Ask DST #232: Minimates to the Max!

It’s an all-Minimates Ask DST, and Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck switches thing up by announcing the existence of two new Minimates licenses, in addition to his normal chore of explaining why certain Minimates products will never happen. It’s a monumental Minimates moment!

Sam F.
I know she’s dead (or not. Who can keep track at this point?) but are we ever going to see an updated Wasp? Possibly in her “Modern” costume? Y’alls last one was AMAZING, able to give us distinct looks. I’d love to see something similar, maybe with parts that just happen to make her look like the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon? (Also known as the best Wasp ever!)
Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve discussed that version at this point but I don’t think it would be top of our list.

Mark B.
Hey guys,
I’m a huge fan o all of your Minimate products. Here are some characters/franchises that I was wondering if we would see a Minimate release of:
Kick Ass, Saga (Image Comics), Marvel NOW Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel NOW Magneto, Marvel NOW Emma Frost, Magik, Marvel NOW Cyclops, Inhumans, Marvel NOW Storm, Marvel NOW Psylocke, Cluster, Ka Zar and Zabu, New 52 Characters.
And also do you plan on making any sets based on the new Marvel Infinity Event?

DSTChuck: We have of course looked at the Marvel Now comics and I do not think we have discussed the Infinity event yet.

Ross N.
I was wondering if you are planning on making another iron fist and luke cage in the near future? I really liked the shadowland iron fist but think he could use an update.

DSTChuck: You know something, that does come up from time to time so I think a new Power Man & Iron Fist would be possible but it’s not planned right now.

Kevin S.
Hey Gang,
One of the things I have respected about the Minimate lines I collect (Walking Dead, Marvel) is that you rarely “force” me to buy a set of two just for one unique figure. Yes, there have been double zombies and double reapers or shield agents, but those made sense…army builders if you will. So, first, thank you for that.
But with this newest wave of Walking Dead, I will have to get two Michonne Poncho figs and two Governor figs to get the unique zombies and Governor henchmen. So, just putting it out there…it’s been great so far. What happened this time? Thanks

DSTChuck: Kevin, in general yes that has been the plan for some time. While I don’t think we’ve gotten direct feedback before now that it was noticed and something that mattered to the fans, it just felt right. Sometimes it just does not end up working that way for one reason or another…I will say we’re going to continue to try and make it so fans will not have unwanted doubles whenever possible.

Andrew H.
I’ve got a question about TRU release schedules. I have not been able to get a straight answer from Toys R Us regarding when various waves are released nationally (or more importantly regionally) nor have I been able to find any information online.
What influence (if any) do you have on the TRU release schedule and could that information be more readily available. It is very frustrating to see other people selling TRU Minimates for outrageous prices on e-bay when my local Toys R Us looks at me like I’m insane for asking when they are getting the latest ‘set’. (I live in Seattle,WA btw). –Thanks

DSTChuck: We have no control over TRU release dates and how they get to stores. We ship them to their warehouses so I think DSTZach likes to update everyone as best he can but for sure you will have regional issues. I think the best way might be to go to one of the Minimate forums, the fans there do a great job of letting other fans know which stores have stock.

David L.
Hi Chuck, i’m a great fan and Minimates collector. I love the zombie lines (Marvel Zombies, The Walking Dead, Maximum Zombies… ). Considering zombie movies are popular these days, will we see more zombie Minimates? (World War Z, 28 days later, Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead… !) With Sin City and Pulp Fiction Minimates to come, do we get chances to get Kill Bill minimates? Thanks

DSTChuck: I think we’re pretty stacked with Zombies but you never know. Yes, we will hopefully be doing an extensive line of Kill Bill Minimates.

I know you cannot make MAX mates (Galactus, Sentinels, etc) from resin and when you did before, they didn’t sell well. The prices were too high in my opinion. Could you not pursue another attempt at things like Galactus, Goliath, etc by making the MAX characters as banks similar to your other banks? Aren’t they roto plastic? Just a thought.

DSTChuck: There is no way Marvel, with Hasbro being the major license holder, will allow us to make large figures out of plastic. That was the issue back when we did the resin ones (which were not easy for them to OK) and it is the issue still. We’re happy we are able to do Minimates and the limited releases we are allowed for Marvel Select.

Ryan R.
As always everything you guys do is amazing. I just have a few questions pertaining to the walking dead line. First off isn’t Bruce african-american? I may be mistaken but I’m pretty sure that he is. I personally don’t care what race he is, I’m just happy to be getting anything. I was wondering though if you had plans on releasing the other prison characters; Axel, Thomas, and Andrew? Also what about older characters that didn’t get any love like Jim, Allen, Donna, Otis, Patricia, Arnold, Lacey, Billy… and hopefully a new Tyreese? Please? I’m sure you have plans for a Maggie so I won’t ask for her, well I will, just in an indirect way. Haha. Thanks, and keep up the great works guys, looking forward to spending more money.

DSTChuck: Right now our plan is to work forward on the comic series and try and match our series to different story lines BUT that does not mean we would not do a box set or two pack here and there from earlier in the series as we move forward.

Everette H.
Between all the Marvel Now and Marvel Cinema Minimate releases, it doesn’t seem likely fans of “classic” Marvel will be feeling the love in the next 6 months. I fear the longer you wait, the less likely there is to be an audience for the product. Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. So how about bringing some teams closer to completion for us “old timers” in 2014. Banshee and Sunfire would cap off the Giant Size X-men team. Tigra and Mockingbird finish the first West Coast Avengers roster. Hellcat and Nighthawk would be a solid addition to the Defenders. And throw in a boxed set of X-men with the costumes introduced in 1967’s X-men #39 for the coup de grace.

DSTChuck: I don’t think there is ever a chance we’ll forget the classic Marvel Universe. It’s just very cool with Minimates to be able to go deep into a movie like other lines cannot, and take advantage of our great relationship with Marvel to do new editorial products very quickly…but you never forget your first love! Those are all very cool ideas for missing characters and most are near the top of our list.

Terence H.
I’m probably in a small group of Minimates collectors here but, whenever you guys announce a new series, I’m always drawn to the more “obscure” characters or recognizable characters that don’t get much exposure.
That being said, have you guys ever considered putting out one four-figure set a year that glorifies these lesser-known, though completely deserving, characters?
I know, I’d love to see characters like:
-Speedball -Brother Voodoo –Mockingbird –Quasar –Marrow -D-Man -Man-Ape –Forge -The Eternals- Great Lake Avengers -Edwin Jarvis –Enchantress –Executioner -The Spot –Clea –Namorita -Doc Samson -The U-Foes -Black Knight (any of them) -Living Laser …and many more!

DSTChuck: I don’t think a set like that is in the making – sorry.

Eli B.
Could you make MK (Mortal Kombat) minimates?

DSTChuck: Sorry we have no plans at this time but we have discussed it from time to time.

Craig P.
Have you ever looked into the possibility of Hack/Slash Minimates?

DSTChuck: There has been some talk about that as well as a Femme Fatale statue SO we’ll have to see.

Jeff B.
Any thoughts about Archie minimates, specifically Afterlife with Archie?
Any chance for a Cassie Hack (from Hack/SLash) Femme Fatale statue?

DSTChuck: No sorry no plans to go after an Archie license – looks like another vote for a Femme Fatale.

Kostis F.
Good evening (or morning, depending on your location)! I’m back with even more questions! Spoiler Alert: One of them is for more Spidey characters. Anyway (he said in the Doctor’s voice) let’s get to it:
1)Needles to say i’d buy the heck out of some Breaking Bad mates but since Funk has the rights I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Then again, they’re not doing anything with it so maybe you could try and get the license?
2)Doctor Who is probably out of the question but does the same apply to Sherlock? Also, more TV series would be nice. Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead,Sons Of Anarchy,NCIS,etc.
3)I asked about this before but are we going to see more videogame licenses? The Tomb Raider mates are looking PERFECT (i’ll have to wait till the end of the month to get them though) and there are three licenses that I would kill to have:
Bioshock, Mass Effect and of course Assassin’s Creed {MGS?Skyrim and GTA/Halo (yeah i know, but this line could have been so much more if only you still had the licence) land in 4th and 5th place respectively).
Bioshock (the whole series, not just the first game) would give you the chance to include a buttload of army builders, accessories and its lore is so great! Also, Elizabeth!
Mass Effect has one of the best fictional universes to date {i don’t care about the ending, the journey matters, not the destination (okay, maybe it matters but not enough to ruin the whole series for me)} and it could really go for as long as Marvel has.
Assassin’s Creed is one of those properties than may be able to be covered in a 4 or 5 waves but with new games coming every year you will have plenty of source material. Also, except from the Neca figs we never got any good actual collectibles from this great series.
4) More Spider-Man! Villains, costumes, supporting cast, I don’t care, I just want more Spider related characters!
5) Is it even worth asking about STAR WARS or DC anymore?
6)In Toy Fair there was a tmnt poster on your booth. What’s the status of that? Is this a Minimate license?
7)What’s the status of the Aliens and Ghostbusters lines? I didn’t get the gb sets when they were released so I’m eagerly anticipating the new box set.
8)Have you ever thought of re-releasing some hard to find items? THe Dark Avengers,Bullseye/Moonstone,Thunderbolts,etc.
9) So with Halloween approaching fast and with The Wolf Among Us being released tomorrow (as of the time of writing) I got into my “dark” phase. You know, reading my ghost rider, blade, dr strange comics and all that. Anyway, this got me thinking, what are the chances of us seeing a “dark” marvel wave? Based on the Midnight Sons maybe? A new Blaze (human and gr form),a new modern blade (the cotm one wasn’t as good as i expected),vengeance, modern dr strange,etc… Also, will we see more Marvel Zombies?
Oh and have you ever thought of tackling some vertigo titles? Fables,Hellblazer,etc..
PS: We want bioshock (especially from infinite) Minimates!

DSTChuck: Okay, here we go!
1) Sorry we have no plans at this time for Breaking Bad Minimates.
2) BBC is not interested in Minimates and as long as we’re making WD comic products we’re not interested in the WD TV show.
3) We’re looking at select video game licenses, and I think one of the ones on your list is possible.
4) We do love us some Spider-Man
5) Nope. You can ask all you want but there is nothing either of us can do about it.
6) Patience.
7) Work is underway on both – you should have seen the new stuff we showed at NYCC.
8) We have no plans for any straight re-releases. We might do the characters again but never a straight re-release.
9) I think we’d like to do a Marvel Zombie set every Halloween- at least that’s my plan.

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