Ask DST #229: Star Trekkin’!

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There’s questions off the starboard bow, Captain! It’s an all-new Ask DST with DSTChuck, and this one is all about the Star Trek! Fans fired off the inquiries, and Chuck fired off some answer torpedoes in response. Brace for impact!

James W.
Hey Chuck,
Thanks for getting us more Star Trek minimates. I do have a couple of questions about them though.
1. Do they seem to be doing well enough to get us more waves in stores?
2. Can we please get some non command TNG, DS9, Voy uniforms? Data, Obrien, EMH ETC?
Thanks again

1. They are doing okay, not fantastic, so we have not ruled out doing a second series.
2. No thought has been given yet to the makeup of what a second series would look like.

Edward B.
Wow oh boy are your new Star Trek Kirk and Khan great. I just hope you will continue to make these great two packs . Thanks, Ed Bearnson.

DSTChuck: Thanks Edward, our thinking was really to put out the strongest series we could, glad you like it.

Benjamin N.
Hi Art Asylum,
I really like your stuff! I have a few questions:
(1): Is there any chance the company will bring out more in the Alien Combat Series?
(2): I see originally there were 4 figures assigned for the “Assimilated” Series, with the Ferengi version being dropped. Why was this done, and were any Ferengi figures made? If so, are they available to buy? My little brother loves the others I got him!
Thanks for your great products!

DSTChuck: No sorry we have no plans to produce any more figures from the Alien Combat series or the Assimilation lines, those were done many years ago.

Ron C.
I would LOVE to see a TOS Bridge to match your figures someday! Thanks and keep up the Excellent work!

DSTChuck: I think the furthest we’re going to be able to go was Kirk with the chair. But never say never.

Michael R.
While I applaud your efforts to make new ships, I question the necessity for another excelsior/enterprise b model such as the upcoming battle damaged enterprise B, who are you targeting with that, and why do you keep ignoring your fan requests?
The USS Reliant would be your most successful ship to date, everyone loves the enterprise A, or constitution refit, You are missing the bread that goes with the butter, the romeo to the juliet and lastly the Khan to the Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why?????????????? it doesnt make sense that you would not make something so highly sought after
Also the Enterprise C…..sigh…I know she appeared in only one episode, but so did the enterprise B, it appeared for 5 minutes in the movie, while the enterprise C had at least 20 minutes of screen time. THIS WILL SELL, Please make it….I hope your B sells, but c’mon now, forward this email to your design team, and upper management and ask them ” Why have we not made these ships” and when you decide to do do, please think of me, and save one or both for me when they are made.

DSTChuck: Michael I think if you do not want to purchase the battle damaged variant of the B then you can choose not to purchase it. There are fans out there that are interested in it, so it’s for them and not your cup of tea – no hard feelings, right? As for ignoring fan requests, I wonder which fans you are talking about. Are you, or some website out there I am not aware of, being appointed the voice of all fandom? I think we do as good a job as we can taking fan interest to heart with what we are able to create and market. We go to many trade shows, take in questions at panels, poll our retailers, read CS cards and e-mails, not to mention answering Q&A’s on a weekly basis for over six years. Again, not sure how you can guarantee the Reliant will be our best-selling ship or how much bread and butter is loved (I personally like jelly). We’ve never said we’re not going to make the C, it’s just not next on our list. We’ve had many requests through many venues for the Voyager, Defiant, Borg Cube, Romulan and Klingon ships as well. Have you checked with those fans to see if they prefer the C? Michael – we’re not perfect here, and any product we make will be applauded by some as the perfect choice and by many as a foolish mistake that means we hate fans and never do what they ALL want…

Patrick B.
I just wanted to let you guys know that I love the starship line. I was also wondering if the Bird of Prey sold well enough to warrant a release of further Klingon Vessels. Mainly hoping to see a D7/K’tinga line. Thanks!

DSTChuck: We still have some sales road to go on the latest ships but they are doing well. I don’t know how soon we’d be looking to do another Klingon ship but I expect we’ll have a good read by the time that decision needs to be made.

David T.
Hi guys, any plans for new Star Trek figures like Voyager crew or new villains like Dukat, the Dominium? i love to have a Defiant and Voyager ships, make it happen, greetings from Colombia.

DSTChuck: David, I think we’re going to stick with the Select line of figures for now and not sure who we will do down the road. We have one planned after Picard and are working on the 2D right now – after that we’ll have to see.

Lawrence G.
Repeats, Repeats! Enterprises A,B,D & E. Others. But, No Enterprise C, No USS Reliant from the ST/Wrath of Kahn & NO Akira Class Ship from ST/First Contact. Any thoughts about this.

DSTChuck: My thought is you are correct, if you boil it down to the simplest two sentence status of our current ship release schedule, and are looking for a hot take to be posted. However if you want to have a discussion of the line or the business matters that are involved, you have left out many, many sentences… is that what you were looking for, or did I miss the question in there?

Craig L.
Are you guys still making the Nemesis Enterprise E? Because I’ve been trying to locate one, now that I’m finally in a financial position to buy one. But now I can’t afford some of the ones I did find which are going for $90+

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have any ships retired so a re-release of any of them is very possible.

Al P.
I love your star trek products! especially the starships! but when will the reissue of the Enterprise-A be released? will it happen after the excelsior?

DSTChuck: We are well underway on the re-design of the original A release that AA did many years ago. It will pretty much have everything re-done from sound to paint (but the same tooling).

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