Ask DST #231: Marvel Selections!

It’s a monomaniacally Marvel edition of Ask DST! All of your Marvel Select questions are here for the answering, and DST President DSTChuck is here to answer them!

Danish Q.
Hi there,
You guys have been doing a brilliant and amazing job for several years now and I wish you more and more success in the coming years as well. My question are basically two, first was to whether the following Marvel Selects as in Mephisto, Watcher and Ultimate Hulk are to be re-issued anytime soon and secondly, are you guys possibly intending to create or make a Marvel Select version of Toxin (Eddie Brock) something with the intensity and madness of the likes of the well renowned Classic Venom you previously created. Thank you very much in advance. Regards.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support and well wishes. Yes we will be making more Ultimate Hulks very soon. Right now Toxin is not planned but we have not set all our plans for 2014 so…

Jeff W.
Marvel Select has some of the best figures out there! Been a fan for a long time!
1.Any chance of seeing a Marvel Now version of Hulk , Indestructible Hulk. need more Hulks for my collection! And you guys can never make toooo many Hulks!
2. Would love to see a Select version of A-Bomb(rick Jones) He is one of those out there characters that would look amazing in the oversized bunch!
3. I know a Ultron was just released but would love an epic 6 arm, Age of Ultron version!
4. Another out there character, again would love to see another of the hulk family, Maestro! He could have a sick detailed base of items from fallen heroes(iron man helmet, broken Cap shield, thor’s hammer, etc)
Keep making amazing figures!!!! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Glad to have you, Jeff!
1) Maybe, but not planned yet — you are correct, you can never have too many Hulks.
2) Yes, we have had a few requests for A-Bomb, BUT I think there are other large figures we might want to do before that.
3) Very cool version of Ultron, but yes you’re right we just did one, so it’s unlikely we’d do another one so soon.
4) I think you’re a fan of Hulk! Got it.

A quick question on a past figure. Why in the world was the Disney Store exclusive Black Widow released in a metallic purple suit and not a proper black or even gray suit? I would assume that is why she did not sell very well. I hope you consider re-releasing her down the road (like Thor and Hawkeye are getting re-releases) but done in black. I bet you will see an increase in sales.

DSTChuck: From the best of my memory we went back and forth with Marvel on how to nail the color just right and I think the second production run was more black than purple, but I’m not entirely sure. We’ve had that issue with black in the past, since many times in the past the coloring in comics was shown as blue to convey some shading and detail.

Justin L.
Hi. Is Marvel Select ever going to make a Mysterio action figure from the Spider-Man 2 video game or any other one?

DSTChuck: No sorry not from the video game, can’t say for sure on the comic version but we do not have rights to the video games.

Robin L.
Are there any chances of re-releasing Loki from Thor movie?

DSTChuck: We have not in the past and do not at this time plan to re-release figures from past movies. Sorry.

Kevin A.
Hey DST,
You’ve previously mentioned the difficulties of doing larger characters such as Apocalypse, Galactus, and Onslaught for the Marvel Select line. I was wondering if you guys had thought of doing these characters as build a figures and having their individual pieces packaged with related characters. Apocalypse, for example, could be packaged with Mr Sinister, Archangel, Cable, etc.
I’ve greatly enjoyed collecting the Marvel Select line and would love to see what your talented artists could do with these characters.
P.S. I would also love to see a 90s era Cyclops!

DSTChuck: Many times in the past in our Select or other action figure lines we’ve done a build an accessory, but I think the only build-a-figure we have done with Select was (kind of) the Silver Surfer from the Zombie sub-line. At this time we do not have plans to do a build-a-figure. For example if we used four figures to make one figure fans would have to spend 100.00 to build it – I don’t think that’s something we’re looking at at this time.

Shandon W.
With all the success of the recent Jean St. Jean sculpted Venom, I think it’s clear most fans are requesting a similar sculpted/updated Carnage with multiple attachments and heads. Which leads me to a few requests;
1) Please, with all your figures that are in development, give them multiple hands/heads/accessories.
2) Bring back those 2 piece display bases. I.e. Cap & Red Skull/Thor & Loki.
3) An updated Ultron similar to the image you used on the 09/15/13 New Items link. B/c lets face it, the current Ultron looks like a drone.
4) Beast with interchangeable feet, with a display base to hang from.
Thank You!

DSTChuck: Jean rocked it for sure – yes?! It’s been a dream to work with him (and the rest of our team) on this line.
1) Nope – we kind of pick and choose bases / accessories / alternate looks, but we’re not prepared to go one direction over another.
2) We did a two-piecer again with the Jane and Thor figures from Thor: The Dark World.
3) Right now no plans for another Ultron figure. Sorry.
4) Understood.
5) Understood.

Matthew R.
Hey guys!
Allow me to first say I am a huge fan of the Marvel Select Line. The craftsmanship and value you offer collectors is simply amazing.
I was curious if you could confirm whether a movie version of Black Widow is in the works for the Captain America II Line? The Marvel Select Black Widow is the only Marvel Select figure I own that I am in any way disappointed in.
If not, would you consider offering an “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” multipack including Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, and Black Widow? The success of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. television program shows there is strong support for all things S.H.I.E.L.D. ! This would be an excellent Disney Store exclusive (like the Fearsome Foes pack). Collectors are dying for these three!!!
Cannot wait to see what you have planned for 2014 and beyond! Keep up the great work!!!

DSTChuck: Thanks for the love! Right now no Black Widow movie figure is planned. I know you’re not going to believe me, but we really would love to do one!

Jeff W.
Hello I just bought the Marvel Select Iron Man Iron Patriot Exclusive War Machine and Marvel Select Avengers Movie Iron Man Mark VI Figure. I was just wondering will you be coming out with any other Iron Man Movie Armor figures Like The gemini armor Mk 39 or Starboost armor Iron man armor

DSTChuck: Right now, we’ve moved on from the movie armors, but I think it’s possible we have a new comic-based Iron Man figure in the not-too-distant future.

Sam W.
I am excited for your Marvel Select Thor figures coming in Nov. Are those the only two? I would love to see Sif done in the Select style… how about it?

DSTChuck: Yes, due to the limited number of releases we do in the Marvel Select line in each year it’s difficult (if not impossible) for us to do more than two figures from a movie.

Lenny B.
I am a huge fan of your Marvel action figure line. It is far and away the best toy line ever! Your attention to detail and scale are simply surpurb. I am constantly checking for new figures to be added. I currently have 27 of the Marvel select line and am excited for what you have in store for this line. I also wonder if you may try a build a figure line or just try to do 1 huge figure for example Galactus or a Sentinal. I would also like to give you a list of what figures I would like to see in the future.
Blade, Beast, Ms. Marvel, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Blob, Professor X, Mystique, Winter Solider, Iceman, Pyro, Quick Silver, Mr. Sinister
Thanks much and keep them coming!

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support and ideas. Seems to be the week to ask for a build-a-figure accessory.

Priya S.
What Re-releases of past Marvel Selects can we expect in 2014? I see that many sites have Disney Hawkeye and Ultimate grey Hulk for pre-order, any additional ulitmates on tap?

DSTChuck: We have a bunch of re-releases lined up already, I think we’ll be looking about maybe 8 or so coming back out from the vault.

Giulliano M.
Hi, will you release again the Black Widow 2 (Yelena Belova), and too Elektra ? that´s hard to find these ones…
Please, do more of these babes from Marvel Select…
thanks !

DSTChuck: I think it’s possible. As best I recall the Yelena did not sell too well at the time of release but it’s been a long time. We’ll have to check with the factory and then the sales staff before we could go forward – like we do before any of our vault releases.

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