Ask DST #230: Miscellaneous Questions!

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You guys had a bunch of questions that didn’t fit into any one category – hey, kinda like Diamond Select Toys! – so DST president Chuck Terceira gave them their own posting! Don’t let the “Miscellaneous” classification fool you, these questions are just as important as any others! Keep asking ’em! The more miscellaneous, the better!

Justin L.
Can Diamond Select make Saints Row action figures????? Please make Saints Row action figures !!!!!!

DSTChuck: Pretty cool but sorry no plans right now.

Jamie D.
A series I think that would be great for Minimates or the select brand would be “Supernatural” No one has made figures of the series and it is packed with great characters. Any chances of this happening soon? I need a Sam and Dean and the Impala!

DSTChuck: I have not seen the show but I hear it’s pretty cool. But sorry, no plans right now for product.

Marc M.
Any chance of doing a 7 inch son of dracula ( count alucard ) ?

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans right now. We’re not exactly sure what we’ll do for series 6 but I don’t think that’s one we’re thinking of.

Chris G.
Very random question, but if you got the Doctor Who line, what exactly would you do with it? Would you continue the 5” line that Character Options has produced, or start your own new wave of figures?

DSTChuck: I think if we got Dr. Who the first thing we’d do is some Minimates, then some novelty and if fans were interested I think a bunch of us would like to take a crack at Select figures.

Jeff S.
Hello, I recently purchased your Atom Eve Femme Fatale and it is absolutely glorious! Is there any chance of seeing more Invincible universe characters in this scale or format? There are almost no statues or collectibles for this world, and I for one would love to have more, especially at that amazing price point. Thanks for your time.
P.S. MORE, MORE, MORE Star Trek Ships!!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

DSTChuck: We’re huge fans of the series here too. Be sure to check out the Minimates box set – showing up in stores soon. After that we’ll have to see.

Lucas D.
I guess I am more a fan of the 7 inch Marvel Select figures but I also really loved the Expendables figures. I know you will not be able to do anymore Expendables but I was wondering what other 7 inch figures will be in the making?
I read something about Pulp Fiction. Is that just going to be Minimates or will they be in 7 inch form?
Are there going to be any other major movies that get the DST 7 inch form?

DSTChuck: Most of the action figures we do are in the Select format but sometimes something like Expendables pops up and it just seems to be better suited to a tighter presentation. For Pulp Fiction for sure we’re thinking the Select format and yes we are planning Minimates and Select figures, as well as some other products.

Adam K.
I have a question about the Universal Monsters. I absolutely love everything that you’ve done with the monsters so far. I was heart broken that the Minimates line ended, and also equally bummed that the figures are ending after Son of Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I also recently discovered that the Retro cloth figures are ending, but my first question is will you still be releasing the retro cloth figures for the Phantom and Metaluna Mutant?
Also will black and white sets for waves 3 and 4 still be released?
My final question is I read that the fate of the bust banks are uncertain at this point as well, does this mean that after the bust banks you guys will be done with the Universal Monsters? Is there hope for anything else? You guys have done such an awesome job, that I’d hate to see things end.

DSTChuck: Phantom and Metaluna Mutant should be in stores now. Black and White box set three will happen for sure – we’ll have to see about set #4. I don’t think we’re quite done with Universal Monsters just yet – they are too much fun to stop working on.

David H.
Hi! What are the odds of seeing an ultimate quarter scale Turbo-man from “jingle all the way”? can we expect to see any delorean related products for the 30th anniversary of BTTF? What is the possibility of seeing an ultimate quarter scale of any Stan Winston creatures?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no Ultimate Quarter Scale figures planned. Yes, I think we’d like to come up with more BTTF products and keep that line going.

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