticket items: UNSC Frigates ‘Savannah’, ‘In Amber Clad’, and ‘Forward Unto Dawn’; UNSC Cruisers ‘Pillar of Autumn’ And ‘Infinity’; and the Covenant Corvette “Ardent Prayer”; CCS Battlecrusiers ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ and ‘Pious Inquisitor’; CAS Assault Carriers ‘Long Night of Solace’ and ‘Shadow of Intent’.; even the Covenant Holy City ‘High Charity’ and one of the ‘Halo’ rings like ‘Installation 04’, ‘The Ark’ the Didact’s Ship and Flood controlled versions of Human and Covenant vessals. All of these would be great sellers.

DSTChuck: Sorry Jonathan, we no longer have the rights to produce products based on Halo.

Malestrom J.
In questions session 218, J. Moore asked some relevant questions about stuff from the Adam West Batman tv show – sentiments and suggestions Id echo by the way… you responded saying ‘ sorry no but to be clear we are not making props from the movie’ I thought the answer was a bit muddled ‘cos J Moore was asking about the 60s tv show not the movie and not so long ago your site was heralding the fact you’d acquired the rights to make stuff from the Adam West series… so basically I’m wondering what your answer meant and whats going on. A little clarification would be good please.

DSTChuck: Yes, we have the rights to produce some products based on the ’60s TV show but those rights are very specific, so I do not think we will be making prop replicas. We are starting with resin bust and banks (like our Star Wars banks) more to come as the release dates get closer.

Steve S.
Hi. I’m a fan of The Walking Dead comic book but Minimates don’t appeal to me. I’m also disappointed with the 5 inch figures made by a certain comic creator/ toy designer. My question is whether there is any likelyhood of making TWD comic figures in a similar scale and style as Marvel Select, Star Trek and The Munsters? Or what about another Robert Kirkman creation Invincible? I would snap up all figures of either license in that style.

DSTChuck: Sorry Minimates do not appeal to you, but as I said earlier we have no rights to the action figure category.

Luis V.
Any chance of a “drivers pack” for your vehicles? Marty, Michael knight, the doc?

DSTChuck: We have no rights to the likeness of the actors from BttF but those would be fun for sure.

Max C.
Are you guys going to make the monsters squad figure .I would love them and I think allot over other would to they should be in a two pack one monster one kid .And I would like to see you make the Addams family thank you hope to see these figures soon

DSTChuck: We have no plans for Monster Squad. We have discussed the idea of The Addams Family, but nothing is planned at this time.

Dennis W.
Hello there,
I really hoped you would show something ALIENS-related at SDCC this year and I was a little bit disappointed when I’ve learned that there was nothing. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to your vehicle line and I wonder when we can expect any news regarding ALIENS, and if you can share any details yet to bridge the time. (maybe confirming one or two vehicles and what scale they are)

Greetings from Germany

DSTChuck: Dennis we are working on the Minimates now as well as a couple of other items but anything with the vehicles would be a bit down the road. Prototypes of the Minimates were at NYCC!

Josh H.
There are several different lines of toys and franchises that I buy from Diamond. Marvel Select, Marvel Minimates, Ghostbusters Minimates. I enjoy them all and glad there have always been more coming out. Mattel has basically abandoned ship on the Ghostbusters toys, especially since they didn’t get their numbers on Pre-orders for the Ecto-1. Is there ever a chance for Diamond to be able to make Ghostbusters in the size like the Marvel Select, Universal, and Star Trek Figures? It would be huge! There are still plenty of characters from The Real Ghostbusters that wasnt made either. Could there also be minimates playsets? The Firehouse? Ecto-1, Ecto-2?
Also a Phoenix Five minimates set. I see Colossus and Emma have been released, and Cyclops previously. But I don’t see a Phoenix Five Namor being released.
Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: Josh thanks for all the support. Ghostbuster action figures are not possible for us at this time. Mattel holds those rights. And I do not think we have plans for more characters from the Phoenix Five story line.

Justin L.
Is Diamond Select going to make Samus Aran action figures? I doubt we will ever get them and it seems like Diamond Select is our only hope to many figures in many other mythologies.

DSTChuck: We do not have any plans for Metroid figures.

Clayton S.
Dear Chuck,
Is Art Asylum going to produce a series 2 of the Mad Monster action figures? I really love series 1. Thank you so much and keep of the good work!!!

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have plans for a series 2. We’d love to, and hopefully series one finds some traction so we can do a second series.

Ulysses C.
Anxiously awaiting your new B-9 Robot! Lost in Space is a wonderful addition to the various old school product licenses held by Diamond. As a collector and fan I’m particularly interested in an electronic Jupiter 2 model as well as 1st and 2nd season Laser pistol replicas. Any chance we’ll see those in the near future?

DSTChuck: We’ll tackle the B9 first, and if that does well and finds an audience we’d look at Jupiter 2. Not sure about laser pistols, though.

Sam W.
– I love the lines DST offers and had a few questions:
– Your Knight Rider vehicle was awesome…any chances for a Knight Rider 2000 KITT?
One of the squandered (and absent) lines revolves around the Star Trek Into Darkness and the first film. I know DST does not have rights…is that something you guys have looked at? It would be a wonderful day if you got the license to make figs and ships. Is there a chance of this happening?
– What are your thoughts on a line of video game figures?
– There is another company that is now making Star Trek ships…and they have dug pretty deep into the shipyards (including a much requested Voyager and Akira class ship). Fans have asked for many of these ships and the response has been rather coy and now another company is seeking to meet the requested needs. Does this motivate DST to step up production and depth in regards to your ships?
Thanks for answering what you can!! Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Sam we have no plans right now for a KR 2000 KITT – sorry. CBS is not interested in granting us the rights to the new Trek movies – but we have asked. We do video game products from time to time and figures of a property or two in 2014 is very possible. We did the Alice Madness stuff last year so its something we do from time to time if the property makes sense to us. I don’t see any change in the ship plans, we try to do two per year (we try) and we do the ones that we and the sales staff have found to be the most popular.

Lamont T.
I would love to see some monsters no one has done before. You could do the Electric Man from “Man Made Monster’ with a glowing head, or the caveman creature from “Monster On Campus” just to name two from Universal. 50’s monsters such as The Fly and The She Creature and monsters from Hammer films might also be big hits with collectors. You could do a whole line based just on Hammer’s Frankenstein films. Any chance for something like this happening?
My kids love to watch movies featuring EL Santo and The Blue Demon. As far as I can tell nobody has made decent figures based on these characters. Any chance you will be the first?

DSTChuck: Some of those movies are very cool and I’m glad your kids love them, but we have no plans for any figures.

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