Ask DST #228: More Minimates, More Questions!

The world of Minimates is constantly expanding, but for many die-hard fans, it can’t expand fast enough! DST Director Chuck Terceira takes on a new batch of questions about licenses and characters that Minimate maniacs would like to see, and tells it like it is.

Andrew F.
In the 08/26 Ask DST, in response to a question about the Jean DeWolfe series you wrote “I’d like to do more of that going forward if I can. It is tricky though, to come up with something that is unique enough, as well as popular with the fans, and can be kept in a tight series so nothing too major is left out.” I would like to suggest a series on Avengers Under Siege from the 1980s. It has some A List Avengers, some cool B List Avengers that you haven’t done yet and a boatload of great villains. YOu could do a great series of two-packs where you included one hero and one villain. The world needs more villains.

DSTChuck: Thanks, we’ll have to see what the future holds. We’ve done a fair bit of Avengers, and there is the new movie next year so…

Ryan C.
I’m a huge fan of Minimates and I have a list of properties I would love to see get the Minimate treatment: Seinfeld, Quantum Leap, Mortal Kombat, Batman 1966 TV series, Dick Tracy 1990 movie, The Rocketeer comic book and movie, Death Race 2000, Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug, and Army of Darkness.

DSTChuck: One of those we have checked on and were not able to get, but none of the others have been considered as of now.

John S.
Hello again!
Man I love minimates! The Tomb Raider line looks like it’s going to be killer, and SWEET CHRISTMAS! Wouldja lookit all those new Captain America ‘mates revealed at SDCC! WOWZERS! Ok, so with that in mind, I’ve got some minimates related questions for you-
1)Will we be seeing more Tomb Raider waves? Any chance of doing TR Retro minimates from previous games, or are you limited to the new (and extremely well made) reimagining?
2)Breaking Bad minimates- any chance????
3)In all honesty, has any thought been given to doing a 4-pack of Marvel Minimates featuring an incarnation of the Serpent Squad?
4)Overall, how did the Star Trek Legacy mates do? Can we expect to see more Trek down the road?
5)It seems that the zombies released in the Walking Dead line are all based on specific zombies from the comic. Have you guys ever thought of letting the fans vote on some fan-favorite walkers to get the Minimates treatment?
Well that’s it for today! Thanks for taking the time to read through my questions and I hope to see you at NYCC this year!

DSTChuck: Hey John! I was at Comic-Con, did you stop over?
1) I do not think so, we did ask about the older games but Square was not interested.
2) Would be very cool but we do not have the rights to that property and it would be hard to get a license for just Minimates.
3) Sorry, I can honestly say it’s never been mentioned or discussed.
4) They did FAIR, so another set could be done, but it’s not planned at this exact moment.
5) YES all the Zombies are specific. We have certain rules on which Zombies we can do, so any vote would have to be from a list, not an open-ended poll.

Daimon S.
Good evening DST. Today I come to you with a question. Or more, depending on my mood. Now, shall we begin?
Have you ever though of re-releasing some packs? Like you do with your marvel select line. The Dark Avengers is a nice example. The team will likely never re-surface and there aren’t any things that can be changed. A straight up re-release would be great. Or the thunderbolts pack. Or some older tru stuff.
Also, will we see anything at nycc?
And last but not least, will we see more spidey?

DSTChuck: Does your mood change as you type? We will never release the exact same two pack in the exact same way. We would release characters in different versions again, but never a straight re-release. We would do some of the TRU exclusives, but again we’d have to change them. We showed the Aliens Minimates in NY.

Chris F.
I just want to start off and say I absolutely love Minimates and that you guys are doing a great job, keep up the amazing work. I have 2 questions/requests 1. Have you guys considered Kick-Ass Minimates either based on the comics or the movies? 2. I was wondering if you guys thought about any vehicles/horses for the walking dead Minimates? Thank you for reading.

DSTChuck: Kick-Ass has been discussed, but for various reasons we have not as of yet pulled the trigger on a deal. Right now no vehicles are planned, but we have tossed out the idea of the camper.

Matt S.
Marvel’s coming “Inhumanity” event seems like a really swell opportunity to revisit that corner of the Marvel Universe that you all started when you released Black Bolt and Lockjaw Minimates. How’s about finishing up the Royal Family in their classic duds, helping them to congregate amongst all those other colorful FF/Avengers ‘mates we have?
All’s we need are Medusa, Crystal (in her yellow jumpsuit as well as her Fantastic Four costume), Triton, Karnak, Gorgon, Maximus and an Alpha Primitive army builder for good measure?
Whatcha think?

DSTChuck: We have considered more Inhumans so you never know.

Andie R.
Hey DST, I’ve been a fan of your work since the start! Love the new Marvel NOW! Minimates as well. I just got the Superior Spider-Man and Sam Alexander Nova minimates in the mail a few days ago, and I’ve gotta say, I love them! Now since the TRU wave 17 teased Superior Spidey 2.0 my question is when is that coming out? I love the all of the superior titles so far and I really want to keep my spidey-mates up to date. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support! Zach will update the AA website with the OSD for TRU 17 as soon as we can lock something down.

Paul W.
Hey Can’t help noticing that Thor seems to be only movie star from this year or early next not to have a boxset dedicated to him or a wave giving us any new classic comic-based characters. Any chance of seeing any more of his unmade supporting cast or villains soon please? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: There is no conspiracy to keep Thor out, it’s just the way the line plan flows and which figures can be done when. Thor has not been ruled out by any means so more supporting cast members are always possible but nothing is planned right now.

Julien B.
I know there’s been contract conflicts in the past regarding the use of 3 inch minimates in the marvel line. At this point, with all the cool molded pieces you guys use, would you even bother with 3 inch minimates if given the chance? Also, considering Minimates are the only toyline where I buy a whole wave, a Build A Figure would be really cool. Any chance of that ever happening?

DSTChuck: We have no plans right now to ever use any other body size – so no 3’ anytime soon. We have been asked a few times but no, we have no plans to do a build-a-figure.

Steve B.
First of all I love, love, love the Thundercats mini mates. I have all the sets released so far and am so happy that the newest set included stands. My question is can I buy 8 more stands for the original 2 sets? Lion-0 isn’t quite strong enough to hold the sword of omens over his head with out toppling over. Thanks

DSTChuck: The only stands we sell are available at shows or on our website by the bag. If you want the circle stands, they are $5.00 a bag.

Shawn M.
I really like minimates and I really like Resident Evil. Any chance of Resident Evil minimates happening soon?

DSTChuck: Not at this time. Sorry. [But Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Chris, Jill and Wesker are still available! – DSTZach]

Josh B.
I apologize if this question has been asked a thousand times already, but I have recently become OBSESSED with Minimates & wanted to ask if there was a way to purchase extra bases/stands for the figures? Do you guys sell just the bases?
Thank you so much!

DSTChuck: Yes we sell bags of bases at trade shows we attend and through our web store.

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