Ask DST #227: Marvel Select!

It’s an all-Marvel Select edition of Ask DST, and DSTChuck is raising hopes and crushing dreams all over the place! Who will be the most name-checked Marvel character this week?

Steve S.
I enjoy the Marvel Select figures, and it’s my main figure collection but sometimes the lack of characters released is frustrating and makes me wonder if I should have stuck with other Marvel figure lines especially concerning movie figures. Is there a particular reason why only 2 characters are made for each film, missing out rather key characters that would look awesome in MS form? Surely more fans would prefer you make more movie characters as MS figures instead of wasting plastic on Minimates (which I really don’t see the appeal of). On a similar note: will you be making the rest of the Fantastic Four to go with The Thing or is his little bit of cardboard with them drawn on it all we’re going to get?

DSTChuck: Steve, so glad you like the line! The reason we only do a couple from each movie is we limit the main line releases for the Marvel Select line to 8 figures per year. With a movie like Avengers, you’d fill all those out with just that movie. It’s not an exact science – for some movies we end up with one release – so I suppose you never know. As for comic FF, we have absolutely not ruled out doing the other 3 members of the classic team.

Tim P.
I just want to start off by saying what most start off by saying…Marvel Select is one of the most amazing lines of figures I have ever seen. I can not begin to describe how impeccable the detail is, and your paint jobs are out of this world! I took a hiatus from collecting Star Wars for this line and that really took something special. That all being said, I am here for some inquiries.
First of all when can we expect the next announcement regarding new figure releases? I am aware silver Surfer is on pre-order but what comes next? I have heard and read some rumors about Angel and the Arch Angel variant….if this is true I have to know!
Arch Angel would be an amazing figure, considering how much you have improved articulation and how picky you are about the epic detail in Diamond toys, I feel this would be an absolute standout. The Marvel legends version was amazing but Marvel Select would make this an absolute must own for any X-men, or Marvel fan. I literally almost salivate over the thought of this!
Also another inquiry I have is regarding BEAST! I would require you produce him as well, just kidding, but I am not trying to discourage you producing either figure in the least….

DSTChuck: Wow Tim a break from SW for Select – I am truly flattered! That is high praise. We’re working on some new figures now, hopefully we can show something new before the end of the year. Archangel is certainly a figure we would consider. Beast has been considered as well.

Blakely J.
Hello, DST,
Firstly, thank you so much for your perfect figures! I have not found a reason to complain about any figure.
Secondly, I would like to ask if a Marvel Select classic Apocalypse is on the horizon. The other toy companies have not made a satisfactory one, in my opinion, and if any company can, I have faith that yours can and will!
Thirdly, are there any plans to re-release the Select Mephisto figure with throne? I would much rather pay your company instead of paying someone else on eBay.
Thank you for your time and consideration, and thank you again for your great products!

DSTChuck: Wow, so many great ideas out there… Apocalypse would be a cool one too. Right now Mephisto is NOT on the re-release list for at least the next six months, but you never know.

Lucas D.
I really love Marvel Select! I think they are amazing looking figures and the articulation is getting better and once they are just getting better!
I guess I have a series of questions.
1. I know you’ve already made your Thor: The Dark World figures, so I won’t ask if you would do another character but I want to ask if Loki from the first movie would ever get the re-release treatment?
2. Also going alongside the Thor type questions – Has there been any talk or discussion for other Asgarian characters or other Thor characters? I guess they are not as popular but it would be nice to see some of his line of villain become immortalized in Marvel Select form or even his allies.
3. Has there been any discussions for Beta Ray Bill?
4. Is Miles Morales Spider-Man a possibility?
5. Has there ever been any discussions for The Leader?
6. Or is World War Hulk a possibility?

1) I do not think so, our rights to the Marvel movies are very specific and only last for a limited time.
2) I don’t think there has been, aside from some serious discussion about whether or not we should do the Destroyer when the first movie was going to come out.
3) Nope
4) I don’t think so, but its Spidey, so you never rule it out!
5) Nope, not really.
6) I think every version of Hulk has been discussed – much like Spider-Man!

Ken M.
Can we get a new Deadpool marvel select figure, since we have a new Deadpool game can we get a new figure? The last one was not great in the articulation, so can we get one with better articulation, and can we get articulation like what you did with the new move wolverine figure you guy have made.
Thx for reading

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans for another Deadpool figure, but he is so popular I would not rule it out.

Earl S.
Now that the Marvel Select Thor, which was previously a Disney Store exclusive, is going to be released to comic shops will we also be getting Hawkeye and Captain America in comic shops too?

DSTChuck: We have ongoing talks with Disney about the situation of their exclusives and it’s 100% up to them. We’re ecstatic they are even allowing any of them into the marketplace. (Hawkeye, Black Widow and Lizard have already been resolicited! – DSTZach)

Justin L.
Is there ever going to be a Mystique action figure from Marvel Select? Jennifer Lawrence was cool as Mystique. Oh and, will The Scarlet Witch finally get an action figure too? (From the Avengers 2)

DSTChuck: Too early to speak on Avengers 2, but we’re just now starting to talk about Days of Future Past, so maybe…

Edgar G.
I have a question for DST, I know I don’t work for you guys and therefore can’t see what happens behind the scenes but I’ve been wanting to know, Why do you guys always have delays? I’ve never seen any of your products come out on the original “estimated date”. At SDCC this year you guys had a September 2013 release date on your card for Marvel Select Thor from the new movie and then on facebook within the same week you guys said maybe october. You guys either shouldn’t put up release dates that you can’t make or put the true release date on a product.

DSTChuck: Edgar, its not because we want to delay toys or frustrate fans. No one wants to wait any longer for items they are looking forward to… heck, I waited 10 years for the new G’n’R album! Unfortunately delays can happen at many places, like the sculpt or the studio or the actor or even at the factory or the warehouse. The general feedback we have is that fans and retailers want to see a date on upcoming items, so we do the best we can. We use Facebook and the Art Asylum sites to update that information as often as we can – imagine the world before the Internet!

Shandon W.
Hey Chuck, so I did more online rummaging and discovered images of a TDW Loki and Malekith. Would you please be so kind to shed some light on this?
I’d also like to suggest a Carnage revision similar to the recent Venom with detachable parts! That’d be awesome!
Finally, when do the “polls” for potential Marvel Select re-releases start up? B/c I’m all in favor for Doctor Octopus.
P.S. I’m at 56 now…and in need of a larger shelf. That is all.

DSTChuck: We’ve had many request for a new Carnage figure, so you never know! We never even designed a Dark World Loki, so no idea what you found, but I can honestly say it was always going to be Jane and a new Thor from our planning.

Chris H.
In the next 12 months do we have a strong chance at seeing Indestructible Hulk, Skaar, or A-Bomb?

DSTChuck: I don’t think so, but not all 2014 is locked so…

Vang Y.
Do you guys have any plans on a marvel select sentry? It would be awesome to have a sentry figure to add to the select line up.

DSTChuck: I don’t think so, but not all 2014 is locked so…

Nathan M.
Are you making a Marvel Select Carnage or is this true about these Marvel Selects On Wiki- Beast with danger room base, Rogue with sentinel hand base, Iceman with frozen standing base, Angel (Archangel variant), Professor Xavier with wheel chair, and “Cerebro”

DSTChuck: more X-Men are always possible, and Carnage has been a high-volume request since we released the new Venom. (The rumors are just that, rumors, and have been removed. – DSTZach)

Shahzeb S.
Wish you guys re-issue the Ultimate Hulk, the Watcher, Mephisto and the Moonkinght .

DSTChuck: You will see one of those again soon…

Hi Chuck. With Iron man being front and center the last few years, we’ve gotten plenty of his movie armors. I’d like to see more of his comic armors, especially his older classic versions. Any chance on this happening? It’d be great to get the comic armors but also include the bases similar to the movie figures to maintain the “armory” theme. Just a thought. We get classic versions of Cap, Thor, Xmen, why not Iron Man? Also, we still need Iron Man villains like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium man and Iron Monger. I hope all of these make it out at some point in the future. Thanks.

DSTChuck: I think there is a good chance we will do a new comic Iron Man sometime in the next 18 months or so. I do consider the version we did of Iron Man to be pretty standard, maybe not a Bob Layton timeline but classic look based on the last 20 years…or more modern “classic”

Danish Q.
Hi there,
You guys have been doing a brilliant and amazing job for several years now and I wish you more and more success in the coming years as well. My question are basically two, first was to whether the following Marvel Selects as in Mephisto, Watcher and Ultimate Hulk are to be re-issued anytime soon and secondly, are you guys possibly intending to create or make a Marvel Select version of Toxin (Eddie Brock) something with the intensity and madness of the likes of the well renowned Classic Venom you previously created. Thank you very much in advance. Regards.

DSTChuck: I don’t think Toxin will happen in 2014, but beyond that… never say never.

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